Kickin’ Butt

Good morning, friends! I hope everyone had an amazing weekend. Here’s what you may have missed while you were out havin’ a blast…

Soooo, ya know, things have started off pretty pretty typical for today. Another Monday…another Monday of kickin’ butt at BodyCombat and then kickin’ some more butt at the grocery store. Just check out those savings!


I actually had to stock up on quite a bit of baking supplies. Today is going to be the BIG cookie baking day with mom. I’m so excited!


By the time I got home, I was more than ready for some breakfast, so I whipped up a quick bowl of creamy buckwheat.


I made a basic buckwheat bowl with raisins and topped it with a generous helping of PB2 and some Pure Bliss Eats granola.


It’s actually been a while since I’ve had a buckwheat bowl, but I really need to start bringing them back into the rotation. They’re so hearty and delicious, especially on a cold, wintery morning like today.


While I was eating, I couldn’t help but notice a little set of eyes peering at me from around the Christmas tree…


Looks like it’s just another Monday for Cody, too. Playing with the ornaments on the tree and talking with the birds outside. Then again, that’s pretty much every day for this little bugger.

Alright folks, I gotta jet. I’m already behind schedule and mom and I have a LOT of cookies to bake today!

Questions for the Morning:

How are YOU gonna kick some butt today? Winking smile (so cheesy, I know…but let’s go with it)


  1. says

    Have a great day baking with Mom, dear! I had a very productive cookie and bread baking weekend and plan to do another cookie or two each day this week! Tis the season! :)
    Heather recently posted..Meet Her

  2. marci says

    I have a stack of papers on my desk at work (of course I am putting aside for the morning blog reading) that i want to get ALL sorted away and dealt with by the end of the day today!! Hopefully i will kick butt in that way.. I would much rather be baking cookies – have fun!

  3. Rose says

    Have fun with all that baking, because it sounds like you are going to be doing loads. Lucky you :) .

    By the way, I know this is really random but what is your favourite kind and brand of milk? 😛

    • Courtney says

      It depends…in my cereal, oatmeal, smoothies, I usually use unsweetened vanilla almond milk (I’m not loyal to any particular brand, but it’s usually Silk). For my coffee or just for drinking (which is rare) I usually use skim milk since that’s what we keep in the house for Jay, too.

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