Fashion Friday: Indian Fashions

You know what today is, right? It’s Fashion Friday, that’s what!

And today, we have a treat with the super awesome Sana who is sharing a wonderful Fashion Friday guest post with you all! One of the things I love about Sana is her passion, not only for life, but for her Indian heritage. So when she offered to do a Fashion Friday guest post on Indian fashion, I was super psyched to see what she had in store. Just wait until you see some of these outfits…they are absolutely gorgeous!

So I hope you guys enjoy this while, you know, I’m up to my eyeballs in cupcakes and frosting.


Happy Fashion Friday!

Today’s Guest Topic: Indian Fashions

Hello Everyone! I am Sana and I blog over at I am 22 years old. I am passionate about living life and being a person that I can be proud of. My blog is about my journey as I try to maintain a super fun life while I recover from a sports related spine fracture. I blog about my very Indian family, the food I pretend to cook and the workouts I attempt to do.

My #1 favorite thing about being Indian is the FOOOOD! In fact, Courtney’s first time eating Indian food was with me at HLS 2010.

Blog picture 1

However my #2 favorite thing about being Indian is the fashion. The bright colors, the silky fabric and all around flattering look. Indian clothes are the way to go.

Where do I wear Indian clothes? Usually weddings, religious events and dinner parties.

Blog Picture 2

How much does the average Indian outfit cost? $100-300, they are expensive and difficult to wash with intense threading and bead work.

Did I mention that they have an elastic waist band? Hello food baby!

Picture 3

How do you accessorize Indian outfits?

I usually wear some fun heels and long, shiny earrings.

Picture 5Picutre 4

For some religious events/ weddings henna tattoos on hands/arms add more decorations to an already festive outfit.

Blog Picture 6

What size do Indian outfits come in? Indian outfits are generally custom made and can be easily altered. Regardless of your weight, Indian clothes look great on any figure.

Picture 7

What components make up an Indian outfit? Indian outfits come in 3 parts

  • A long dress
  • A shawl
  • Trouser Pants

Picture 8

Where can you purchase some Indian clothes of your own?

I sell gently used Indian outfits in my SuperSana Store:(

Additionally you can purchase from many online stores that ship pretty much around the world; some of them are even on Facebook:



Thanks so much for sharing, Sana!

If anyone else has an idea for a Fashion Friday guest post, shoot me an email!


  1. Dione says

    I love Indian clothes (and food too..I think I was Indian in a former life!). I live in Millwoods in Edmonton, basically the little India of the city and see the women in their gorgeous clothes often, just shopping at the mall or walking down the street. One of my Indian coworkers told me I could wear one of her saris to her wedding when she gets married some day since we are both tiny and under five feet tall (I’ve always wanted to go to a Hindu wedding!), but as a white Ukrainian woman, I don’t think I could pull it off haha.

  2. says

    Loved this post! I’ve always been envious of how glamorous and flowy Indian outfits are. My family is Estonian and traditional Estonian clothes, while beautiful in their own way, are not at all glamorous! :)
    Marika recently posted..Another half marathon!

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