Pumpkin Banana Bread

Alright, let’s talk about that “special bread” I’ve been mentioning for the past two days.


I know I was a little bit of a tease and honestly, I promise I would have given it to you sooner…but first, I had to remember the ingredients that I used and actually write them out. Whoops.


This bread actually incorporates two of my favorite healthier bread recipes in a way that just works: a yummy fusion of banana + pumpkin bread.

I’m warning you that they incorporate my “healthier” bread recipes because I don’t want you to end up like Jay did when he took his first bite and was disappointed that it didn’t taste like his mom’s pumpkin bread.

“Of course it won’t honey. It doesn’t have a cup of oil in it.”


Oil and all though, my mother-in-law does make an amazing pumpkin bread. It’s not healthified in any way, shape, or form, but it’s a holiday treat and I always savor every last bite. Actually, it usually doesn’t take Jay and I more than a couple of days to finish off the loaf.

But now, lucky for me, I’ve got a new bread in town that can be enjoyed more than once a year and can keep me AND my waistline happy. So I guess I can’t feel *too* bad about finishing off the loaf all by myself in one week, right?



Enjoy a slice cold, or reheated in the microwave for 15 seconds, topped with pumpkin butter, or with peanut butter.


Either way, it’ll taste delicious!


    • Courtney says

      Hmmm, maybe applesauce? Or oil? I’m just not sure how the consistency would be effected since the yogurt makes it so moist. If you give it a try, let me know!

  1. says

    I came up with a Pumpkin Banana Bread recipe somewhat recently too (you can view it here: http://www.myfoodnfitnessdiaries.com/2011/10/04/pumpkin-banana-bread/) that I’ve been LOVING lately!! Both the bananas and the pumpkin together make the bread so moist and soft! I love it with peanut butter. I want to try out your recipe too – looks delish!
    Ashley @ My Food ‘N’ Fitness Diaries recently posted..WIAW {What I Ate Wednesday} #9: I Love Chocolate

    • Courtney says

      I wish I knew a good answer for you, Amanda! Honestly, it’s the only whole wheat flour I had so I used it. I do know that pastry flour is supposed to help the quality of baked goods, but exactly how, I’m not sure. :-/

  2. briana says

    We should sound alike! :) I made a “healthy” loaf of banana pumpkin bread with the addition of yogurt raisins and have pretty much been eating it twice a day and I will probably finish it all by myself too!

    • Courtney says

      oh good lord, that sounds amazing! I LOVE yogurt raisins but won’t buy them because I demolish the bag way too fast…

  3. Courtney says

    And one last thing, do you think it would be noticeably different in taste if I used a plain Chobani instead of vanilla? So many questions, particular baker here… Lol, sorry!

    • Courtney says

      1 egg would do the trick in place of the egg substitute, and I’m sure plain Chobani would be totally fine! It’ll just be a little less sweet, so if that suits your tastes, then you’re good to go. Enjoy :)


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