The 3rd Annual Fall Festival

It’s official: The 3rd Annual Fall Festival was a success!

Despite the fact that we had a few less attendees than last year’s fall festival, we all still had a fabulous time doing lots of our favorite fall festival things. Jay and I had to pass on the apple picking this year, but we still had a blast taking part in the other festivities, such as…

Carving Pumpkins!


Every year, we all somehow manage to do a killer job on our pumpkin carving.


Luckily, my pumpkin wasn’t all that messy this year AND it had a bunch of seeds that I made sure to put aside for toasting with some cinnamon-sugar. Can’t let those babies go to waste.


We all obviously take our pumpkin carving very seriously, don’t we? Winking smile



Usually, I feel like I’m pretty much the last one to finish, but this year I was second so I had some fun moseying around and watching everyone else.


You like my bat punkin’?


With Fall Festival, there is also never a shortage of good food to eat. We started out with some snacks, which were enjoyed before and during the pumpkin carving shenanigans.



Jeff even picked up some mini frozen pizzas which, you’re right Sarah, he was rather excited about, wasn’t he? As amusing as the random purchase was, I don’t think there were any pieces that went unaccounted for!


I tried not to go *too* overboard with the snacks, because we had a very delicious dinner planned…

Mal’s Easy Chili + homemade pumpkin dinner rolls


Andrea made the pumpkin rolls from scratch and they were seriously amazing. If there wasn’t dessert waiting for us, I totally would have grabbed another one. So, so good!


But, of course, there was dessert waiting for us, in the form of my Pumpkin Spice Cupcakes (you can mark me down for one of those…)


and Mal’s apple cookies (and two of those).


These cookies are awesome (along with everything else that Mal makes) and I even have the recipe for them, so I’ll have to share that with you guys sometime soon. Remind me, mmmkay?

Now, with another Fall Festival successfully under the belt, it’s about time to wind down and get ready to get back to the grind tomorrow. Did this weekend fly by for anyone else or is just me? Sheesh!

Oh yes, I almost forgot! Let me show you all our final pumpkin carving products…

My Punkin’


Everyone’s all together!


Pretty snazzy, right? Smile

Hope everyone had a fun weekend, whatever you were doing!

Question for the Evening:

Do you have any “annual” events that you hold/attend every year with friends and/or family?

Kate’s Birthday Celebration

Last night, since it was Kate’s actual birthday, we met up with her and Joey before their planned party for a little pre-birthday celebration at Bombers Burrito Bar. For those of you who are local, you probably already know about why people go to Bombers on their actual birthday…for the the free, massive birthday margarita!


The thing is a beast, no doubt about it.


I, myself, have even tackled the birthday margarita back in the day…

(On my 24th birthday)


While Bombers does make a pretty mean margarita, I really wasn’t too much in the mood for drinking last night, so I passed on getting a drink of my own and just helped Kate out with a few sips. Tasty, indeed!


Since I knew there was going to be an abundance of food to snack on at the party afterward, Jay and I decided to share a BBQ Pulled Pork Burrito – aka the most amazing burrito on the face of this planet. I get it every time I go.


I also love the fact that they serve their sweet potato fries with maple syrup. Definitely a different combo, but I dig it. Winking smile

I ate all of the “innards” and passed up on most of the actual burrito part itself. The filling is where it’s at anyway.


After dinner, the four of us headed back over to Joey & Kate’s house to get things ready for the birthday festivities.

Lots of snacks (Jay and I dominated that bread dip by the end of the night…)


Joey & Iris


And, of course, birthday cupcakes! I had the pleasure of making the cupcakes for Kate’s party last night, and they turned out to be quite a hit.


We went for variety, so I baked up a batch of these, these,


and these, but with regular cream cheese frosting which I’ve decided I like better than the original combo. I had one of those during the party and it was deeeelish.

oreo cupcakes

Jay and I are enjoying somewhat of a relaxing morning now before heading out for a fun afternoon with friends. Time to go make the coffee!

Question for the Morning:

What’s the best birthday you’ve ever had? Why was it so great?

I think mine would probably have to be my 25th birthday. We had a Luau theme (in the dead of winter) and it was just an absolute blast!


Birthday + great friends & family = Awesome Smile