All Bets Are Off

Good Morning! Happy Friday! Happy Black Friday! (Did anyone go out shopping? We did not…yet.)

Happy “It’s Officially Okay for Courtney to Start Blaring Christmas Music At All Times” Day!

I was actually really proud of myself this year; with the seemingly early start to celebrating the Christmas season, I have refrained from listening to any music or putting up any decorations. But today? All bets are off!

Unfortunately, the festivities will have to wait for a few hours, since I have to go into work today. Luckily it’s my early day, so I’ll still have plenty of time to get going on my favorite day-after-Thanksgiving traditions.


After the long, busy day of cooking and entertaining I had yesterday (<—did you see how I managed my very first Thanksgiving?), I decided to forego a morning workout in favor of some extra sleep. It was the best decision I had made so far today…that was, until, I made breakfast.


Now, when I say all bets are off for the day after Thanksgiving, that means all bets are off on everything. Like, it’s totally okay to stand and nibble on the leftover cornbread while your breakfast is cooking.


And it’s certainly more than acceptable to stand and stare at the leftover Skinny Pumpkin Pie…and then decide to incorporate it into your breakfast.


See? I told ya…all bets are off today.


I made a quick batch of Pumpkin Buckwheat (minus the chia seeds, which I forgot about) and topped it with a small sliver of pumpkin pie. Talk about great way to use up some leftovers AND be super festive at the same time, right? Winking smile


It was so delicious that it makes me think that I need to have a pumpkin pie in my house at all times just for this reason.


I’m hoping my work day goes by nice and quickly because I’m already getting antsy about getting home to decorate and chow on leftovers…and mayyyybe do a little bit of shopping right after work, too. We’ll see!

Questions for the Morning:

What’s your favorite way to use/eat Thanksgiving leftovers?

Did you/are you doing any Black Friday shopping today?

For my fellow Christmas celebrators: When do you officially start celebrating and embracing the season?


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    I LOVE turkey and cranberry sandwiches! I also love pumpkin pie in my oatmeal too. Yummy.

    I’m NOT doing any Black Friday shopping today – no way! Last year I did it for the first time, and it was a fun experience, but I don’t need to do it for another couple years.

    I start celebrating Christmas TODAY!! :) The Christmas music and decorating will start immediately!
    Ashley @ My Food ‘N’ Fitness Diaries recently posted..Guest Post: Nutrition Labels

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    I love those flowers on your table! They are so pretty. (I know, that was a complete random statement but I just had to say it).

    I wasn’t quite sure what your breakfast was at first glance but after reading some more, I see what it is now.

    What’s my favorite way to use/eat Thanksgiving leftovers? I’m not sure, to be honest with you. We usually go out to eat on Thanksgiving and then make the turkey dinner on Black Friday. This year, we made the turkey dinner on Thanksgiving and my mom likes staying home rather than going out to eat. Usually, turkey leftovers when reheated tend to be really dry. I’m not sure if I will eat those. Mashed potatoes? Possibly. There is a good chance that I may not eat leftovers at all.

    Yes- I went “Black Thursday” shopping; not Black Friday. I went to the East Greenbush WalMart around 8:45 to get in the crowds for the $2 waffle maker. I didn’t get one after pushing through. :( It looked like a hell zone there when at 5 of 10, the WalMart people didn’t care, they just let the shoppers get what they wanted. I’ll have a post up later today with my experience on “Black Friday” shopping.
    Shannon recently posted..Thanksgiving Parade

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    I think we are on the same page! My toast had a smear of ‘pumpkin pie’ on it and I used some leftover toasted goat cheese on my eggs. Now i’m happy to be leaving my sister’s house where we celebrated and bring NO leftovers home with me :)
    Cara @ EAT. PRAY. RUN. recently posted..The Honest Truth

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