Send Me My Letter Already!

Last week, Jay ended up getting a letter in the mail that made him absolutely cringe…he was being summoned for jury duty.


In the almost 4 years that Jay and I have lived together (WOW), I’m pretty sure this was his second or third time being summoned. As it turns out, he’s never had to actually go and serve on a jury or even go through a selection process, but he always hates getting the letter.

In all of my years growing up with my parents, they too would dread the jury summons letter when it arrived in the mailbox. Lucky for Jay, he got the confirmation this morning that he would not be getting another summons for six years, (which he was pretty psyched about) but I’m not gonna like…I’m sort of jealous!


In all the years that I’ve actually been old enough to be summoned, which is almost 10 years, I have never gotten a letter. Not once! I’ve actually always thought that serving on a jury would not only be a great way of doing my civic duty, but I just think it would be really interesting and fun (well, depending on the case, I suppose). I mean, I just don’t get it? I promise, I am a very honest and trustworthy citizen, folks. Send me my letter already!


Food Talk

Since today is my long day of work, I made sure to pack up all of my goods before leaving the house this morning:


A vanilla Chobani, celery + yellow grape tomatoes, an apple, 2 (broken) rice cakes, some peanut butter for dipping, and a ham and veggie wrap which looks exactly the same on the inside as this one.

There was also some more Love Grown Foods granola added to the yogurt that didn’t make this morning’s photo shoot, as well as a generous handful of candy corn that I snacked on this afternoon. I’m tellin’ ya, that stuff is like crack…well, I’m assuming?

Today while at work, I also got a pretty freakin’ awesome manicure which I’ll be sharing with you all tomorrow. I’ll give ya a hint…it’s nice and festive!

Questions for the Evening:

Have you ever been summoned for jury duty? If so, have you ever had to actually serve?

Would you want to serve on a jury?

Recipe Archive: Cinnamon Chip Scones

Yesterday, I was going through some of my older recipes (on an empty stomach, which is never a good thing) and came across a few favorites of mine that I had totally forgotten about. The poor things…

One of them in particular really stood out immediately to me. It only got a small amount of face time here on the blog way back in February, and I really think that it deserves to be shared again. Think of this as the “recipe archives,” if you will?

This recipe for Cinnamon Chip Scones is an all-time favorite of mine.

They are perfect for making on a Sunday morning and having to snack on for the rest of the week ahead.

They’re actually versatile, too. Can’t find cinnamon chips (I find mine – Hershey’s brand – at Hannaford)? Try using butterscotch…or dark chocolate…or peanut butter. Heck, go crazy and try all three if you’re feelin’ spunky.

Either way, these scones are just awesome, so if you’re looking for a perfect brunch, breakfast, or dessert idea, try giving these a shot!

Happy Baking Smile

Return of the Mash Up

Today brought about the return of a very special workout…

The Wednesday Mash Up!

Before committing to the challenge, my workouts were on a fairly consistent schedule every week, but Wednesdays were always the day where things were left pretty open for me to choose from. Some weeks, I enjoyed this freedom, and other weeks it would drive me bananas.

But now that I’ve gotten a fresh start with something new, I welcomed the Wednesday Mash Up with open arms and did a “mini mish-mash” that included:

It had been a long time since I did the Yoga Meltdown video so I really enjoyed the change. I kept things pretty low-key today because tomorrow I’m headed back to BodyPump and I have a feeling some soreness will be goin’ on from that. I say, bring it on!


Last night, I went to bed craving waffles.

This morning, I made it happen.


I lightly toasted two Eggo Nutri-Grain Low Fat Whole Wheat waffles and, in keeping with the pumpkin theme (because, well, that’s basically what happens around here these days) I topped the ‘cakes with some of Monica’s Pumpkin Crème, some granola, and a drizzle of maple syrup.



Man, if this doesn’t look like decadence for a Wednesday morning, well then, I don’t know what does.


But better yet, the granola on today’s waffles wasn’t just any granola…it was Love Grown Foods granola!


I was totally psyched to see this package waiting at my doorstep when I got home last night. I’ll tell you guys, those folks over at Love Grown really are amazing and I am so honored to be one of their Love Bloggers. Thanks, Love Grown!

I decided to break into my favorite flavor first, Sweet Cranberry Pecan.


Don’t you think that the amount consumed is what you see on those waffles above. Oh no…you can add a couple more handfuls there.

And with that, I will leave you all with this picture that Jay sent me yesterday:


I don’t know about you, but I swear, I must have a bunch of these creatures in my closet…

Question for the Morning:

If you could give “calories” your own funny definition, what would it be?