How To Frost Cupcakes {A Video Tutorial}

Alright, you guys asked how to frost cupcakes…and you shall receive!

How to Frost Cupcakes

Last night after dinner, I set up a little makeshift video studio in the kitchen, forced Jay to hold the camera, and finally got the chance to record a brand spankin’ new vlog on how I frost my cupcakes.

Now, before you watch, there’s a couple notes I must make:

  • I am no cupcake frosting expert, as you will notice. What you see is what you get here…there’s not much more in my frosting repertoire.
  • You’ll notice throughout the video that I refer to something as a coupling; it’s not a coupling, it’s called a coupler. Apparently I was a little out there.
  • There are also a few times where what I says will not make sense…just ignore them.
  • Be on the lookout for a Cody appearance!
  • Around minute 4, you’ll notice that the video cuts out and comes back in. That’s because all the space on my memory card was used up and we had to scrounge for another one.
  • As always, feel free to laugh at me – otherwise, what’s the point of doing a vlog, right?

You’ll also find the details on the different products that you see in the video below in this post. If I missed anything, just let me know! Happy Watching!


As Seen In The Video:

Cupcake Corer:

Pastry Bag: Wilton 12-Inch Featherweight Decorating Bag

Coupler Set: Standard Coupler

*Coupler sets are NOT required when using a pastry bag; they just make it easier if you’re switching back and forth between tips with the same bag of frosting.

Decorating Tips:

You can also check out a bunch of other Decorating Tips & Tip Sets if you want to get creative!

Where to Buy?

My favorite place to purchase all of my baking supplies is from Confectionery House (

**FYI: For the locals, Confectionery House actually has a store located in Troy, NY which is slightly cheaper (and quicker) to buy in person than it is from online.

Other sites to find these items for cheap would be Amazon and Wilton, too.


  1. Paige says

    Yayyyy! I think my problem with frosting is that I don’t invest in nice frosting supplies. Ziploc bags do NOT work the same as pastry bags, I don’t care who says you can get away with it.

    • Courtney says

      It definitely does come out different. I’ve found that if you’re going to use a Ziploc bag then the frosting needs to be pretty sturdy…but even still, it will look different!

  2. Sylvia @ Frolic Through Life says

    Thanks for the tutorial! I figured out that the tips I’m using are to small! Guess I’ll have to pay Michael’s a visit sometime soon!
    Sylvia @ Frolic Through Life recently posted..He Came Bearing Gifts

  3. says

    Thanks for the demo, Courtney. My bf just got me a cupcake making class for my birthday so I can’t wait. I’m such a beginner but did just buy a frosting bag and several different tips so excited to try some of the stuff you just showed us :)

    Also, agree with Dawn’s comment…most bloggers NEVER sound in real life like I imagine!
    Ericka Andersen recently posted..Arizona Chicken Tacos

  4. Patty says

    Thanks for creating this video. You did a great job. I can’t wait to try frosting some cupcakes. I’ve been using frosting tips that were too small as well.

  5. Lauren B. says

    Awesome! Thanks for posting this vlog. and quick question: what does coring the cupcake do? does it make it easier to frost?

    • Courtney says

      Not really easier to frost…it’s just in case you want to fill the cupcake with frosting or another filling :)

  6. Jenny says

    Loved the blog, very helpful! What is the point of coring out the center of the cupcake – does this help with the frosting? Also, does the pastry bag work for store-bought frostings as well or are those too thick?

    Thanks for sharing the tips!

    • Courtney says

      It doesn’t help really, it just gives you more frosting. Or you could fill it with fruit, pudding, etc.
      I think store-bought frosting would work fine…buuuut I think you should try it homemade! 😉

      • Jenny says

        Thanks! I will do that – your icing just looked thinner so I was curious. And sorry I didn’t see the same question asked previously about the coring the center, but thanks for re-answering anyways!

        Can’t wait to try out this, hopefully with your Apple Cider Cupcakes recipe!

  7. says

    This was really helpful! Now if only I could frost cupcakes and make them look as pretty as yours. I’m sure mine will not turn out like that. You should open a bakery 😀
    And I completely agree with Dawn about you speaking the way I imagined haha!

  8. says

    I was going to comment this the other day! Wierd! But thank you for the Vlog and the makeshift kitchen looks so professional 😉

    OH, and not to throw more temptation your way… But I saw you got the Thomas’ Pumpkin Spice Bagels and since I hoard those, I decided to throw something else your way. You PROBABLY already saw them on blogs, but you know that glorious swirl bread? Yeah, there’s limited edition pumpkin spice flavor. O.M.G… delicious. Especially as french toast!

    I’m sorry and you’re welcome! Hah!
    Lauren recently posted..“… He’s totally good at making out”.

  9. says

    Great job! This post made me hungry!

    I like to take the shortcut when filling my cupcakes and stick the tip right into the cake and squeeze until I can see the filling puff the cake up. That way each bite has it in it and i don’t have 24 cupcake muddles tempting me on the counter 😉 hahaha!
    Mandee recently posted..Coconutty 94th!

  10. says

    Great video! I needed this bad! haha.
    I have the same apple corer at home but never thought to use it for that 😉 Good thinking!
    I know now I need larger tips, mine are all smaller and I don’t think the icing looks as good as with the larger tips. I also love the stacking technique you use.
    How do you fill your bag with less mess?! I always end up with icing everywhere!
    Lindsey recently posted..Holiday Monday

  11. Sherri says

    Okay…this is completely unrelated to the cupcakes (great tutorial though!). What color gray did you use on your walls? lol I’ve been looking for just the right gray (not too blue, not too green) forever and this color looks perfect!

  12. says

    I thought the same thing as Dawn. Your voice matches you perfectly and surprisingly how I assumed you would sound! You are so PRETTY! Thanks for posting the tutorial! I’m useless with frosting and cant wait to try some of the techniques!! :))

  13. Julie says

    thanks so much for the tutorial! i’ve been getting annoyed with frosting cupcakes with just a knife, so i think i’m going to have to add those items to my Christmas list :)

    • Courtney says

      Not usually, since most of the frostings I make are stiff enough – this particular batch just happened to be a bit on the runny side, so if that happens, then yes, I probably would throw it in the fridge for a bit. Glad you found it helpful!

  14. Julie says

    Hi Courtney! I’m making cupcakes for my friend’s bridal shower and while the cupcakes and frosting are good, I’m a little worried about my decorating skills. This definitely helped! I have a pastry bag, coupler and variety of tips, but my biggest question is, how do you get the frosting in the pastry bag without it getting so messy?? I feel like I get frosting everywhere when I try to transfer it!

    • Courtney says

      Ahhhh, I wish I knew! Haha…
      Actually, if you try placing the bag (tip down) in a glass and fill it that way, that can sometimes help with the mess. But I tend to be covered in the stuff by the time I’m finished 😉


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