I Had An Audience

Happy weekend! Happy October! (<—wow, seriously?!?) How’s everyone doing today?

I don’t know about you, but I zonked out on the couch last night before 10:00 even hit. Between just being plain tired and the two beers I had with dinner, I was downright exhausted.

Luckily, that meant early to bed = early to rise, so I got a nice early head start on today’s workout. Today brought me to Day 13 of the challenge, which included the Xtreme Cardio Kickboxing + Recovery Upper Body. I really love when the workouts combine the cardio with the weights afterward. It’s the perfect formula for a sweaty mess…mwahaha.

During my workout, I also had an audience…


I think he likes to keep an eye on me to make sure I don’t end up dropping any weights on my face or something. Either way, he’s the only one who gets to be in the living room during my workouts. I always make Jay stay in another room until I finish; otherwise, I just feel like a big tool the entire time I’m punching/kicking/panting/etc.


Post workout, it was breakfast time, and today I went the quick and easy route: cereal + coffee.


Today’s cereal combo was complete with Quaker Oatmeal Squares, Tj’s Multigrain O’s, Erewhon Rice Twice, banana slices, and unsweetened vanilla almond milk. It never fails!


And as a side note, I thought I’d also give you guys a quick update on the candy corn. Remember when I first posted about it? Well I told you that I’d let ya’ll know when the bag was finished…we’re getting close! Winking smile


Jay and I have a few things on the agenda today, so it’s time to get movin’. Hope everyone’s weekend is off to a great start!

Questions for the Morning:

How do you feel about people other people being around you while you work out (either at home or at the gym)?

How long would a bag of candy corn last in your home? Winking smile


  1. says

    I’m the same way… I’m not a fan of people watching me workout – especially certain kinds of workouts. If I’m just lifting weights or running I don’t mind, but kickboxing or circuit training or Zumba-ish type workouts, I’d rather be hidden. :) I also kick my husband out of the living room when I’m doing my workouts!
    Ashley @ My Food ‘N’ Fitness Diaries recently posted..My Favorite Month

  2. Kathryn says

    At the gym, I don’t care, because everyone else is working out, too. At home, unless I’m doing a workout game thingy on the Wii (like boxing, tennis, or dancing), I don’t like anyone to watch.
    Before I started Weight Watchers, a bag of candy corn would probably have made it 2, maybe 3 days. Now, I’d say a week, maybe 2, depending on the kids (they get treats for being extra good)

  3. says

    Last weekend, I was taking a Zumba class at our gym, and for the brief moment that my husband peeked in on me, I got so shy and embarrassed! I don’t know why I don’t mind when complete strangers see me dancing around like a food, but when the person who knows me best and loves me most watched me, different story. So strange. And believe me, he’s seen me do completely goofy stuff before!

    I couldn’t bring myself to buy a bag of candy corn this year… which is a testament to how much I love it and can mow through a bag like it’s the lawn. :)

  4. says

    that’s so funny because i am the exact same way with Matt when i work out. he is not allowed in the room. haha. i again feel a little silly punching and kicking around. he use to do a video with me and it always made me laugh because i thought he looked so silly. another reason why i guess i always had him leave!

    my dog kinda gives me weird looks too though. <3
    debbie (accidently delish) recently posted..By: lucie

  5. says

    Well when I go to the gym, there is obviously an audience so I just have to deal with that..but at home is when I can really go to town and not care about how I look.

    I workout in the basement of my dad’s house now but I do remember when I had a roommate it would be super awkward because she would come into the living room where I was working out and start to talk to me…and even sit down and read a magazine in the room or something…really?? So after that happening a couple of times I made sure to workout when she was at work haha.

    Let me look like a goof doing cardio dance by myself please! 😉

    Also, you gotta get the candy corn with the pumpkins! For some reason the pumpkins taste better…

  6. says

    I love candy corn! I am not sure how long a bag would last, I would probably grab a handful every time I passed! If I am trying a new workout for the first time I don’t really like people watching me. But I feel like people around a gytm is good motivation to push yourself harder!
    Hilliary@HappilyEverHealthy recently posted..Bring on October!

