I Got Mail!

As soon as I got home from work today, I immediately went to check my mailbox. I had to see whether or not I had received any of my Food Blogger Cookie Swap cookies in the mail yet!

I was super excited to see that my first package finally arrived (I only say finally because I was actually on the ball for once and mailed mine out last weekend) and was filled with yummy treats from Hilary, who blogs at Baking Bad.


Reindeer Crunch cookies, huh? I was immediately intrigued so I had to try one right away. There’s definitely some Captain Crunch happenin’ up in there.


These little gems are delicious. Thanks, Hilary! Smile

Since I knew dinner was on the horizon, I refrained from scarfing down any more cookies and packaged them up for later.

Jay took care of most of dinner prep today since I had a few other things to take care of, but I soon joined him and decided to pour myself a glass of wine while I waited.


I mean, how can you turn down wine when it’s in a pretty Christmas tree glass, right?

Eventually, dinner was served!


I took a container of homemade sauce out of the freezer yesterday to thaw so we could incorporate it into a simple pasta dinner tonight. We also cooked up a whole bag of fresh spinach leaves and seasoned them with some Garlic Gold before adding them to the pasta. That pile of pasta under there is at least half the bag’s worth, if not a little more.


I was psyched to find that this particular container of sauce had quite an abundance of meat (it’s always a surprise), so I loaded up with a couple of meatballs and a piece of chicken sausage.


Gosh, I really, truly love homemade pasta sauce.

And as it turns out, I actually still have one more container left (I thought this one was my last) and have plans to make some more with mom in a couple of weeks. Mom always likes to make a fresh batch right before Christmas, since her sauce is always the star of our Christmas dinner. I cannot wait for that dinner.


You can be sure that the rest of the evening is sure to include watching New Girl and a couple of cookies for dessert. Now the only question is, which cookies do I have? My new cookies, or these?

Oh, one of each? Okay, twist my arm. Winking smile

Question for the Evening:

What’s the last fun package you received in the mail?


  1. says

    It was my Favorite Christmas Things blog swap package. I have (im)patiently waiting for my cookies from the swap, checking my mail box daily when usually I check it once every 10 days. Nothing yet, but soon I hope. I only sent mine out Friday.
    Lindsey recently posted..Camera Fun

  2. Shannon says

    That pasta dinner looks yummy! I love pasta.

    The last fun package I got in the mail was one of the T-Shirts from the Times Union souvenir t-shirt contest. I was so happy! :)

  3. Rebecca says

    Ah I need a homemade sauce recipe! That looks delicious and I am so sick of jarred sauce. Feel free to share yours 😉 i just received my order from VS on black Friday, which was exciting. Gotta love free stuff, like a huge tote filled with goodies!
    Rebecca recently posted..Buffalo Chicken Pizza Bread

    • Courtney says

      Haha, I don’t really have a written-down recipe, so to say, but the link in the post will bring you to the original post where I made the sauce, so you can get an idea of the ingredients used! :)

  4. Nicole says

    I’m loving the Cookie Exchange thing! I’m doing one through a non-blogger website (I’m hoping to get my blog up on its feet in 2012) and I get so much joy coming home to a surprise of sweets in my mailbox! :) So far, I’ve received cookies from Utah and Texas (I live in CA).

    I’m thinking of asking people if they want to continue this cookie exchange thing throughout the year….like every-other month. What do you think??

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