The Perfect Holiday Gift Giveaway

Seeing as though this coming Friday is already Black Friday (wow), which I suppose many would call the “official kick-off” to holiday shopping, I figured that now would be a perfect time to bring you all this amazing giveaway.

Back in August, I shared some of the beautiful work from my friend, Christina, who has her own design website, christinanorrisdesigns. You’ve already seen her designs, not only on canvas, but also at Sarah’s bridal shower. Her talents are just incredible.

After talking with Christina a few weeks ago, she told me that this time of the year tends to be her busiest for family trees, as people are using them as holiday gifts. She often has clients purchase them for anyone from their babysitter, employees and family or friends.

One type of family tree that Christina does is the traditional style. It has just one tree with the family name and year of marriage.


Another style family tree that Christina creates includes one tree for each member of the family, which is then placed with the family name and wedding year below.


This is the perfect kind of style for those who have a larger family with children.


In addition to the family trees, you’ve also seen that Christina does traditional couple trees, such as the one seen below. This can include anything from the couple’s initials, to a special date (engagement, marriage, etc.), to full names.

One of the coolest thing about Christina’s designs, however, is that she loves the challenge of thinking outside the box. She has created many trees to cater to a specific theme for a couple or family that has a particular love or interest. She’s also designed couple trees to include specific seasons and holidays, such as this Halloween-themed tree.

When I tell you that Christina can do it all, she seriously can do it all. She has even had a bride ask her to paint one of her trees for her wedding program cover and wanted her to include a likeliness of their dog at the base of the tree. Amazing!

So with the holidays right around the corner, wouldn’t this be a perfect gift for somebody in your family? Maybe a close friend? If so, then definitely be sure to contact Christina. You still have time to order before Christmas!

**Note from Christina:

As long as the winner contacts me by Monday December 5th I will guarantee their order for Christmas. I will be taking Christmas orders with regular charges through December 5th. Anything placed after December 5th will have a rush order fee. However I can not take any orders for Christmas after the 18th.

Well, Christina has once again, generously offered up another STSL giveaway…

**One lucky winner will receive a customized 8×10 matted painting!**

How To Enter (up to 4 entries!):

  1. (Mandatory) Leave a comment on this post telling me what kind of a tree you would most like to get and give.
  2. (Extra) Head on over to Christina’s site, and leave a comment back on this post telling me which of her customized art pieces you like the most.
  3. (Extra)LikeChristina Norris Designs on Facebook and leave a comment letting me know that you did.
  4. (Extra) Tweet about the giveaway- “@SweetToothCourt is having the perfect holiday gift giveaway! –”

I will randomly choose a winner on this Wednesday, November 23rd.

Thank you & good luck!! Smile


  1. Samantha Miller says

    well geesh, I’ve never been the first to post on your website for a giveaway…cool beans! Anyways, I would most like to give the traditional style tree colors (with family members included) to someone this year and as for receiving one of these beautiful gifts I’d loove one of the sweet customized thumb trees!

    Happy Holidays Everyone! =)

  2. Kristen says

    I love the one with trees for different members of the family! Such a cute idea, and my mom loves loves loves family trees. It would make the perfect xmas present!

  3. SARAH says

    Hey Courtney!

    Those trees are beautiful, I would love one with all of the members of my immediate family, my mom would love it!

  4. says

    My favorite design is the one with multiple trees (we have kids). If I was gifting this to someone, I’d either get them the one with the name and wedding date, or the one with multiple trees, depending on if they have kids.
    Kathryn recently posted..First days

  5. Courtney says

    I would love to get a traditional tree for my husband! He’s a photographer and appreciates all kinds of art. We are house hunting now and it would be the perfect addition to any decorating we do!

  6. jessica says

    i would give the tree to my mother because she loves keepsakes that arent just kitschy, that are art. she would adore this.

  7. Jillian D. says

    I would LOVE to get a family tree with everyone’s names. I’m only a family of 4 people (my parents and my brother and I) but I think it would be awesome to give to my parents for Christmas!

  8. Alicia says

    Wow. These are just spectacular. I’d absolutely love a couple tree since I dont have any children except furbabies. Lol.

    I think the flower bouquets she makes are the best! I had to have my wedding flowers freeze dried and it wasn’t cheap. These would be a great alternative.

  9. Lauren says

    I love the traditional tree! It would be perfect to give to my mom for Christmas with our family name on it. She would absolutely fall in love with how gorgeous and sentimental it is!

  10. Bri says

    I would probably get a tree for my parents, with their names and wedding anniversary written in a heart. My mom would love to hang it up at our camp on the lake.

  11. Courtney says

    I think one with a tree for each of my mother’s children would make a wonderful christmas present for her!!! It would go perfectly with what we have already decided to get for her. Now that we are older and living in different cities it is very difficult to all get together and I know my mother wishes there were more time for all of us to get together!

