When Did That Happen?

Happy weekend! Does anyone have any fun plans going on in the next couple of days?

Well last night was another nice, low-key evening here at the Horan household. I had some studying that I wanted to get done after work, so after that was finished up, Jay and I hit the road and headed out to grab some take-out for dinner.

“Welcome to Moe’s!”


We decided to bring our Moe’s dinner home since this particular location didn’t have our favorite soda machine, and there wasn’t much of a point in sticking around if I couldn’t play with that. Plus, we both really just wanted to slip into our cozies and chill out on the couch. Nothin’ wrong with that, right? Winking smile

I went for another Chicken Rice Bowl, which had the same toppings as usual and was actually a lot more enormous than I first realized. A lot more.


Of course, I was also supplied ample amounts of free chips and I loaded up on the black bean salsa (<—anyone tried that one yet? I love it!).


Let me tell ya…if the guacamole was free, those stacks would be totally equal, but what can I say…I’m cheap. Smile


I think I probably should have cooled it on the chips, considering the fact that I ate about 3/4 of the full bag and filled up on those rather than my rice bowl. I only got through about half the bowl, but it’s cool because now I have lunch to bring to work with me today. Score!


With dinner, Jay and I also sipped on a couple of adult beverages made with some of last week’s fun purchases. That stuff is just flippin’ delicious.


After dinner, we settled in, I caught up on a little magazine reading…


And then we decided to grab a movie from Redbox.


Has anyone else seen Crazy Stupid Love?  Jay and I both LOVED this movie! It was the perfect mix of comedy and drama, the ending was both surprising and hilarious, and, well, let’s just say that Mr. Ryan Gosling wasn’t lookin’ half bad either.

Good lord. When did that happen?!? Honestly, I’d never really been super drawn to him but there was something about him in this movie that was so attractive?!

Don’t worry, hubby…you’re still my #1!



This morning, I was up and at ‘em nice and early in order to get ready for a work shift that I offered to cover today. More Christmas money…more Christmas money…

I wanted to start the day off with a quick workout, so I started out with this 30 Minute Speedy Interval Run. No matter what, that workout kicks my butt every.single.time. and I love it. Breakfast was another repeat of yesterday’s, and now me and my Moe’s leftovers and headed out the door.

Have a great day everyone!

Question for the Morning:

Who are some of your favorite actors??


  1. Brandi says

    Hmmm gonna have to get that movie and check him out! :) Have you seen Thor?? Um yeah, Chris Hemsworth is yummy in that movie and he could actually act too! I am not a huge fan of the Avengers series, but he hooked me. Plus he’s Australian. :)
    I have always been a sucker for Hugh Jackman as well… I am also currently obsessed with new Robin Hood. Maybe I need to take a trip to Australia??? :)

    Have a great day!

  2. says

    I also watched crazy stupid love for the SECOND time last night with my girlfriend. Something about Ryan IS different in this movie…he is SO handsome. I watched it the first time with my boyfriend, so I didn’t get to let loose on my excitement, so it was fun watching it with a girlfriend. Ryan Gosling has always been #1 for me 😉 haha. It’s those eyes. I could go on and on…lol
    Claire recently posted..Barf Bag

  3. Michelle B. says

    I’ve never had Moe’s but now I need to look up if we have one nearby. That looks delicious!

    I wish we had rented Crazy Stupid Love last night! We were trying to decide between that and 30 Minutes or Less and we decided on 30 Minutes or Less. I wasn’t impressed. Now I’ll have to fit in both Crazy Stupid Love AND The Help next weekend :-) I’ve been waiting for The Help to come out at Redbox for a while!

  4. Julie says

    I LOVED Crazy Stupid Love. So many fun plot turns and twists with an awesome cast…one of the best movies I think I’ve actually seen all year, and that’s saying a lot since rom-com’s usually don’t have that much, ummm “substance?” hahaha.

    Favorite actors looks wise are Ryan Gosling (wowzas), Jake Gyllenhal, Ryan Reynolds, James Franco, Patrick Dempsey and Leo (not as much a fan of his looks anymore, but he’s a great actor)

  5. says

    I watched Crazy, Stupid, Love with my boyfriend last night and we both loved it too. He wasn’t looking forward to watching a chick flick, but we were both pleasantly surprised by how good it was, especially the ending!

    Nothing fun for the weekend here, unless you consider studying for finals to be fun. Two more weeks until I get a month off! :)
    Sylvia @ Frolic Through Life recently posted..Christmas Card Success

  6. Shannon says

    That’s funny. My sister just finished watching Crazy, Stupid Love an hour ago. It was kind of funny in some parts.

    I LOVE Moe’s. I especially like their mild salsas, chips, and Mini Masterpieces. :)

    My favorite actors are Angelina Jolie (she was fantastic in Salt), Jennifer Garner, Tom Cruise, Channing Tatum, Amanda Bynes, and Rachel McAdams (she was so good in Morning Glory, and her role in The Vow looks really good too).

  7. says

    I ask myself that about Ryan Gosling all the time – when did he start looking like that?!? That movie is SO cute, and I love that they included a twist, so unusual for the rom-com!

    After living in New England for 4 years, I’m a big fan of actors with Boston accents…Marky Mark, marry me.
    Diana recently posted..Thanksgiving: You Just Can’t Escape It

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