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Over the weekend, I was flipping through the Sunday paper and came across an article about common household nuances. I found myself totally relating to each and every one of the items on the list, as Jay and I seem to do almost all of them in our own, “special” way.

A lot of the items on the list we didn’t realize we were so different with until we first moved in together, almost four years ago (WOW) so it’s definitely been interesting and fun to see all of our little quirks along the way. Luckily, there isn’t too much left to surprise us, but then again, you never know!


Remember when Jay and I had the heated toilet paper debate? We still argue about that one all the time.


If you want to check out the whole list, you can check it out here on one of my favorite local blogs, but I thought it would be fun to pick out a few of them and have us share our thoughts on them here (plus, I’m also curious to see how many people will agree with my way to put the toilet paper on the roll!) For the Q&A’s below, I put a ‘C’ next to my answers and a ‘J’ next to Jay’s answers.

How do you fold your towels?

    • Vertically, in thirds, then in half (J)
    • In quarters (C)
    • Other

When folding (clean) socks, do you…

    • Ball them up by folding over the ankles (C)
    • Fold them in half (J)

When cooking, do you…

    • Clean as you go
    • Clean up at the end (C & J)

At meal time, do you…

    • Skip around and eat a little of this and a little of that (C)
    • Eat all the items on your plate one-by-one (J)

Now, where do you stand?!? Smile


  1. TheBloggersBrother says

    I dont fold towels, I dont fold socks, I dont cook, but I do like to delegate whats on my plate so I can enjoy my food over an extended period of time. Its like pizza, you always buy 2 slices when you go out so when you finish one, you still have another left to eat! So you eat about half of your mashed potatoes, then have some green bean thing, then more mashys!! Ya feel me?!?!

  2. Kathryn says

    If I’m putting towels in the cabinet, I fold them in 3rds, then half. If I’m hanging up my towel after a shower, it’s just in half, then over the bar. TP goes OVER. Hubby really doesn’t care, lol. Socks I like to roll them, but the kids socks are too little and I just fold those. If hubby touches the socks, they get thrown together. I generally clean up after everything is done, hubby does the same thing, the few times he ever cooks. When eating I usually skip around, while my hubby eats all of his sides before taking on the main dish (why in that order, I have no clue.)

  3. says

    When I’m cooking I usually clean up at the end and when eating a meal, I usually eat the items on my plate one by one. I usually leave my favorite thing for last. :) I think it’s so interesting to see different quirks with your significiant other. I’ve been living with my fiance for 2 years now and I think we both know both of our quirks. It’s cool to see what other couples do and think also.
    Hope recently posted..Wedding Talk Wednesday: Men’s Wedding Fashion…

  4. says

    ~I fold towels in half the long way, then in half, then in thirds
    ~ Fold Socks in half, but if they are ankle socks I put one inside the other
    ~I ususally clean as I go if time allows
    ~I eat things one by one
    And the toilet paper should come over not come from under! We have the same argument in our house.

    I read Kristi’s blog everyday! Some stuff is good. Surprisingly my hubby read it first and got me addicted to it. So we both read it everyday and it supplies a lot of our convo topics :)
    Ashlee recently posted..Bad Day = Motivation

  5. says

    Haha this is cute…

    I fold in vertical thirds than horiztonal thirds. Zach folds a mishmash of way.

    We both are “over” on the tp.

    I eat a mix of everything..Zach tends to eat more of one thing at a time.

    I clean as I go and Zach cleans at the end.

  6. says

    I fold my towels in quarters, ball up my socks by folding over the ankles, clean as I go (can’t continue cooking otherwise), and eat items on my plate one by one! The last one frustrates my mom because she wants to know how I like something she cooked but it’ll take me forever to get to that something because I’m eating other things first!
    Caitlin C. recently posted..Workout Wednesday

  7. says

    I’m totally on board with you. Except sometimes Dustin and I clean as we go, but usually we’re in sync about which one we want to do that night.

  8. says

    Ha, so funny! My bf and I are both in agreement with toilet paper OVER. But we are similar to you and Jay in that I like to fold towels in quarters and he likes to fold in thirds. I ball socks over the ankles and he does them in half. The only one, big thing I can’t stand is him leaving clothes on the floor….when the laundry basket is RIGHT next to where he throws his clothes. I just don’t get it!
    Katie @ Plates and Paste recently posted..Race for the Cure

  9. says

    hahaha. i never really cared about my toilet paper, as long as there’s toilet paper, i’m a happy camper! but the husband has to have it hang over. i remember clearly him saying “you put the toilet paper on the wrong way!” and me thinking, “oh…i didn’t realize there was a ‘correct’ way to put toilet paper on” lol. he’s very particular.

    towels: 1/2 vertical then in thirds.
    socks: i just throw them all in a pile.
    cleaning up: at the end!!!
    meal time: eat a little of everything!
    Erica recently posted..weekend shennanigans

  10. says

    First of all I a towel nazi, my husband doesn’t even try to fold the towels. I have a specific method, then they are stacked according to colors and sizes. OCD a bit?! haha.
    I fold socks in half – hubby a ball.
    With cooking, if I have time I clean as I go but we have a rule in our house – I cook, he cleans so usually it is left to the end :)
    I eat a little bit of each item on my plate as I go, hubby does the same!
    Lindsey recently posted..Winners & Donuts!

