The Littlest of Things

Sometimes I feel like my days go by so quickly that I don’t get the chance to really focus on the things that can always quickly put a smile on my face. It doesn’t have to be anything major, really. Usually, it’s just the littlest of things that can make me appreciate my day that much more.

Like starting my day with ketchup smiley faces in my eggs.

Or eating an amazing yogurt mess with lunch…


which was made up of vanilla Chobani, pumpkin, banana slices, Love Grown Foods granola, and Quaker Oatmeal Squares.


Or getting stuck at the umpteenth red light on my way home from work, only to realize that it must have been “meant to be” because my current most favorite song came on the radio and ended just as I was pulling in my driveway.

Or being greeted with this little face as I walk in the door; Cody always has a way of effortlessly putting a smile on my face.


Or getting the link to the recipe for the pumpkin dinner rolls that my friend Andrea made for our Fall Festival this past Sunday (^^click above to get the recipe).


Or the simplicity of unwinding from my day by lighting one of my favorite fall-scented candles, snuggling into my cozies, and lounging on the couch…


with a nice glass of wine.


Oh yes, sometimes it is the littlest things, isn’t it?

I decided at about 3:00 this afternoon that coming home to a glass of wine was an absolute must. I guess I can sort of blame it on my afternoon post, but this glass actually is still not my bottle of One Hope Chardonnay.


I had this bottle of Tug Boat White in my fridge that was already opened, so that has to get finished up first. This bottle is amazing though, and is actually one of the ones that I bought this summer while out in wine country for Sarah’s Bachelorette Party.


Tonight’s dinner came together pretty easily, and was quite tasty, despite the fact that it may just be the ugliest food I’ve posted in quite a long time on here. Sorry ‘bout that one.


We prepped our sweet potatoes the same way that we did last time, which turned out just as delicious.


To keep things easy, we paired our baked sweet potatoes with some chicken sausages and a small can of beets for me. Yes, I occasionally eat vegetables out of a can…no big deal.

Now if I could just convince Jay to take care of dish duty tonight…that would definitely be another one of the little things to make my day. Smile

Question for the Evening:

What was one of the little things that made your day today?


  1. says

    So true! It’s often the little things that really make the difference in my day. This mining I scored a seat on a packed subway- such a nice treat!

    Enjoy your wine (and the rest of your evening)!

  2. says

    Haha I can never make my chicken sausages to look pretty either…it’s just one of those foods 😉

    I love it too when a fav song of mine finishes up right when I get home, or it starts up right when I get in the car :)

    A little thing that made my day today was playing with my coworkers baby at work since she couldn’t get babysitter for the day – it was an awesome way to “work” today 😉
    Shayla @ The Good Life recently posted..Facing Fear Foods

  3. says

    Oh, man. Seeing your cereal bowl reminded me that I have canned pumpkin in the cupboard, and plain kefir in the fridge. I think it’s time for a smoothie bowl!

    Today I bought a new pair of boots that I’d looked at ages ago, but didn’t buy until today. I’m normally not much of a shopper, but when I see something I like I tend to just go for it, and I’m really excited to wear them tomorrow. :)
    Lisa Fine recently posted..My Favorite (Mostly Natural) Body Products, Part I

  4. says

    Sometimes, it’s so easy to overlook the small things because we are always expecting happiness in the big things. So good to remind ourselves that it’s the small stuff that matters most of the time, we just need to celebrate those small moments more. :)
    Lauren recently posted..Another Fall Salad

  5. says

    I love this post. It’s a great reminder to remember the little things throughout the day that are often times not even recognized or noticed. One of the little things that made my day today was the card I found under my pillow this morning from my husband “just because”. :)
    Ashley @ My Food ‘N’ Fitness Diaries recently posted..Cravings…

  6. Brandi says

    This is a great post! I can remember teaching Children’s Church one Sunday and at the end of class one of the little girls wanted to pray. “Thank you God for the feet that we have to walk around on,” was how she started it. It was so simple, yet profound for a 6 year old. :) As for today, it would have to be finishing a run when I thought that I couldn’t. :)

    Have a great night!

  7. says

    sex and the city while baking pumpkin bread made my day! (night).. and that tomorrow’s wed, which means the week is nearly halfway over (i’m being a tad optimistic here)

    cody makes me miss my orange tabby back home (nicky)! so cute.

  8. Nicole says

    Pumpkin rolls look delish! I’ve been feeling all things pumpkin as of late. Last night, I made a little fall shortcake, with pumpkin biscuits, caramelized cinnamon-apples, and cinnamon whipped cream. SO good! I may or may not have just eaten the leftovers for breakfast :)

  9. says

    Autumn leaves is one of my most favorite Yankee Candle scents, too! I’m also a fan of Farmers Market.

    Do you sign up for Yankee Candles emails? they have GREAT coupons and deals. Nicholas and I are actually planning on a little candle-buying date soon, as a matter of fact. I can’t wait to find some scents that bring memories to mind in an instant! I’ll report back with new favorite scents!
    Heather recently posted..Hi, there.

  10. kristen @ livinlifeinlouie says

    the pumpkin rolls look delicious! How did you make yours come out like a bun? did you use a cupcake pan?

  11. says

    I love coming home and lighting candles in the house. I think it makes it feel more homey (sp?) and I love the autumn scents from Yankee :)

    If you want to try a local winery may I suggest Adirondack Winery on Canada St in Lake George. It is off Exit 21 on the Northway and across from Sherpard’s Park. They make their own wine and the pictures for the bottles are all taken in the area by the owners. They have a huge selection.
    Ashlee recently posted..New Found Motivation

    • Courtney says

      Yes! I’ve been there before – Jay and I actually went last summer for a weekend away and did a tasting. They had some great wine! So glad to hear someone else who likes it too


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