  12. Rachel says

    I would most likley get the “couple’s tree” with me and my fiance’s name on it and our upcoming wedding date, May 19!! Our colors are purple and silver so some purple and grey leaves and our names would look so pretty sitting at the entry-way of the venue! :)

  13. Kristin says

    I’m not sure which I’d like to get but I’d definitely love to give this as a gift to my brother and sister-in-law. They will be celebrating their 2nd anniversary just a few days after Christmas and would definitely love this!

  14. Kate says

    I would love to get and give a tree with the names “Lisa and Rickey — September 2012 ” to give my best friend for her wedding next year. I am her maid of honor and am looking for unique gifts to give them. I love this idea!!

  15. Caitlin says

    I would love to have one made for my grandparents. They just celebrated their 64th wedding anniversary! They have a family tree from 15 years ago that doesn’t include all the new additions to the family. I would love to have Christina make one that included their childre, grandchildren and great-grandchildren!

  16. Taylor says

    Wow these are beautiful! I love the couple trees – I would either get one made for my parents, or even as a gift to my finance for our April wedding!

  17. Emily says

    I like the single tree with family name and year but I also like the many trees for all the family members. They are all beautiful!

  18. mom#to#three says

    I would love to have a football-themed tree for our family – with our names & the names of our children. I love these!

  19. mom#to#three says

    And my favorite design from her website is the one that says: Family, like branches on a tree, we all grown in different directions, yet our roots remain the same.

  20. says

    Beautiful artwork, I think I’d go for the Family Tree! My dad’s always the toughest person to get Christmas presents for (what do you get for the man who has it all?!) so I tend to go for either funny or emotional. This one would definitely cover the latter, esp with all 5 of his kids represented!
    Jordan @ food, sweat, and beers recently posted..Luchadoras Attack Durham

  21. Jordan K. says

    I love the style of family tree that Christina creates which includes one tree for each member of the family. I know my parents would love such a piece of art to proudly display in their house!

  22. Nicki says

    I’m getting married next Labor Day weekend and think a fall-inspired tree would be beautiful! Thanks for hosting this Courtney!

  23. Elle says

    I would love to win one of the traditional trees, which I would give to my (relatively) newly married sister! I’m sure she and her husband would love it– the trees are so beautiful.

  24. Mary Beth says

    I would love the traditional tree, the colors perfectly match the colors my fiance and I are using in our upcoming wedding and would be such a great addition to our wedding decor! :)

  25. Juliene says

    I love these! I think I would love one with me and my hubby’s initials but with snowy tops instead of leaves since we had a winter wedding. Your friend us so talented! Great giveaway

  26. LibraryLynn says

    Not sure what kind of a tree I would want. Starting a new family with just me and the kids so something symbolic of the four of us starting fresh.

  27. Ari @ Ari's Menu says

    I would love the single tree with the fall colors. I got married this year so I would love to give it to my husband for christmas!
    Ari @ Ari’s Menu recently posted..Scraped

  28. Nicole says

    As far as her customized art, I really love the fingerprint guest book tree idea. I remember loving it so much last time you had this type of giveaway, that I sent her site to my brother and another one of my girlfriends to consider for their upcoming weddings. So creative!

  29. says

    I love the idea of the thumb prints on a family tree for a wedding. I wish I had thought of that…
    I like the tree with the blue leaves and the one with the green leaves… Oh how to choose which one. She has so many good ideas :)
    Ashlee recently posted..The Little Things

  30. Sara says

    These trees are adorable. I would love the couple’s tree because my fiance and I are getting married in a few months. It would be a wonderful Christmas gift for us to have in our home!

  31. says

    I would love a family tree! I have been thinking about what to get for my fiancé’s family. They have a big group of boys and it would be a perfect present for his mom. (or a great present for MY mom! 😉 )

  32. says

    I really really like both, the family tree with individual trees per person– in the shape of a heart and the large tree with the family name carved into it. They’re so cute!

  33. Leah says

    I would like the traditional couple tree with a special date. :) I would like to give the family tree with all of the children to my grandpa.

  34. Jenny says

    I would love to get the traditional one for our upcoming wedding in May! It would be great to have at the reception & definitely compliment the outdoor park theme. Even if it isn’t won, it’s now a great idea I’ve added for my list of decorations!

  35. Paige says

    Went over to Christina’s site and I really like the “family” tree artwork – the one that has the little saying about growing in different directions? Perfect for my family since we’re scattered all over now. :)

  36. Laurel says

    I would love to give my boyfriend one with our names and our dating anniversary date, which will be 7 years this December 3rd!

  37. Lauren B. says

    I would love to have the fall tree, since fall is my favorite time of year. I also love the trees for individual family members to give to my parents and they can have their kids and grankiddos on there! So beautiful and sweet! Such a talent!