  7. says

    Candy corn (especially mellocremes) don’t stand a chance in our house! If I don’t have Dave hide the bag right away, then it’s all downhill from there! Definitely my all time favorite candy :)

  8. Kristen says

    We have 2 things in common: #1- I fell asleep on the couch at 9:30 last night..and woke up to my fiance making fun of me for going to sleep earlier on the weekend than during the week:/ #2- I refuse to work out in front of my fiance, especially when I do Tracy Anderson’s dance cardio…I only do that workout when he is out of the house haha:)

  9. says

    I totally agree that no one can watch when I do workout videos. I feel like the biggest tool ever. I’m fine with people being around at the gym though! :) Candy corn wouldn’t last very long at my house. I love it mixed with peanuts for a salty/sweet combo!!
    Abby @ Abz ‘n’ Oats recently posted..September Goal Check In

  10. says

    I honestly prefer to be by myself when I work out. Especially when I run. One of my anniversary gifts to my husband this summer was going on a 5 mile run together. It was the first time I had ever run with anyone other than myself. I enjoyed it much more than I expected, but still prefer to run alone.
    Katy recently posted..Facing My Reality

  11. says

    first of all, i love your fall decorations!! so festive. and bag of candy corn would probably last less than 48 hours in my apartment (i have minimal will power)…

    also, i try not to feel self-conscious if i have an audience watching me work out, but while i’m dancing i’m kind of used to having people peer into the windows during class. sometimes it motivates me! have a great weekend :)
    jordan @ thedancingdonut recently posted..five things friday.

  12. says

    I like my space when I’m working out. If i’m taking a fitness class it doesn’t bother me unless you are up my butt with a bunch of space in other areas. Or if someone takes the treadmill right next to me when there are so many more open! Other than that, it’s not something I can really avoid!

  13. says

    If I work out at home I don’t like my hubby to be around but I don’t mind having the kids around me since they are still young. In the gym it doesn’t bother me cause I put my ipod on and get into workout mode. As for those candies, in my house hubby would sit down and eat the bag in one serving but I don’t like them so that’s ok with me.

  14. says

    I don’t mind people being around me, as long as they aren’t just standing there staring or anything 😉
    I cannot believe its October already! Where did September go?! It is my favorite month too!
    I am not a candy corn fan so it might last awhile around here, I am still trying to get through the Costco sized bag of Jelly Belly I got for Easter.
    Lindsey recently posted..Foodie Friday!

  15. Marie says

    I’m the same. I like to blend in at the gym. At home, unless you’re working out with me, I’d rather be on my own. 😉 I love BodyRock workouts but don’t think I could do those at the gym as I’m sure it would draw attention when people try figuring what I’m doing with the different move and interval timer, etc. Have a great weekend, Courtney!

  16. says

    I really don’t mind anyone watching me … except if I do Yoga … I do not want anyone around mostly because it is my time … I also like running alone … time to think and really to choose the mood on every run.

    As for the candy corn … the bag would last months … I don’t think I have ever tried one … (I am sorry) … it was just a candy we did not grow up with … however if you give me a BAG of halloween packaged MILK DUDS … well, that would be another story … have to hide them from myself. I could honestly eat them all in one day.

    Happy weekend!
    J @ … semplicemente j … recently posted..… recap of my day …

  17. Julie says

    sad to admit this, but a bag of candy corn didn’t even last a night in my apartment this week…between my 4 roommates + hungry boyfriends, that poor bag didn’t even stand a chance! it was the candy corn that had the pumpkins in it too so it was extra tempting :)

  18. says

    I don’t mind working out with others around at the gym etc but when it comes to home workouts, especially DVDs, I get weirded out. I usually even close the blinds in case someone comes to the door! Talk about paranoid!

  19. says

    When I do a quick strength training workout at home it’s usually in our main living are where my bf is watching tv. I don’t really care with him being there, but sometimes he can be distracting…like by trying to “coach” me or making farting noises while I do square haha.

    I. Love. Candy. Corn. It wold last maybe a week :)
    Katie @ Plates and Paste recently posted..Tampa Bay Hits a Homerun

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