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You know what? I was such a spaz earlier that I totally and completely forgot to announce the winner of my $25.00 Hodgson Mill Gift Certificate giveaway. My apologies, friends…I sort of had a million and one things going on in my head this morning.

Don’t worry, I’ll explain.

But first – the winner has now been chosen and announced, so head on over to the main giveaway page to see if it was you!


So today is a pretty darn amazing day. Like, seriously awesome. I have big news.

Earlier this morning, I had to head into Albany for an important event. Afterward, I made a quick pit stop at Starbucks to finally allow myself to settle down. I went big and ordered a Venti Skinny Caramel Macchiato which, oddly enough, had to be iced because my internal body temperature was through the roof.


I made sure to tell the barista to give me extra caramel today because this bad boy was a celebratory drink and all…


So what was that important event and why was I celebrating on this lovely afternoon?


nasm test results

I passed my NASM-Certified Personal Trainer exam!!!!!!!

Whew! It feels so good to finally let that out and share it with you all. I decided not to say anything beforehand because I get really nervous when it comes to testing (I’ve never been a good test-taker) and didn’t want to jinx myself. But I’m sure you probably noticed the increased studying as of late.

I actually scheduled my exam on the same day that I took my CPR/AED certification course, and have been anxiously awaiting this day ever since. I am SO excited to finally have the anxiety of testing be OVER, but more importantly, to finally start putting this certification to use.

As far as what my future plans are, I honestly don’t really have anything at the moment. I’m going to spend some time weighing my options, doing some research, and try to decide what the next best step is for me.

But no matter what that next step is, I am excited and I am READY!


So even though I actually have to go head in to work at my current paying job right now, you can bet your bottom dollar that I will be celebrating with a little a lot champagne as soon as I get home this evening! Winking smile


  1. Sue says

    Congratulations!!! What a great “early” Christmas present!!! Have fun celebrating tonight. Tell Cody to stay out of the champagne. LOL.

  2. says

    CONGRATULATIONS!!! such wonderful and exciting news! (that is a great celebratory drink, btw. pour on that caramel!!! i’d do that too! girl after my own heart!)

  3. Sarah says

    SO happy for you! Seriously! CONGRATULATIONS!!! i have never been a good test taker m’self – i have anxiety for 24 hours before the test and my stomach feels SO weird. take yesterday for example- i had a chemistry (ICK) test i postponed ( i’m homeschooled- yea we do that) but finally had to take. I got a 100% but the whole time i was so nervous i may or may not have peed my pants. And to top it of- next year i have the SAT- oh man oh man. Im gonna be peeing my pants a whole year in advance :) Any of you have tips for taking it and keeping calm? ANything would be much appreciated :)

    • Sarah says

      Also, there has been another shooting at VA Tech as of now. Two people confirmed dead, person at large. I am near the area. Please pray, I am SO scared!!!! Just turned on Fox and found out

  4. says

    Courtney!!! Wow that is amazing, you deserve that PASS! Big things are coming your way, I can’t wait to follow your journey, no matter what or where exactly you end up – it will be amazing. Congratulations :)

  5. says

    Congratulations! That is very exciting news and a great things to have off your plate right before Christmas holidays. You should definitely do a post on tips for taking the exam and more detail about the process behind this big accomplishment. I am very curious to learn more!
    Chelsea @ Chelsea’s Health recently posted..Inspired by

  6. Michelle B. says

    Congratulations!! This makes me so happy :-) When I first started reading your blog a couple months ago, I clicked around and read your story about deciding to end a career in teaching and starting down a different path. It was SO inspiring and assuring to read that because I’m in a similar situation – very similar, actually. I’m in my second year of teaching and I knew pretty much from the beginning of the year that it would be my last. I’ve made some big decisions to go back and pursue something I love when this year is over, and I’m so excited for what the future has in store!

    It’s so inspiring to see someone making a huge life decision and following through to the end. Thank you and CONGRATS!!!

  7. Sara says

    I don’t comment very often, but I wanted to say Congrats!!!!! I took a Group Fitness Instructor certification exam this summer, and I completely remember how stressful it was to submit that test, and how relieved I was to see the passing score! I’m so happy for you, and I hope you are able to put it to good use very soon!

  8. Sabine says

    Although it’s been said 95 times before:
    And all the best wishes for whatever your professional future holds in store for you!!
    (You will keep us updated, won’t you?)

  9. Crystal @cuppycakefreak says

    Yay!!! Congrats on passing the test!!!! I knew you would be able to do it!! Woohoo!! Great news and super exciting!!

    P.S. From what I can tell in the pictures your took at Starbucks you and I have the same Vera Bradley purse! Good taste! :))

  10. Claire says

    Congrats! You’re really inspiring me to go down this road too…best of luck with training, I know you’ll be an awesome trainer!


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