  38. says

    I would love to get the family tree with the one branch. I would love to get this as a gift for my sister in law and brother in law (and new nephew). They are building a house and this would be a perfect gift for them to put on their wall. I think it is so personal! I hope I win.
    Amy recently posted..Well Hello 1,000

  39. Lori says

    Christina does amazing work! Her talents are endless. I love all the personalizations she creates. If I won a tree, I would choose a tree with one trunk. It would look great in my home. thanks!

  40. Misty says

    I would love to get the traditional tree with the fall colors. That was when I got married just this year and I think it would be perfect. I also have a few friends getting married in the upcoming year and this would be a perfect gift for them as well :)

  41. Megan says

    I love these so much, absolutely gorgeous. I would love my boyfriend to get me one of the couple ones, but I would most like to give one with all the different trees to my mom. She loves stuff like this!

  42. Audra says

    I would love to give my mom the family style tree with a different tree for each member of the family…. GREAT gift idea!

  43. Laura says

    my mom LOVES fall and leaves, so I would give my parents a couple tree with their wedding anniversary. and I’d love to get one with my family tree!

  44. Alina says

    Wow, those are absolutely adorable. My grandparents use to have something like this framed in their kitchen… I always loved it growing up. I remember going home and trying to carve my initials in the tree in our backyard… I remember trying to carve an “A” for like three hours (at least what felt like 3 hours) before giving up.

    I LOVE the traditional couple trees.. I would get my name + the boyfriends name and hang it in my kitchen :)

  45. Karla says

    I would want the traditional tree for my husband and I and we have a special connection to a wooden bench, so I would LOVE if she could add one :) I would give my mom a family tree and since my brother died 2 years ago, I would love if she could incorporate a forever family kind of theme.

  46. Karla says

    I went to her site and I love the fingerprint trees. I would love to have one with the baby/family name for a baby shower! So cute!

  47. Brittany V says

    These trees are beautiful! I would love to give a family tree to my parents for christmas – my mother would love one :) (and I think I need one for my house too!) I love, love, love the fingerprint trees – what a great idea! :) And I love that family pets can be included

  48. Jen says

    I love the traditional couple trees! My fiance and I are getting married next year and I would love to have one with our wedding date. Christina’s work is amazing!

  49. Amy says

    I would like to get a customized tree with my husband and I’s names in the middle with our anniversary date! Or I’d like to get us one that says “The ____ Famly” with the established year. SO CUTE!

  50. Jessica P says

    I would love to give this to my mother! We have a blended family (his, hers, and ours….)but just because technically we don’t all have the same parents doesn’t mean a thing. We’re a modern day Brady Bunch :)

  51. Jessica says

    I like the traditional tree — that way I could hang it all year!! I think my mother would love one of these!! I love them!

  52. Jessica says

    I looked at her customized pieces…and I love the one that doubles as a guest book — what a clever idea for a birthday…shower…anything!!

  53. Kristina says

    Checked out her website she is one talented lady. Her work is beautiful love the fingerprint guest Tree what a great idea

  54. Kris says

    I would 100% get a family tree and give it to my grandma this year for Christmas. She is the rock of our family and I want her to see how special she is to us and how her and my grandpa have shaped our family into what we are today.

  55. Kris says

    EXTRA: I love love love her thumbprint guest book for weddings! My friends are all starting to get married and i just think it is such an amazing accent for a wedding (especially for fall weddings!)

  56. LaRae says

    This is adorable! The kind of treeni’s love to GET would be spring tree of mine and my husband’s name since we just got married May 7 of this year (my guest book was also a thumb print tree! So it’d be even cooler to carry out that theme!)
    The kind I’d love to GIVE would be one to my dad with his fiancé’s and his names on it. He’s gettin married December 23 and that’d be an adorable wedding / Chrismas present!
    LaRae recently posted..HipHipLaRae: @L1LD3BB13 WE WANT TO SEE!

  57. Madison says

    I would LOVE the traditional tree! I am getting married in July and hae trees on the invites and on lots of other aspects of the stationary :) I love the idea behind the roots and leaves standing for growing roots together and spouting new leaves and life together!

  58. Madison says

    I love the personalized paper flower bouquets! They are amazinggg and could be so versatile in so many places around the house after they are used for the special day!

  59. Sue says

    I would give my mother-in-law the tree for each member of the family one. She has two biological children, two adopted children, one step-daughter, one step-son, and four other foster children living with her.

    Great giveaway!

  60. Tracy says

    Christina’s Signature Trees (any design) are my absolute favorite. I do love her paper bouquets too! What a wonderful talent!

  61. Jessica says

    Lately I have been havign an english muffin with peanut butter and sometimes I top it with a sliced banana. When I want something savory, I’ll have any english muffin and egg sandwich!


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