  11. says

    These are things I’ve never really thought about, but mine are:

    TP = Over, always
    Towel = Vertical into 1/3s, then each end folded at quarter, then the whole thing in 1/2. It’s how hotels do it, I think.
    Socks = At ankle. Keeps them together!
    Cooking = Clean as you go. Seems more efficient.
    Eating = Skip around. I like the variety.
    Rosa – Fitness, Food, Fulfilled recently posted..What I Ate Wednesday

  12. Sabina says

    the towel thing – it really depends on the shelf size of your linen closet. int one closet its in thirds and then into quarters, ( half and half again) another closet its thirds and thirds.

  13. says

    Fun! Here are my answers:
    1. Other – I fold in half first, then in thirds.
    2. I think I am other here too. I take one, put my hand inside, grab the toe of the other with the toe of the one my hand is inside, and flip the one on my hand inside out over the other. My mom taught me that so the ankles don’t stretch out.
    3. Clean up at the end (C & J)
    4. Eat all the items on your plate one-by-one (J)
    Shelly recently posted..Where Did the Sun Go?

  14. says

    I fold the towels in quarters, then in thirds – with the edging facing out.
    Nick “folds” them in quarters and shoves them in the closet.

    Isn’t it funny all the little things you learn once you live with someone? Even just roommates in college is so eye opening – wow someone does this differently than I do?! ha ha
    Kim @ The Family Practice recently posted..Called Out

  15. says

    I clean as I go, the husband doesn’t clean. I ball socks up, husband folds in half. We both fold towels in quarters. I don’t care how the toilet paper is on, as long as it’s there and I always eat one thing at a time on my plate.
    Jen@FoodFamilyFitness recently posted..WIAW: #6

  16. says

    These are so funny!

    How do you fold your towels?
    Vertically, in thirds, then in half

    When folding (clean) socks, do you…
    Ball them up by folding over the ankles

    When cooking, do you…
    Clean as you go

    At meal time, do you…
    Skip around and eat a little of this and a little of that
    Sweet and Savvy recently posted..Homecoming

  17. says

    Great post!!!
    Towels: I do the “thirds” thing, while Brandon does it the other way.
    Socks: I tuck one into the other, Brandon just folds them over.
    When cooking: I usually clean as I go. And Brandon just doesn’t cook. 😉
    At mealtime: I usually skip around and he usually eats things one at a time.

    But we’ve never gotten in a major disagreement about anything … thank goodness. So far, we can usually just laugh about the differences! 😉 But give us a couple years haha!
    Kristen @ notsodomesticated recently posted..WIAW … snack addition

  18. says

    Towels: Quarters
    TP: OVER the roll. absolutely NEVER under. Ever.
    Corn: Typewriter style
    Socks: Fold over the ankles (my husband just throws them all in a drawer and doesn’t match them at all. This drives me nuts, so I fold all the socks in our house.)
    Shower: Shampoo hair first
    Bread: In the fridge (funny, I didn’t realize this was so unusual)
    Sheets: Loose
    Cooking: Clean as you go (My husband does the clean after thing and it makes me crazy. I usually come in and clean as he goes instead)
    Meal time: I do both, depending on the day or meal.
    mm recently posted..About Australia, Part 4 (Great Ocean Road)

  19. says

    This is so fun!

    How do you fold your towels?
    ■Vertically, in thirds, then in half
    ■In quarters
    ■Other (in third, and then in thirds again)

    When folding (clean) socks, do you…
    ■Ball them up by folding over the ankles (me!)
    ■Fold them in half

    When cooking, do you…
    ■Clean as you go (sometimes
    ■Clean up at the end (sometimes)

    At meal time, do you…
    ■Skip around and eat a little of this and a little of that (me!)
    ■Eat all the items on your plate one-by-one
    chelsey @ clean eating chelsey recently this for me?

  20. Traci says

    Too funny, I actually never discovered how OCD I am about the toilet paper going OVER the top until I went away to college. I had one roommate who put it under and it boggled my mind. Always, always over the top.

    As for the rest: I fold in thirds, ball up socks, clean up at the end, & skip around!

  21. dee says

    Toilet paper OVER! I’m guilty of sometimes changing it out for people if I notice it under. Is that taking it too far? I think so. Haha!

    Martha Stewart taught me to fold my towels in thirds, then in half. So if I’m feeling in-tune with Martha, I’ll do that..otherwise, quarters is SO much faster!

    Ankle socks I fold in half. No-sock socks (for flats), I shove one in the other and the rest I’ll fold one tube over the other.

    I clean as I go. I like to sit down to a meal without a bunch of dishes in the sink. My boyfriend always has to tell me to just sit and ENJOY my meal and save the dishes for the end.

    I pick around my plate :) It’s fun that way!

  22. says

    my husband and i learned A LOT of these little things about each other in the past year.. its so funny when you look back and now you see the things we’ve compromised on but there are still soooo many things that he doesn’t do properly 😉

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