Night Time Makeup Look Tutorial

You already saw the day time makeup look yesterday…now you get to see Steph’s night time look. She’s got some great tips, so I’m sure you’ll find at least one to take away from her awesome step-by-step tutorial!


So now we get to the ‘night time’ look. I always have so many friends ask me to do their makeup when we are going out, but what they don’t realize is how easy a sexy smoky eye can be to create. Below, I’m going to show you step by step how to do this look for yourself.

Before anything, follow my steps in the ‘day time’ look for applying your foundation, concealer, highlighter, and face powder. Once that is completed, we can get started on the fun stuff!

This is me, before my night time makeup look.

night time before

1. I can’t stress enough how important using eye primer is when doing full on eye makeup. It acts as the ‘glue’ for your eye shadow and keeps everything in place for much longer than if you don’t use it. That being said, you can also put a light coat of foundation or concealer on your eyes if you choose to forgo the eye primer. Make sure to let the primer dry down for a minute before applying eyeliner or eye shadow.

eye primer

2. Your second step is to take a black eyeliner pencil and draw a line from the outermost part of your lid to the very inner part. Try to make the line as even as possible. Your eye shadow is going to go on top of this line and the black liner gives your eye some extra depth.

black liner

3. For a smoky eye, deep shades of brown, purple, green, and gray are generally the most popular colors to use. I decided to go with a deep purple that had a hint of gray in it. Take the shade of your choice and blend it onto your lower lid, on top of the eyeliner, and all the way up to the crease. I believe that using an actual eye shadow brush will give you a nice, even finish. You can get eye shadow brushes at Sephora, a drug store, or even Target.

eyeshadow to crease

4. Next, take a complimentary lighter shade and dab a little bit into the inner corners of your eyes. For example, I used a rich shade of shimmery gold in the inner corners of my eyes because it contrasted nicely with the purple. Let’s say you’re doing a deep gray smoky eye, in the inner corners, I would use a light silver since it will stand out from the deep gray on your lid.

inner corner

5. Lastly for the eye shadow, you need to put a lighter shade on the top part of your lid. The shade depends on your skin tone. I usually use a very sheer nude shade, which I feel works well with many skin types. The purpose of using a lighter shade on
your top lid is that it really opens up the eye, and makes your smoky look stand out even more.

top lid

6. Take the same eye shadow that you used all over your lower lid and use it as an eyeliner right under your lower lashes. You can do this by using a thin eyeliner brush (again, you can purchase this at Sephora, a drug store, or Target), dabbing the brush
in a bit of water, and then brushing it onto the eye shadow. Once you have some color on the brush, create a line right underneath your lashes until the shade is noticeable, but not too noticeable. Then, line your waterline with the black eyeliner pencil.

lower lid with black liner

7. As I showed you in the day time look, apply your bronzer and blush the same way!

8. Lastly, apply your lip gloss. I like using gloss because it is a bit fresher than lipstick, and after a dramatic eye, you want to keep the lip a little neutral. Generally speaking, I’ll wear a nude shade of gloss when I have a smoky eye.

night gloss

9. Now you’re done and ready to go!

night after

I really hope you all enjoyed this and were able to pick up some easy makeup tricks! Please don’t hesitate to email me at if you have any questions!


Thanks again, Steph! You definitely showed me a thing or two! Smile

Question for the Afternoon:

If you were to choose one technique to try from this tutorial, what would it be?


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