Good Thing I Watch The News

Alright, I’m feeling slightly less panic-stricken than I was yesterday afternoon. Did you guys know that today is Free Shipping Day??

Boy, I’ll tell ya, it’s a good thing I watch the news sometimes.

Today, December 16th, has been deemed Free Shipping Day, with over 2,500 retailers offering free shipping with guaranteed delivery by Christmas Eve. If you want to see which retailers are in on the deals, there’s a whole website devoted to today, I’m really hoping that some of the places that I want to shop are on there. Fingers crossed!


This morning’s breakfast was pretty darn fantastic, thanks to some yummy toppings.


I made my same oatmeal base as Wednesday, but topped it off with some freshly baked goodies that came out of my oven last night after work.


I whipped up a little something last night that is very similar to an old favorite recipe of mine, in order to make my entry for a very fun contest with a very fun company. Of course, I already knew last night that some of my creation would become an oatmeal topping for today’s breakfast.


I mean how could I NOT, when the pan looked like this?


Ohh goodness they are delicious. And don’t think that what you see on top of my oatmeal there are the only crumbs that were consumed this morning because that would be a lie.


A big ‘ol lie at that. Winking smile

The good news is that they’re relatively healthier (no butter) and they’re super simple to make. I’ll be sharing the recipe with you all this afternoon, so be on the lookout!

*I’ve also had a few of you asking about when I’ll be sharing the recipe for the Raspberry Almond Gems that I made during Monday’s cookie baking marathon. I’ll have the recipe for you all on Monday…I have to get it when I go to my parents’ house this weekend!

Happy Friday!!

Questions for the Morning:

Do you think you’ll be participating in Free Shipping Day?

Would you rather watch the news on TV or read about it online?


  1. says

    We had free shipping day in Canada earlier this week, but I already have all my online shopping done.
    I read my news via Twitter often, but also watch the news every morning while getting ready.
    Lindsey recently posted..Holiday Q&A

  2. says

    I’m a news junkie – my favorite is to watch on television, but I also read it online and in traditional newspapers, too. Guess it’s the journalist in me :)

    My sister just emailed me this morning to mention Free Shipping Day. Such a smart idea!
    Shari recently posted..Take Two.

  3. says

    Holy Yum! I shoulda had oatmeal this morning…:)
    I acutally just ordered my secret pal at work’s gift online. Ahh yeah, the shipping was not free. 😉
    I read the news online. The DVR has completely ruined me so I don’t watch the news at night before I go to bed.

    Have a wonderful day! :)

  4. kayleigh says

    Hey Courtney! I am sending my friend a ton of cookies for a Christmas present this year and she lives out of state. I’m not really sure how to send them to her without them spoiling/crumbling and was wondering if you could tell me how you shipped yours for the cookie swap? Thanks so much, hope your day is going great!

    • Courtney says

      I like to wrap mine up in plastic wrap, then maybe foil to keep them fresh. Then I put them into a hard tin or box and try to pack them in nice and tight so they can’t move around too much. (If you still have room, try crumpling up some wax paper or tissue paper inside to keep things “stuffed.” Good luck, Kayleigh!!

  5. says

    Okay…serious question. I don’t remember things saying we had to use the granola for the contest. Did we? I thought it was just favorite cookie recipes so just did that. I haven’t sent in my recipe yet because I want to know if I can without it including the granola and haven’t heard back from Laura.
    Tina @ Best Body Fitness recently posted..This Is Why I Avoid Pinterest

  6. says

    I’m so glad that I read your blog post this morning because I just ordered a rather expensive gift for my boyfriend last night. I called the company this morning and talked them into applying the free shipping, so I saved some money! Thank you! :)
    Pamela recently posted..Survival Mode

  7. Shannon says

    1. My family is all set with Christmas shopping. No need to participate on Free Shipping Day.

    2. I prefer watching the news on TV. Sometimes, I just get sick of staring at the computer screen.

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