Not Nervous, Just Excited

Last night was exactly the kind of Friday night that I needed. After a looooong week, there wasn’t much that sounded better than ordering a pizza, drinking some wine, and renting a movie from Redbox…so that’s exactly what we did.

I finally got a chance to open up my bottle of One Hope Chardonnay, and it was really, really good. Definitely good enough to get me to want to order another bottle, especially since it goes towards such a great cause.

For pizza, we ended up trying a new place that was pretty decent, but not as good as a couple of our other favorites. We went with a roasted red pepper, sliced tomato, and garlic specialty pizza which we asked have sauce added to, but I guess they forgot. It had good flavor but was pretty greasy; lots of paper towel blotting was goin’ on.


We also ordered a small container of pasta salad which is, hands down, the best I’ve ever had. Whatever kind of dressing they put on this stuff is out of this world. I really want to figure out how to recreate it…without the nasty olives. Winking smile


Before we watched our movie (we rented Insidious from Redbox – my choice, of course, not too bad) I spent some time looking through a few magazines for ideas for Thanksgiving…


I don’t think I’ve mentioned it to you guys yet, but I’m actually cooking my first Thanksgiving dinner this year for our families. I wouldn’t say that I’m nervous, but I’m definitely excited and really just want to make sure that everything is perfect.


I’m also thinking that I may have to invest in an actual turkey roaster since my makeshift one takes up quite a bit of space. Does anyone have a good one they’d recommend?


This morning, Jay and I enjoyed sleeping in for a bit before getting up and making breakfast. Typically, I don’t worry about sharing what he has if it’s different from mine, but he really impressed me today with his grilled egg and cheese sandwich. Does this thing not look amazing or what?


Originally, I was planning a bowl of cereal, but seeing and smelling his egg and cheese sandwich immediately shifted my craving.


I made my own egg and cheese sandwich using our microwave egg cooker, which is quite possibly one of my favorite kitchen gadgets ever.


I used a slice of provolone, a toasted Arnold Honey Wheat Sandwich Thin, and some raspberry Polaner All-Fruit spread. Yes, I put jelly on my egg sandwich, and I have Julie to thank for that one. Girl, you were really onto something!


This is a fantastic combo. Try it.

Now, Jay and I have some serious work to get done around the house. I’m really hoping that we’ll still be able to make it to our Halloween party tonight, but the weather forecast is not looking too cooperative for what would be an hour drive tonight. Keeping my fingers crossed that it all works out!

Questions for the Morning:

Have you ever cooked a full Thanksgiving (or holiday) dinner? Would you want to?

Egg and cheese sandwich with jelly – yay or nay?


  1. says

    I had a very similar night like that last night! {Mostly to celebrate the passing of the NASM-CPT exam!} Sometimes those “staying in and watching movies, ordering pizza and having wine” nights are VERY necessary! I did cook a full Thanksgiving meal last year for my dad, two sisters and hubby at our house. It was splendid! Good luck on yours!!
    Cherie @ Cherie Runs This recently posted..Cherie Runs Exams

    • Courtney says

      Congratulations, Cherie! If you have any helpful hints/tips, I would LOVE to hear them! I am really stressing over that test…

      • says

        I was super stressing too. Definitely study the chart on pg 169, know reps/tempos, a lot about stabilization, the exercises for the levels, and things from the handbook–mine had a lot of questions from there… Take the practice exam a few times–I actually had a few questions on my test that came right from it! You’ll have more than enough time to take it–pace yourself–the test lets you flag any answers that you’re not sure of so you can go back and look over them before you submit it. Good luck–I’m sure you’ll do just fine!
        Cherie @ Cherie Runs This recently posted..Cherie Runs Exams

  2. says

    Haha, I just clicked back to see your “makeshift” one and almost died laughing. That’s impressive creativeness Courtney! I hosted Thanksgiving the first year we were married and bought a $20 Oneida one from Bed Bath. Totally worth it and I use it all the time for roasting chicken now. One thing to be prepared for is all the DISHES! I love thanksgiving but boy are the dishes out of control which you seem to notice a lot more when it’s in YOUR kitchen!
    Gina @ Running to the Kitchen recently posted..Snowy Saturday

  3. Sylvia @ Frolic Through Life says

    This snow is messing up everyone’s Halloween plans! I don’t like it al all! :(
    I’ve never tried jelly on my egg sandwiches, but it reminds me of my grandpa who used to eat jelly, American cheese and tomato sandwiches.
    Fingers crossed that we get to party it up tonight!
    Sylvia @ Frolic Through Life recently posted..Candy Corn Fudge

  4. Megan says

    I HAVE tried jelly on my cheese & egg sandwich…also because of Julie!

    And I’ve never cooked a full Thanksgiving dinner, but I’ve certainly helped…mainly in the dessert department!

  5. says

    When I studied abroad in college, I attended two potluck Thanksgivings – one in Vienna where I studied and one in London where my boyfriend was studying. I hunted all over the city to find canned pumpkin (apparently the pumpkin obsession hasn’t made it overseas….weird, I know) for my 4 pumpkin pies! Since then, I’ve just been an ‘eater,’ not a ‘maker.’
    Diana recently posted.."I want to do creepy things allll weekend"

  6. says

    Your evening last night sounds PERFECT! That’s my ideal Friday evening after a long week.
    I have no doubt you’ll do a fantastic job with the Thanksgiving dinner! I’ve never done a full Thanksgiving dinner before, but I’d love to some time. Thank goodness for all of the fantastic magazines and websites out there that have so many wonderful ideas.
    Egg and cheese sandwich with jelly – definitely a YAY! I tried it for the first time a few weeks ago and loved it! The savory and sweet combo was perfect.
    Ashley @ My Food ‘N’ Fitness Diaries recently posted..Miracle of the Century: The Hubby Cooks

  7. says

    Egg and cheese sandwich with a laughing cow cheese wedge and raspberry jellchumash breakfast (and sometimes lunch now) my absolute favorite! So so amazing!

