Total Let Down

All day yesterday, I had one thing on my mind…pancakes.

The night before, Jay and I decided that we’d make Tuesday night a breakfast for dinner night, because you guys know how I love my pancakes. So all day, I had pancakes on the brain; did I want them with chocolate chips? Bananas? Pumpkin?

The best part was, I wasn’t even going to be in charge of the cooking. Jay was going to take care of everything, using our favorite pancake recipe. So here I was, envisioning coming home, relaxing in my cozies, and just waiting for a nice big ‘ol stack of pancakes to be served to me.

Well wouldn’t you know it, Jay got called out for work and I didn’t get my pancakes. Gosh darn it. It was a total let down. I had been looking forward to them for over 24 hours, and then…nothing.

Since I hadn’t planned on doing any cooking last night, I really wasn’t about to, especially since it was only me I was feeding. So I put together a lame-o peanut butter, pumpkin, and banana sandwich instead.


The sandwich really wasn’t doin’ it for me so I decided to finish up with one last night that could hopefully salvage my evening…


A nice big ‘ol bowl of Cranberry Apple Crisp with light vanilla ice cream, caramel, and some Love Grown Foods granola. I suppose that if I couldn’t have pancakes, this was most definitely a suitable substitute.

And once Jay got home, he finished up the last of it. Yup, it took the two of us all of three days to polish that stuff off. We’re animals, I tell you. Animals! Winking smile



This morning, I was literally *this close* to just shutting off the alarm and skipping my workout, but I knew I’d regret it later, so after the fourth slam of the snooze button, I finally rolled out of bed and headed down to the treadmill.

Today was devoted to cardio, and I ended up running a little over 4 miles by doing intervals of 5 minutes @ 7.0mph and 1 minute recover @ 4.5mph. Wooo Hooo for “long runs” of 4 miles!


Hey, guess what? I’m stuck on a new breakfast again. Oy vey.


This whole egg + cheese + raspberry jam on an English muffin is the real deal. I’m actually shocked at just how many days in the past couple of weeks I’ve incorporated eggs into what is usually a sweet breakfast for me. Either way, I’m rollin’ with it!


I also had a small banana,


and my inevitable mug-o-joe…with a side of the camera hog.



This morning I have a dentist appointment to go to (BLECH!) and then I’m headed to a long day of work. Wednesdays aren’t so bad though, since I get to hang out with mi madre for part of the day. Smile

Be on the lookout for a decadent recipe headed your way this afternoon…I may not have been in the mood to cook last night, but I was definitely in the mood to bake!

Here’s a little teaser for ya…


Any guesses?

Here’s a hint…pumpkin, caramel, chocolate.

Questions for the Morning:


  • Go to the dentist –OR- go to the doctor?
  • Have one of your parents be your boss for work –OR- you be the boss of one of your parents at work?
  • Eat cookies in cookie form –OR- eat cookies in bar form?


  1. Kristin says

    I’d way rather go to the doctor than the dentist!
    As for a parent being my boss– my mom actually WAS my boss for 3 years! I hated it b/c people thought I got special treatment, when in fact I think she was harder on me than most. Calling in “sick” was the worst.. : “Why?? what’s wrong, you should come in any way, stop using up your sick time!”
    Even funnier, she retired and came back as an hourly employee so technically I am above her now!
    Annnd, cookies in bar form for sure!! :-)
    Now I want pancakes!!

  2. says

    I wish there was a button I could press and have that apple crisp come out of my printer ready to eat.

    I absolutely hate the dentist and have yet to find a dentist I like. The last one I went to told me that she could use a laser to cut the underside of my tongue to increase my tongue movement. Needless to say I politely passed on that offer.

    I like cookies in every form possible. Like there is anyone who would pass on a cookie because it wasn’t in the right form. And if there is, they are crazy!
    Sylvia @ Frolic Through Life recently posted..Frankenbaby does Halloween

  3. Jillian D. says

    That recipe looks sooo decadent!!

    1. I would rather go to the dentist – I love getting my teeth cleaned!
    2. I’ve worked with my dad. He wasn’t my boss per say but he was one of the managers in the office. I loved it- hello free lunches!
    3. Cookies in cookie form! The real deal :)

  4. says

    Sorry to hear you did not get your pancakes :(
    I cannot wait for your recipe later… I have been wanting to make something with pumpkin but have not found anything appealing yet

    I would rather…
    ~go to the dentist – I love the feeling of cleaned teeth
    ~Have my parents be the boss
    ~Either form is good… The bars tend to be gooeier (sp?) in my opinion yum :)

  5. says

    And now I’m going to need pancakes for dinner STAT. I recently bought a waffle maker and have been going crazy with waffle overload, so now it’s time for pancakes! Hmmm…I actually like going the dentist so I’ll pick that! My teeth magically grew perfectly straight and they’re the favorite part of my body! 😀 I’d rather my dad be my boss. He owns his own barbershop {has since 1955 actually!} and it’s a fun place. Just like the Barbershop movies!! I won’t turn down a cookie in any form, but I’ll go with just the standard. Although those bars look awesome!
    Cherie @ Cherie Runs This recently posted..Remember Remember, The Goal-Setting of November

  6. says

    Ugh. I am so sorry you didn’t get your pancakes. :(

    I LOVE my dentist so I would rather see him any day; although, my doctor isn’t all that bad either!
    I would rather have a parent as a boss.
    And, I prefer large cookies … I don’t care much about bar or otherwise… (bigger is definitely better here).
    Care @HealthierGirl recently posted..Back At It

  7. says

    Mmmm looking forward to your recipe, it sounds amazing!

    I’d rather:
    -Go to the dentist over the doctor. I surprisingly don’t mind the dentist.
    -Have my parents be the boss of me. I think it’d too awkward if I was the boss of my parents.
    -Eat cookies in bar form. Bars are usually thicker and chewier!
    Ashley @ My Food ‘N’ Fitness Diaries recently posted..November Goals

  8. says

    UGH, I’d prefer the doctor any day.
    and obviously, since they were MY boss for so many years, I’d love to be one of my parents’ bosses at work. 😉
    ..and hmm.. I’m in the mood to take my cookies in bar form after seeing that picture. gimme! 😀
    Alyssa @ Life of bLyss recently posted..Scrappy Marathoner

  9. says

    Pancakes for dinner are the best!! I would rather go to the dentist, be the boss of one of my parents, and eat my cookies in cookie form. I love the crispy edges yet perfectly soft middle of a cookie! :)
    Abby @ Abz ‘n’ Oats recently posted..wiaw #12

  10. Shannon says

    I would rather go to the doctor, be the boss of one of my parents, and eat cookies in cookie form.

    Aren’t cookies supposed to look like them? However, I do love bar form as well. It doesn’t matter.

  11. says

    Aw hope you can reschedule your pancake dinner date soon! I’d rather go to the doctor anyday-I find it oddly relaxing in a way. Oddly, one of my parents IS kind of my boss. I’d rather it be that way than the other way around though.

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