Scenes From a Marathon Cookie Baking Session


Early this morning, the stage was set… The supplies were ready… The oven was fired up…and we were ready to hit the ground runnin’! My mom had even set up my own little station for me by the time I got there. So things started off with a bit of a struggle… My first batch…

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Black & White Chocolate Peppermint Cookies


So a few weeks ago I made these cookies. You may remember me teasing you with mentioning them. Unfortunately, I couldn’t share them with you at the time because they were top secret. Okay, well not really “top secret,” but they were my contribution to The Great Food Blogger Cookie Swap. So far, I’ve received…

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Kickin’ Butt


Good morning, friends! I hope everyone had an amazing weekend. Here’s what you may have missed while you were out havin’ a blast… Ready and Waiting My Favorite Christmas Movie Review: Core Fusion Power Sculpt Not The Smoothest Soooo, ya know, things have started off pretty pretty typical for today. Another Monday…another Monday of kickin’…

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