Today Is The First…

Growing up, my dad used to come in to my room every morning before he left for work, told me he loved me, and reminded me that, “Today is the first day of the rest of my life.” It took me years to catch on, but one day it was like the light bulb finally went off…duh, Courtney!

Well, today is not only the first day of the rest of my life…today is another first.

So I briefly mentioned on Friday evening that I had some exciting new news.

I know. I can be such a tease, can’t I?

Well, as it turns out, I’ve got some more changes heading my way…

As easy as the substitute teaching was for work, it unfortunately, is just not all that reliable. If you’ve ever been a substitute teacher, then you know that some weeks you might get called in everyday and other weeks you might not get called in at all.

So in the midst of trying to figure out what I should do next, I ended up being presented with an opportunity for a new part-time job! I’ll be working about 30ish hours a week and I’m going to be working with a really great group of girls, many of whom I already know. Luckily, the job should also allow me some time to get my studying done as well, so really, it should be a win-win situation!

My next step from here is working on figuring out a weekly schedule that will balance everything…work, studying, blogging (I’m not going anywhere!), exercise, freelance writing, house work, social life, and of course, family life. I certainly can’t forget about these two!


I know I will make it work…heck, I used to teach full time while doing this! It will just take some trial and error. For right now, I don’t plan on getting into too many specifics of where I’m working, but my hours will be slightly different from what I’ve been used to- working days on Tuesday-Friday, with a couple of long days and a couple of short days. My long days are what will take the most planning on all ends (working shifts of 10am – 8 or 9pm) but I’m sure I’ll figure out a plan within a couple of weeks.

Sooooo, that being said…please forgive me if I end up being super spacy or spazzy in any of my posts in the next few weeks. Confused smile


Okay, well, I guess I’m always a little bit of a spaz, so you know what I mean.

That being said, I am really excited about this latest change. Even though I’m going to be a busy bee, I think it’s going to be for the better, especially since I tend to be more productive when I’m busy anyways.

Alrighty my friends, it’s about time for me to finish up a few things and hit the road for day numero uno at the new job. Wish me luck!

Question for the Morning:

What are some of your best tips and/or pieces of advice for balancing it all?


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    how wonderful girl :) new change is always a good thing! ive been trying to find a good balance as well with grad school, working full time, planning a wedding and somewhat of a social life. One thing I did was combine a few things like working out with a friend every other day to make sure I’m feeling great and catching up with friends :) xo

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    congrats on the part-time job! that’s great!
    i just started a new full-time job a monthish or so ago, and i have found that planning ahead really helps with balancing. it sounds obvious, but i was never much of a planner before and always did things as i felt at the time. now i plan meals, when i workout, etc, days beforehand & it really helps!
    Mallory @ It’s Only Life recently posted..Most Amazing Bread

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    CONGRATS on your new part-time job- you sound really positive about it which is great! My biggest advice is to prioritise and don’t sweat the small stuff. Yeah ok maybe laundry won’t happen as often or something else won’t go according to plan but that’s ok!! Also as I know you’re also an avid exercise, stick to morning workouts- no matter what curve balls you may unexpectedly face during the day, at least you’ve done one thing for yourself already!
    Khushboo recently posted..You just know

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    From balancing grad school, work, my new marriage, a social life, blogging/freelance work, training for a half marathon and trying to find time for “self care” my biggest piece of advice would be: Don’t think about all the stuff you’re balancing. Just DO it :) It all works out! Good luck today!!

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    I’m still trying to figure out the whole “work-life” balance thingy, Some days I have it down perfect, and other days are a total mess (like being stuck in the lab til 7pm last night). But, I think I’ll get the hang of it soon? Good luck with your first day at the new job!
    Krissie J recently posted..Feels Like Fall Weekend

  6. Rachel says

    Congrats!! What kind of work will you be doing? I guess what I’m wondering is if it’s something related to your new career goals, like being a fitness instructor.

    I work full-time for the federal government, have a 50-ish minute commute to work each way, and am a MPA graduate student (at night). I’m not sure I could do it all without my husband, honestly. Together, we plan meals, then I do the grocery shopping, and we batch cook on the weekends so that we don’t have to stress about having healthy home-cooked meals that are fast and easy – essential since we take our lunches every day, and I also take my dinner twice a week on class nights. Planning this is a huuuuge weight off my shoulders! I am also best friends with my planner so that I don’t miss any important appointments or deadlines. I occasionally take off a little time from work to go to the library and research or write – if I didn’t I would have even less time with my husband (and it’s limited as it is). Quality couple time is so important to me and sadly it’s often what suffers the most when I’m really bogged down with school (like I am right now with midterms, ugh).

    Good luck, Courtney!! I’m sure you’ll be able to handle it. 30 hrs work + the type of certification program you’re doing is actually a really good balance of time between the two things. Just stay organized, plan ahead, and don’t forget to make time for yourself and the ones you love. :)

  7. Amy says

    Congrats on the new job Courtney!!! I have no doubt you will find the balance :) Good luck today and can’t wait to hear more!!

