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Okay, my hunger is out of control today. I have no idea what the deal is but I want everything and anything in sight. I’m starting to get the feeling that the food that I packed for myself today just isn’t going to cut it…


Lemon Chobani + raspberries – not exactly a last-day-of-November kinda combo, but I’ll take it.


Carrots + celery and hommus – always a favorite of mine.


Half a baked sweet potato topped with more turkey chili. Sorry…definitely not the most pleasant of foods to look at, especially when cold.


Yikes. Hopefully I can get my hands on something else while I’m here at work. Otherwise, tonight’s Modern Family viewing may be a snack-filled one! :)
Okay, let’s move on from that and get to some fun stuff!

So earlier today, I ended up browsing around a bit on the internet looking for holiday gifts and came across a few fun items that totally had me laughing. One of the sites that I spent a ton of time on was Taylor Gifts, which a came across for the first time a few days ago. This site seriously has some great stuff!

Some of the items that I think would be fun to buy…

First, the Holiday Car Costume.


Seriously, how corny and funny is that? I’d totally rock out with antlers on my car, wouldn’t you?

This Sunny Seat Cat Bed.


Cody is always trying to get up in the windows but unfortunately, our window sills just aren’t big enough for him.


This would be perfect! I’d just be afraid that he might be too heavy…


Then, there was this one…


The CitiKitty Cat Toilet. I kid you not. I don’t know…do you think we could do it? clip_image007

I immediately fell in love with this Inflatable Pool Bar.


I think that would work pretty well with our floating bobber cooler we used this summer, don’t you?


Questions for the Afternoon:

Will you be buying any funny/gag gifts for anyone this year?

Have you ever received a funny gag gift? What was it?


  1. says

    We do a Secret Santa with my gf every year and there’s nothing better than a NY Firefighters Calendar. Or a JTT calendar. Whoever you fancy 😉
    also – random ? but how the heck do you spell hummus? hummos? I can never figure it out!
    Jenny recently posted..Jump Start Your Morning

    • Courtney says

      LOL I wonder the same thing ALL the time! I just go by however the current brand spells it on their packaging 😉

  2. says

    We do a Secret Santa with my gfs every year and there’s nothing better than a NY Firefighters Calendar. Or a JTT calendar. Whoever you fancy 😉
    also – random ? but how the heck do you spell hummus? hummos? I can never figure it out!
    Jenny recently posted..Jump Start Your Morning

  3. says

    i don’t think they were meant to be gag gifts, but a co-worker always gave the strangest of gifts, where you were actually scared to open it because you had no clue what it would be and you were usually left thinking “what do i do with this and why, WHY did she get this for me?!?!” but lately, she’s gotten more practical…lol.
    erica recently posted..the holidays are here!

  4. says

    bahaha, I think my cat would break that window seat. He’s bigger than Cody! And as for the city kitty thing…I read online once (no clue why I was reading about this) that some cats don’t like it, and then un-learn to use the litter box, and don’t use the toilet, and then you’re just…screwed. Eek!

  5. says

    My brother has the CiitiKitty Cat toilet for his 3 cats and says they had no trouble learning to use it. I know his wife loves it b/c there is no more litter box!

  6. says

    I’ve seen this spray called Poo-pouri. You spray it in the toilet before you, you know, and nothing smells! I think that’d be a hilarious gift! The card could say something like “For someone who thinks their shit doesn’t stink..” 😉
    Colleen @ The Lunchbox Diaries recently posted..DOHmestic

  7. says

    Ha. My brother and I watched Shark Tank and the City Kitty inventor was on there! It was hilarious to watch. I wonder when that returns. Some of the products people make are so ridiculous but once in a while you see something awesome.

    My cousin bought something like that Inflatable Pool Bar at the Christmas Tree Shops- she is under 21; but she told us that they (her & my other cousins who live up north) usually go down to Schroon River in the summer and hang out there all day long. It’d be good to keep Pepsi’s and stuff cold.
    Shannon recently posted..Good, cheap gifts for the people you may know

  8. says

    Haha I love getting gag gifts for a gift exchange that we do with my family where you draw numbers and pick gifts from the pile and then you can steal them from other people if you don’t like yours. I’ve actually heard of people training their cats to use those toilet things! Now if only we could make sure they flushed when they were done 😉
    Lindsay @ In Sweetness and In Health recently posted..30 Minute Strength Workout

  9. says

    I saw someone driving around with that car costume! I thought it looked pretty ridiculous! I sure hope I get to buy funny gag gifts this year, so fun to pick out the goofiest things I can find.
    meg recently posted..Unplugged

  10. dee says

    I don’t know if you’ve seen commercials for the Forever Lazy, but I think that, coupled with the imfamous Clapper, would make the ultimate couch potatoe gift.

    A few years ago, I received a glow in the dark dinosaur onesie. Yes..footed pajamas..the ones that so many of us wore as young chitterlings..the ones that force you to strip down to your down undies to use the restroom. Haha, I’m a 20-somethin’ and every december, I still pull that baby out. THEY ARE SO COMFY! Babies have it MADE (seeing that onsies are typically their outfit of choice). But fear not! The “forever lazy” is the new adult onesie! And there’s no need to strip down and freeze for the restroom! There’s a zippered back portion! Haha!! But if anyone is looking to find a traditional onesie, try target! :)

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