Thursday, December 15, 2011

Make The Right Dessert & Wine Pairings

by Courtney on December 15, 2011

Thanks to Duncan Hines for sponsoring my writing. There’s no limit to the baking possibilities, so grab your favorite Duncan Hines mix and Comstock or Wilderness fruit fillings and Bake On! ‘Tis the season for sweet treats and yummy cocktails, right? I know, I know…I feel like it’s a topic I’ve been bringing up […]


Nowhere Near Being Done

by Courtney on December 15, 2011


Gosh, today’s lunch was awesome. Sometimes, a big veggie-packed salad just does it for me, and today was definitely one of those days. In the mix: mixed greens cucumbers grape tomatoes red onion broccoli corn dried cranberries shredded carrot 2 slices chopped deli ham 1 wedge The Laughing Cow Light Swiss Cheese Tomato-basil vinaigrette dressing I realized […]


Birthday Shenanigans

by Courtney on December 15, 2011


Last night after I got off of work, I got to spend a little bit of time with the birthday boy! I got word that Jay, my brother, and my dad were all down at Wolff’s Biergarten in Albany to celebrate, and since my mom and I got out of work at a decent hour, […]