Recipe Archive: White Chocolate Oreo Cream Squares

For the past few days, I’ve been really good about not listening to that darn sweet tooth of mine. Typically, around 8 or 9pm, it starts calling out to me like it’s on a mission, which inevitably causes me to cave and indulge in some sort of sweet treat.

But for the past three nights, I’ve been really good about truly paying attention to my hunger levels and avoiding the sweets (FYI: crap loads of granola don’t count).

Today, however, I have a sweet tooth that is running rampant, and I blame it on stress.

I want sugar. I want chocolate. I want a big ‘ol batch of these at my immediate disposal.

Who remembers THESE bad boys? 😉

I thought today would be a fun day to do another little recipe archive, and these were the first thing that came to mind.

I first made these White Chocolate Oreo Cream Squares back in January, and I think that Jay may have fallen in love with me all over again after that day. If you or someone you know is an Oreo lover such as my hubby and I, then this is a recipe you totally need to try.

Since I first made the recipe, I’ve probably only made it two or three other times, and that is for one reason only: they are dangerous.

But I’m thinking that it’s about time to change that, because now after revisiting this recipe again, knowing just how delicious these little (or big, depending on how generous you want to be) pieces are, I think it’s about time to go out and grab a package of Oreos.

They’ll be perfect to bring to any fun activities you may have going on this weekend. They’ll also be perfect just sitting in your fridge for you to enjoy all on your own. I just hope – for your sake – that you have better self-control than I do.

So now, just in case you needed something to do this weekend (or tonight), I’ve gotcha covered with this quick, easy, delicious little treat to whip up and share…or not. Winking smile


  1. Whitney says

    STRESSED backwards spells DESSERTS! :)

    I NEVER bake desserts because I have no self-control. I will only bake them if I can give them away :)

  2. Dione says

    I think I will need to make those soon….reminds me of Hershey Cookies n Creme:) I love white chocolate and cookies and creme anything. Yum, thanks for sharing. It looks very simple to make too.

  3. Anna says

    These are THE BEST treat to bring in to work! I have made a couple of batches for my coworkers, including one that I dyed green for St. Patty’s day earlier this year, and almost every single one of my colleages came by my desk with their half-eaten square wide-eyed, asking, “WHY DID YOU MAKE THESE?! THEY ARE INSANE!!” Haha. They were gone in the first couple of hours! Thanks for the recipe in January! :)

  4. says

    Wow these look soo amazing! I will definitely be making them, but only when I have a party to take them to so I don’t end up sitting around and eating them all myself :p thanks for the recipe!


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