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Hey hey party people! I’m so glad you guys are excited about my Holiday Gift Giveaway. I love reading all of your comments about who you’d like to give one to…you guys are so thoughtful! Probably a whole lot more thoughtful than me; I think I’m in the group of you all who would like to keep it for yourself. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, of course! Christina’s work is too amazing to pass up.


I figured I’d fill ya in on lunch since I never got a chance to earlier. I’m warning you – today’s combo is a little random, thanks to my need to clear out as much space as possible in the fridge.


I used up the rest of last week’s roasted veggies, added some carrots, grape tomatoes, crabmeat, and a wedge of The Laughing Cow Light Swiss Cheese, and threw it all in the microwave for about 2 minutes. Like I said, the flavor combos were a little random, but the cheesy, creamy factor was a win…and I managed to clear out some space, which was my main goal.


Mid-afternoon, I also snacked on some unpictured fudge from Saturday and a banana, with a side of creeper.


So anyways, that whole reason for wanting to make some room in the fridge…


Yes folks, the Thanksgiving grocery shop took place this morning and our fridge and countertops are packed. It’s a good thing that Thanksgiving only comes once a year because man, it really adds up!

Then again, I felt much better when Jay estimated today’s bill to be around $225 and I was able to happily tell him it was closer to $100. His response? “That’s awesome, but I guess I’m not surprised. You probably had loads of coupons and found really good deals.”


Damn right I did, hubby. Winking smile

I also made sure to stock up on the butter (hello, 2 for $5.00 – awesome deal) because ya know you can’t have Thanksgiving without it! Actually, now that I’m thinking of it, I should probably go back and load up some more – Christmas cookie baking is right around the corner, folks!


So since my main refrigerator goal for today was to clear out the fridge as much as possible, that left tonight’s dinner selection easy peasy: leftovers from Saturday night’s dinner.


Jay and I both still had a generous amount of leftovers, so we enjoyed those AND cleared out lots of space by getting rid of the two big Styrofoam containers.


Good news is that tonight’s leftovers tasted 10x more yummy than they did on Saturday. I blame it on the kettle corn. Bad news is that I’m pretty sure I forgot to take my Nexium this morning. Oooof.

Even still, Jay and I quickly found ourselves diving into dessert right after dinner…

A couple of days ago, I received a fun little package from Dylan’s Candy Bar.


I was given the opportunity to sample an item out of their Holiday Gift Guide, and as soon as I saw the Choc-A-Lot Gourmet Chocolate Pretzels, I knew there was no question on what I wanted to try.


The description said that the package contained 12 assorted gourmet Belgian chocolate pretzels covered with M&M’s, nonpareils, toffee bits, and white chocolate stripes. I was a little disappointed, however, when I opened up my box and only saw 10 pretzels. Bummer.


Luckily, the flavor of these pretzels were absolutely delicious, with the toffee bits one being my favorite. Man oh man were they good!


Now I just wonder where my other two pretzels are? Smile

It’s Monday night, so you know what that means: cozies, couch, and How I Met Your Mother!

Questions for the Evening: Fill in the blanks!

If I could cover anything in chocolate it would be ________________.

The most random meal I’ve had lately was ________________.

It’s Monday night, so you know what that means: ___________________.


  1. says

    We’ve been on a major fridge clearing mission too, because we’re going out of town for Thanksgiving and don’t want our produce to go to waste! And those pretzels look AMAZING, they would make such good holiday gifts! The most random meal I’ve had lately was a chocolate chip pancake…with a side of turnip greens!
    Lauren @ Lawfully Wedded Wife recently posted..Thanksgiving Recipe Ideas

    • Courtney says

      Ok, at first I was going to say wait a second…chocolate chip pancakes are not random at all. But with turnip greens?? Now THAT is random! Haha :)

  2. says

    If I could cover anything in chocolate it would be Ian Smolderhalder 😉

    The most random meal I’ve had lately was chobani with cereal and popcorn immediately following.

    It’s Monday night, so you know what that means RHOBH and Gossip Girl!
    Shanna, like Banana recently posted..False Alarm

  3. says

    I love chocolate covered pretzels! I went to pick up a bag of dark chocolate mint ones at Target and made the awful mistake of looking at the nutrition facts. That’s why homemade is better..because I have no idea how bad they are for me!!!
    Carissa recently posted..Half Marathon Training Begins

  4. says

    Party people! How cute are you???

    1. Pretzels. Sweet + salty = the JAM!
    2. all of my meals have been random lately–I’ve been traveling too much for work :(
    3. Monday night means Gossip Girl followed by my DVR’ed episode of How I Met Your Mother :)
    Melissa recently posted..Monday Musings

  5. says

    spotted: Silk Pumpkin Spice – YUMMO one of my faves :)

    If I could cover anything in chocolate it would be…my whole face
    The most random meal I’ve had lately…cheese-less pizza dipped in hummus – don’t judge
    It’s Monday night so you know that means…Dancing with the stars. No shame. Okay, maybe some shame 😉
    Diana recently posted..Mocha Pumpkin Spice Smoothie of LUV {recipe}

  6. says

    If I could cover anything in chocolate, it would be either pretzels or strawberries. One time I went to a birthday party and accidentally dipped the cheese pretzels into the chocolate instead of the regular kind. That turned out to be verrrrry gross. :(

    The most random meal I’ve had lately was probably today- baked potato soup. Who woulda thunk they made such a thing in America? Then again, they make a lot of things around here.

    It’s Monday night, so you know what that means: CASTLE! EEEEEEEEEKKKKKKKKKK. :) Tonight’s episode is sure to keep me guessing until the end.

    SN- Were you shocked at the end of HIMYM tonight?!?
    Shannon recently posted..Random Thoughts

    • Courtney says

      Wait a second…you’ve never had baked potato soup?!?!? Ohhh goodness, Shannon! Haha, you’ve got to go to Panera and have theirs. Amazing!

      And SN – definitely was NOT expecting the end to HIMYM tonight!

  7. says

    Chocolate covered bananas are the BEST!
    Monday night means Dexter watching in our house since we are too old to stay up past 10pm to watch it Sunday’s.
    I made your maple pumpkin gingerbread cookies last night, they are delicious – I had to put them into the freezer stat before I ate them all! haha
    Lindsey recently posted..Catch Up

  8. says

    We’ve been going through butter like water (I bake nonstop from September to January).

    BTW, chocolate covered ruffles potato chips are the best thing since sliced bread. That sweet salty combo is amazing. You have to try them!
    Alysha recently posted..Easy as Pie

  9. Catherine says

    chocolate covered: blueberries!! i saw this on pinterest ive gotta try it!!

    most random meal: brown rice mixed with laughing cow cheese (delicious)

    monday night: studying my little heart out for abnormal psychology

  10. Chelsea M says

    Good job on cleaning out the fridge. I’m going home Wednesday and planning to do the same tomorrow!

    Those pretzels look great, you should also check out It’s another great NYC candy store and they have yummy chocolate/candy covered pretzels!!

  11. says

    Oooh Courtney it sounds like your guests will be eatin’ gooood! :)
    You know that’s so funny you mentioned that about the butter because last year I hosted Thanksgiving dinner, and I had to run out and get more butter like 3 times, no lie. SO much butter goes into Thanksgiving!!!
    Paige @ RUnning Around Normal recently posted..Dishwasher Debate


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