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    That is so awesome congratulations! I excited to hear what you will be doing! Planning really helps me when I’m super busy. If I don’t plan my gym time, blogging, homework etc. I get stressed out easier. It just keeps me at ease to have a plan. Best of luck to you!:)
    Brittany recently posted..New Creations and a New Workout

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    Congrats! I agree that I’m more productive when I’m busy. I think the main thing to remember is that you don’t have to be perfect. If you drop a ball every once in a while, it’s okay. Do your best and the things that matter will get done.
    Jill recently posted..Pointy or Round?

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    Get lots and lots of sleep. That way, when things get stressful, you’ve got a built up immune system and your wits about you.

    Maybe it’s just me, but if I’m low on sleep on top of my hectic schedule, I tend to want to sit in the corner and cry. 😉
    Alyssa @ Life of bLyss recently posted..One Final Milestone

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    AHHHH GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!!!!! I’m so happy for you :D. You are going to do fabulous! I’m in grad school which is sometimes like having a full-time job and for me the main thing I do when trying to balance everything is to prioritize. Also, when it came to blogging, I realized that I would be better off not posting everyday so that I don’t feel like it becomes a chore (wouldn’t want that!). Not that you need to do that…but maybe post twice a day instead of 3 times if you’re ever feeling overwhelmed!
    Lindsay @ In Sweetness and In Health recently posted..A Chocolate A Day…

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    Good luck!! One thing I do sometimes to keep my meals super easy when working a lot is I’ll make an travel friendly meal (like chicken salad, or pasta salad–usually some kind of big protein packed salad) on Sunday that I can pack for the entire week. Of course that doesn’t work if you get sick of things, but usually if it’s really delicious, I don’t mind it 3-4 days in a row :)
    Ari @ Ari’s Menu recently posted..Bekki’s Birthday Dinner

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    Hey congrats! You can totally make it work – that’s my new schedule Tues-Fri (plus I’ve got two kids thrown into the mix). When you’re doing stuff you love it seems like all the pieces just fall into place – the stuff you don’t love will work its way out. Being busy is a great way to find out what really matters to ya :)
    Kim @ The Family Practice recently posted..In the Minority

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    Prioritize and write it down! A lot of the time the little things slip through the cracks…usually if you write it down it helps you remind you! Also, don’t forget to plan your free time. I know that sounds weird to “plan” free time, but sometimes when you’re so busy you have to!
    Katy @ HaveYouHurd recently posted..Warrior Dash!

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    Good luck girl and I’m very excited and happy for you! But now you’ve peaked my interest as to what you’re doing and where you’re working?! 😉

    My tip for balancing it all is for one, I’m lucky (in a way) that the hubby has to be up at 4:30-5am every morning which makes me get up and do loads of laundry, exercise, dishes, grocery store (7am is an awesome time to go btw!), blogging, etc. It’s awesome to get so much done before the sun is up and it’s a great feeling to feel accomplished before you’ve even gotten to work!

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    Focus on one thing at a time, and don’t over do it! If you can’t fit something in, don’t stress over it. Try to write out your schedule every week, it’ll keep your mind at ease knowing everything is all sorted out for you already.Congrats, & good luck!!
    Becky @ Fit Chick on the Fly recently posted..Pre Race Jitters

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    Good luck on the new gig!

    I think perfect balance is hard to attain, so figuring out what is a total “must” and what is just a nice to have, is critical. I know that for me, my family always comes first and working out comes second. I give a lot to my family, but I need time to myself because otherwise I wouldn’t be able to give them what they need. All other things are secondary. I like a clean house, but if I can’t get to it, then it’ll happen tomorrow. If I can’t cook a full meal, we’ll cobble something nutritious together.
    Rosa – Fitness, Food, Fulfilled recently posted..After Dinner Desserts

  18. Julie says

    Congrats on the new job! That’s Awesome. :) Currently I’m a full time student, balancing a campus job, an internship and a social life so I know what you mean…life gets so crazy sometimes-but I love it. I’m more productive when I’m busy too. When I get stressed I always tell myself 1.) everything that is meant to happen will happen and 2.) everything will get done in the end…it just might be a bumpy road to get there.

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    congrats on the new opportunity!! I’m actually going through the exact same thing only kind of reversed – my new job is actually giving me more time at home than my current part time job :) GOOD LUCK making a new schedule. What will you be doing?

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    Congrats, doll! It’s often that the busiest times in our lives are the most exciting (and the most stressful!). I’m sure that you’ll find the right balance. For me, it helps to schedule EVERYTHING! For instance, I’ll put a workout on my schedule, dinner with friends, cleaning the house, blog reading/writing, work-related tasks, time with family, etc. It may be a little regimented, but everything gets done! :)

    Good luck!
    Melissa recently posted..Meltdown

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    I’m sure you already are doing this, but when I was studying for my CSCS I tried to incorporate more biking/elliptical work into my workouts so that I could study at the same time. I would also block off a 1-2 hour block of time IN MY PLANNER (that makes it official right?) just for studying. I struggled to balance my studying, work, workout and bf time as well… a couple things I did to save time for my bf was study while he watched his favorite shows or sporting games, that way while he’s occupied watching tv you don’t have to feel guilty about study. I also made deals with him that I would spend all my time with him during the day if I could just study in the car (when we went on weekend road trips). Good luck finding your balance :)
    Mac recently posted..Four Legged Walking Partner


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