All-Around Awesome + New Stuff

So far, I’m not only doing pretty well on the to-do list…

  • Sephora pit-stop
  • Search for a Thanksgiving tablecloth and curtains for our office
  • Stop at the bank
  • Cook up a batch of soup (<—hopefully a new recipe comin’ your way!)
  • Solid study time
  • Pay bills
  • A few blog updates
    • An afternoon “date” with Kristi at a Grand Opening of somewhere exciting(!!!)

    …but I am also just having an all-around awesome day. Let me go ahead and show you why.

    First up, I headed to the mall in search of a Thanksgiving tablecloth and my Bare Minerals foundation. Done and done. (But would you believe that even after this post last week, I managed to run out of my foundation and had to use a backup today. Talk about ironic.) So since I got those errands accomplished so quickly, that left a little more time to do some other mall “browsing.”

    Then again, if I’m actually buying things, then I guess it’s not really browsing, huh?

    The first stop I had to make was into a new accessory store that recently opened called Charming Charlie. I had been hearing amazing things from people about this place and they seriously were not kidding.


    I hope that this is what my heaven looks like. Holy accessories! The store is pretty much color coordinated, including jewelry, shoes, handbags, hair accessories, and more. The place is just incredible.


    And as if it wasn’t already awesome enough, I then finally came across a white watch. I had been searching for a white watch just like this for months now, but didn’t feel like paying $75.00 or more for it. This particular watch is one of the “jelly” watches and cost a mere $14.97.


    I am now the proud of owner of this beauty.

    I also managed to find another amazing deal today which was even more exciting than the watch…I FINALLY found myself a pair of brown riding boots!


    I happened to pop into Macy’s this morning and came across this pair of BareTraps brown riding boots. I’ve been looking for a pair of brown riding boots for months now but have been kind of picky about the pair I wanted to invest in.

    This particular pair was originally $99.00, on sale for $79.00, and then with a coupon, a store credit, and a gift card, I scored these babies for a whopping $30.00! I’m in love. Smile


    (In case you’re interested, I couldn’t find them on the Macy’s site anymore, but they are on sale at Boscov’s right now for $59.99, FYI!)

    As if my day wasn’t already going awesome, my last stop of the day was basically the icing on the cake…or shall I say, the toppings on my fro yo?


    A few weeks ago, my friend Kristi and I got talking about our love of fro yo, and when we saw that today was the grand opening of a TCBY on Western Ave. in Albany, we decided to make it a “date.”

    It was actually quite a surprise to walk in and see the self-serve machines and the toppings bar – I had originally thought that TCBY was just a regular “give your order and they make it for you” kind of place? Either way, I’m not complaining.


    I loaded up with three different flavors of fro yo: white chocolate mousse, coffee, and cookies & cream.


    The toppings selections were nothing you haven’t seen before: caramel, cookie dough chunks, Oreos, and Heath Bar bits.


    What can I say…I’m a creature of habit when it comes to this stuff, and it was the perfect way to indulge on a Monday afternoon for sure.


    Now I’ve got to get back to that list, starting with the soup and then some studying. Hopefully the afternoon is just as productive as the morning!

    Questions for the Afternoon:

    What’s the last good bargain that you found somewhere?

    Would you rather have fro yo as an afternoon treat, or an after dinner dessert?


    1. says

      I LOVE those boot! I’ve been wanting a pair just like that in that color. Lucky!

      By the way, I tried your chicken rice casserole dish on Friday. Winner winner in my house. Even my 4 year old picky eater stepson gobbled it down and said he loved it. It may just become a staple since it’s so easy and we had leftovers for days. Thank you!!
      Rosa – Fitness, Food, Fulfilled recently posted..Rosa Says Relax

    2. says

      What a great day! I love charming charlies!
      I have a brbrown pair of boots like that with a slight slouch, I want another papair that are more stiff, still on the lookout! We have a froyo pplace coming soon, iI check their fb page all the time to see if its open yyet!
      heather recently posted..Giving Thanks

    3. says

      That does sound like an awesome day!! I’m a little jealous! 😉 I love your boots – very cute. I always love when I get a good deal.

