Bumper to Bumper

Holy cow, what a morning. Whew! Luckily, it was nothing but a little inconvenient, but first, let me catch ya up to speed on this weekend.

Down For The Count

Little of This, Little of That

Change of Pace

Now, back to this morning. In typical Monday-morning fashion, I rolled out of bed nice and early to head to BodyCombat. Today’s class seemed to focus a lot more on upper body than lower body, which I really enjoyed, and I have a feeling that my shoulders will be sore tomorrow.

After class was over, I left the gym and made a pit stop at the grocery store. I used to do this a lot over the summer and seemed to somehow get out of the habit; but honestly, grocery shopping at 6:45am on a Monday morning is fantastic. The store is empty, the shelves are freshly stocked, and there’s no waiting in line. It’s perfect!

I got myself in and out of the store within a half hour (impressive for me) and then headed home. By this time I was pretty hungry, so I was ready to get back and make some breakfast. Well, wouldn’t ya know that traffic was backed up in every single direction that I could possibly take to get home. It was bumper to bumper for everrrr.

As it turns out, apparently there was a propane truck that had overturned, causing lane closures on a majorly busy highway, during morning rush hour. My usual 12 minute drive home took me 46 minutes today. Forty-six minutes…three times my normal commute…which is not easy to handle when you’re hungry and have to pee!

Luckily, me and my bladder made it back in time, and I whipped up a quick breakfast.


I stocked up on some more waffles this morning, so there was no question in my mind on what was going to be on the menu today.


I love me some wafflewiches. Smile


I also picked up another new-to-me item this morning: Silk Pumpkin Spice soymilk.


I’ve had my eye out for this for a while now and today is the first day I actually found it. It’s super creamy, has a great pumpkin flavor, and is tasting mighty delicious in this morning’s mug of coffee. I’ll bet it’d be great just heated up and enjoyed on its own. Yum!

I have a few things to do today, including a trip to the DMV. Hopefully it’s nice and quick like last time. Happy Monday!

Questions for the Morning:


  • Drink coffee without sugar –OR- pancakes without syrup?
  • Be stuck in traffic with no radio –OR- with no heat/AC?
  • Have a more intense workout for your upper body –OR- your lower body?


  1. says

    Pancakes without syrup, I am not a huge syrup person anyways!
    Stuck in traffic with no radio for sure! I hate hot, stuffy cars!
    Upper body!
    I need to find that pumpkin soy milk! Its my new mission 😉
    Lindsey recently posted..Where To Start?

  2. Traci says

    Coffee with sugar, but that’s kind of cheating for me because I don’t put sugar in my coffee. And no radio & upper body. As much as I love feeling the burn in my legs and knowing I’m getting a good workout, I hate waddling around.

    That breakfast looks delish! You’re making me want to try that combo.

  3. says

    Drink coffee without sugar! (I take mine black!)
    Be stuck in traffic with no radio! (I use my iPOD ;-))
    More intense workout for your upper body! (I loooove working my arms – it makes me feel especially strong!)

  4. says

    I would rather have coffee without sugar. I typically don’t put sugar in my coffee anyway.

    I would rather be stuck in the car with no heat/ac. I cannot sit in silence in the car.

    That pumpkin spice soy milk looks yummy! :) Happy Monday!
    Hope recently posted..The Start Of A Busy Week…

  5. says

    *Pancake without syrup, I have other things I enjoy putting on my pancakes so I wouldn’t be super sad to be without.
    *No radio. In Phoenix, in the summer, you can come close to heat exhaustion if you aren’t moving and don’t have a/c in your car.
    *I have 2 younger kids who enjoy being picked up…often. I’d rather have a sore lower body. If my upper is sore, I don’t feel comfortable picking up the kids.
    Kathryn recently posted..Have you started making plans for the upcoming holiday season?

  6. says

    Pancakes with no syrup (that’s how I eat them anyway…most of the time)
    No radio…I can’t stand to be hot! In Texas AC is a must.
    Intense lower body…although I love to work my arms but I feel like overall I get a better workout when my big muscles are working!
    Kelly recently posted..weekend in review

  7. says

    I’m sorry to hear about your long commute this morning! One thing that really makes me bonkers is traffic, so I feel your pain, especially when you’re hungry and have to pee. 😉

    I’d rather:
    -Drink coffee without sugar. I’ve learned to not like my coffee super sweet anyways. Plus, I love me some maple syrup!! :)
    -Be stuck in traffic without radio. I’d just probably just call someone.
    -Have a more intense upper body workout. This one was a tough one to choose for me, but my arms are not one of my favorite parts, so it always feels good to work them out hard.
    Ashley @ My Food ‘N’ Fitness Diaries recently posted..Giving It Another Shot

  8. says

    1) GOOD coffee without sugar
    2) Without radio. My heating/cooling system has been broken for awhile (don’t want to fix it since I plan on switching cars soon-ish) and sitting in a car, in traffic, in 105F is MISERABLE.
    3) Upper body. My lower body is actually pretty strong, but my upper body strength is lacking.
    Lena @Fit on the Rocks recently posted..Long Run Sundays: Uphill Both Ways

  9. says

    I hate traffic! Esp on an empty stomach, no good.
    1.Drink coffee without sugar ! I usually do that anyway or use stevia.
    2.Be stuck in traffic with no radio. I’d die without AC!
    3.This is a tough one. My legs are stronger but I do a lot of arms lately and have gotten some good definition. I love the feeling after a great leg workout though!

  10. says

    Sorry it took you so long to get home! That stinks! I hate when I’m on a roll and then get stuck in traffic. Glad you made it home safe though!
    1. Pancakes! I don’t like syrup (I know, I’m “weird”)
    2. No radio depending on the time of year. Right now though, no heat/AC! I’d just roll the windows down & enjoy the fresh air!
    3. I’d rather do a lower body workout! That’s where most of my fat blasting needs to happen! hehe
    Carol @ Lucky Zucca recently posted..Wish Lists

  11. says

    Sorry to hear you got caught up in traffic. The combination of needing to pee and being hungry is the worst too! But such a great looking breakfast makes it worth it :)

    1-I always drink my coffee without sugar with almond breeze. 2-My radio is/has been broken for a while, so I’m ok with it now. 3-Lower body workout for sure
    Rebecca recently posted..Sunday Things

  12. says

    1. Pancakes w/out syrup- I already do this but replace syrup with butter and sugar or just leave pancakes plain.

    2. Get stuck in traffic with no radio

    3. Lower body workout- my left knee is very weak and it hurts whenever I walk so that extreme workout would definitely wake it up.
    Shannon recently posted..Veteran’s Day

  13. Leah says


    I just wanted to ask if you have done any research on soy milk. I used to drink it all the time, but it appears as though it’s not that healthy or safe. :( You may want to check it out.

    Leah :)

    • Courtney says

      Thanks, Leah. I have read up a bit on soy milk, but I honestly very rarely drink it so I tend not to worry about it too much. :)

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