  8. says

    Eeww, nay to the jelly! lol I’ve never tried it, though, so perhaps it is too soon to judge. That is very exciting that you are cooking your first Thanksgiving dinner!! I know I would definitely be nervous doing it, but there is nothing better than watching all the people you love enjoy your food. Good luck!!
    Liz @ Tip Top Shape recently posted..Soba Noodle Stir-Fry with Peanut Sauce

  9. Stacey says

    Love me some cheese and jelly and ______, the possibilities are endless! Thx to pbfingers! Good luck w thxgiving din din!

  10. says

    That’s so exciting that you’re cooking your first Thanksgiving dinner! I would be really nervous too. Random Q but did you register for china when you guys got married? I can’t decided if I should, but it would be perfect for such an occassion.
    Maria@La_Piattini recently posted..No Football For Me

    • Courtney says

      No, we didn’t register for fancy china. We chose a set of dishes that we thought would be nice enough for any occasion but also good for everyday too. I also have a set of my grandma’s china that I could use if I wanted but honestly, we just didn’t think it would be worth it for us. We’re not super fancy 😉

  11. says

    I cooked my first Thanksgiving dinner this year too, my suggestion would be to make as much ahead of time as possible so you’re not scrambling the day of. Things like cranberries, pie and even sweet potatoes can be cooked a day or two in advance no problem.

  12. says

    Good luck with cooking Thanksgiving dinner!!! I would love to do that some time, I don’t think I’m up for the challenge quite yet though. And I recently tried the egg & jelly combo and LOVE IT!! Especially with strawberry jam, yum!

  13. EG Gal says

    Ok…dying to know where the pasta salad is from. I love trying different macaroni and pasta salads from different places.

  14. says

    One of my friends was spending Thanksgiving alone last year, so I flew out to see her, and we both made our first Thanksgiving meal! We ended up making cornish hens instead of a turkey since it was only the two of us, but we were really proud of ourselves lol. I say yay on the jelly. It’s really good!
    Lena @ Fit on the Rocks recently posted..Preventing ‘Puke Face’

  15. says

    I’ve never cooked an entire holiday meal myself before, but I think next year when I’m done with school, I want to try it. Both of our families live in AZ, and since we’ll be in AZ next year, it would be a good excuse to all get together! :)

    I’ve never tried jelly+eggs, but I suppose it’s an idea!! I’m not really an adventurous eater though lol :)
    Melissa @ Will Work for Veggies recently posted..Ghetto Grad School Halloween

  16. says

    I just cooked my first full thanksgiving dinner 2 years ago and i liked it a lot, but luckily was only cooking for a couple people or i probably would have been a stress case. I love cooking for others but I get a little crazy if its a bigger group!
    And I just started eating egg n jelly sandwiches! I was missing out! I havent tried out adding the cheese yet though…. soon. baby steps :)
    PS. that pizza looks AMAZING
    Andrea @ Andrea out loud! recently posted..Cinnamon Roll Cookies & New Kicks

  17. says

    I did this year :) But I did not do turkey…salmon and ham instead. But I do cook turkey for Christmas :) It is so much fun doing Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners! I enjoy it a lot.
    I think egg, cheese and jelly are a yay :)
    PS I hate olives too! Yuck!
    Lindsey recently posted..Did You Know!?

  18. says

    The past two years I have cooked a big Thanksgiving dinner. The first Thanksgiving I ever cooked was for my family and my fiance’s family. It turned out beautifully. Then last year I cooked Thanksgiving just for my family. It’s so rewarding after all is said and done. :) I’m sure yours will be great!

    Egg and cheese with jelly sounds yummy! I have yet to try it but I would like to.
    Hope recently posted..A Seasonally Inspired Evening…

  19. says

    I’ve helped with some sides and some cooking but not a full meal by myself. I would LOVE to though. I love entertaining and cooking for people :)
    Jelly on my egg sandwiches are my FAVORITE. sososo good I can’t eat it without it now 😀

  20. Shannon says

    No. Our family goes out to dinner at Red’s Restaurant in W. Coxasckie. Every year at the restaurant, there is a Thanksgiving buffet and it’s always mighty tasty! 😀 This year, the family is debating getting a Fresh Market Thanksgiving dinner to-go. That store always has AMAZING food!

    Egg & cheese sandwich w/ jelly- nay for me. My brother loves egg & cheese sandwiches for breakfast.

  21. says

    Cheese, jam and eggs is so good, especially the stronger cheese the better! My friend and I cooked a whole Thanksgiving meal for the rest of our group a couple of hours which was actually a lot of fun, and not too stressful. My biggest piece if advice is to cook a few dishes (or at least semi-cook) a day or 2 beforehand!
    Khushboo recently posted..I am lazy

  22. says

    Your Friday night sounds so nice and relaxing. I have never had to cook a really big meal for my family but I just had a huge party for my sisters 21st birthday… does that count? Definitely not! But I know you’ll do just fine :)
    Stephanie @ StephSnacks recently posted..WIAW

  23. Christy says

    We have hosted every year since we got our house. Last year we had 27ppl in attendance. Thank god for our sunroom. That becomes a very large dining room.

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