Uncle Sam’s Crispy Dark Chocolate Chip Cookies

So yesterday, I got a little creative in the kitchen. As it turns out, that creativity paid off in a big way…in the form of some pretty amazing cookies.


I noticed last week that Attune Foods was having a recipe contest for December, with the challenge of making an original homemade gift recipe, using one of their products.

Lucky for me, I realized that I had a fresh box of Uncle Sam Strawberry Cereal in my pantry, so I decided to play around with that.


Since I know that Attune is passionate about using pure, wholesome ingredients, I did my best to incorporate some better-for-you ingredients. No matter how you swing it, a cookie is a cookie; but that doesn’t mean that you can’t try to use some healthier fats, such as the canola oil and dark chocolate that are seen in this recipe, along with the addition of the cereal for some added fiber. Also, make sure not to skip out on the almond extract; it gives the cookies their unique flavor!

Since this month’s challenge was for a homemade gift, that only further convinced me to go the cookie route. I mean really, who doesn’t enjoy getting cookies as a gift, right?


To turn cookies into a gift is easy peasy; tie them up in a pretty holiday ribbon, add a bow, use some nice, festive packaging, and maybe even add in a holiday-themed recipe card.




These cookies are the perfect combination of chewy cookie + crispy insides, thanks to the crunchy cereal pieces throughout the cookie. The texture is very reminiscent of what you’d expect from adding crispy rice cereal, which has always been one of my favorite cookies that my mom makes.


They’re definitely a “winner” – well, in my opinion at least. 😉

“All statements about Attune Foods, its products, or the Cooking Challenges Recipe Contest are my own. This post is part of- and made as a condition to- my entry in the Attune Foods Cooking Challenges Recipe Contest.”


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    These cookies looks super yummy! I’m imagining they taste a bit like chocolate covered strawberries because of the cereal and chocolate chips. I’m actually putting my baking skills to good use this year and baking some cookies to give as gifts. Everyone always raves about my baking so might as well gift it, right?
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