      I usually like to have fro-yo as an after dinner treat. I often crave something sweet after dinner, and that’s also when my husband is home, so if we do go out for fro-yo, it’s usually after dinner.
      Ashley @ My Food ‘N’ Fitness Diaries recently posted..Apple Crisp For Dinner

    4. Lynn says

      I thought I was excited to hear about Charming Charlie’s (I hadn’t hear of this store yet).. but then you said that TCBY has come back to the area!!! WHAT?!? Soooo excited about this!! Guess I’ll be heading in that direction soon. Thanks!

    5. says

      I don’t know if this truly counts as a bargain, but after gift cards and store credits from our wedding, we got a full-size (seats 10) dining room table from Crate & Barrel for $30!!! It’s amazing how getting something at a discount can make your whole day.
      Jill recently posted..Line I’m Loving

    6. Shannon says

      I’ve heard great things about Charming Charlie’s too- a person in my class loves it there and almost spent a bunch of money. Great deals! I absolutely love saving money. :)

      1. I don’t remember the last good deal I’ve made but one week- we saved $85 at Price Chopper with the Advantage Card. Oh, that card saves a nice sum of money off gas too. My dad saves it until we get to the dollar mark off the gallon.

      2. I have never eaten fro yo before. What’s the difference between ice cream & fro yo? Which is better? Oh, Kristi is so, so nice. I comment on her blog too. She knows who I am. She’s the best media person I have ever met in person (wait, she’s the only media person I’ve met in public but that’s ok).

    7. says

      Wow…you’re day really does sound AWESOME. Anything that involves shopping and frozen yogurt canNOT be bad!

      I have passed Charming Charlies a few time, but never managed to make it in. That is a definite ‘must-do’ now.
      Jodi recently posted..Weekend and The Help

    8. says

      Hi there!

      I really love your blog, so inspiring and encouraging for people who are just starting out. Congrats on your winter boots bargain! 😀

      And that frozen yoghurt looked amazing! Very jealous :)
      Clare recently posted..So it begins. Again.

    9. Lauren says

      Ohhh Courtney your first visit to Charming Charlie?! As I’ve mentioned to you, I work for the mall so it is very difficult for me to not pop in there all the time. I’m OBSESSED! And the prices? Totally can’t beat ’em. I got a watch there when they first opened for the same price as yours and I looove it:)
      On another note, I had no idea a TCBY opened up recently! I definitely have to get my booty over there ASAP. Remember when there was one in Stuyvesant Plaza? That seems like forever ago! I’m loving that they have self serve and a toppings bar now! I think I know what I’m having for dessert tomorrow night…

    10. says

      omg–so many of my favorite things in this post!! I love tcby! The one by me closed and I was so sad. And Charming Charlies is amazing. I always have to give myself a price limit when I’m there otherwise I end up leaving with waaayyyy too much stuff!
      Liz @ Tip Top Shape recently posted..Things I’m Loving

    11. says

      Those boots are so cute! I’m going to have to check them out at Macy’s or Boscov’s! Awesome! :)

      I had no idea that TCBY has self-serve! The one that is near me, is a regular you order and then they put your order together.
      Hope recently posted..5 Years Of Service…

    12. says

      Back in Washington, we had TCBY and it was the plain old pick a flavor and they make your cone and you get to pick a topping – when we first came out to Utah we ended up at a TCBY with like 30 flavors, all self serve and more toppings than I could count! They charged by the ounce instead of by the “size” #FroYoHeaven
      Kim @ The Family Practice recently posted..Happiness

    13. Michelle says

      Omg! Those boots are soooo cute! I think I may have to get myself an early Christmas gift!!! :) Do they fit pretty true to size??

    14. Amy says

      Those boots are so cool. I love them.
      I just got a pair of black ones with the grey fur around the top at Kohls on sale for $59 they are riding looking boots too.
      We need a shopping trip together we could tear up the mall.
      I love my BE foundation too


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