It’s Gonna Be A Busy Summer

I’ll tell ya, I really do have some awesome friends!

Last night I got together with the girls for dinner and our annual Christmas gift exchange. With the exception of last year, we’ve been doing a Christmas gift exchange for at least the last five years, so it’s always something we look forward to.

As it turns out, there was more than just Christmas gift exchanging going on last night. You guys may remember when me friend Kathryn got engaged this past October? Well, she asked all of us to be bridesmaids in her wedding!

To ask us, she presented each of us with an adorably decorated calendar, which she took the time to personalize for each of us.


She even wrote in all of our special dates, including birthdays and anniversaries.


Well when it got to August (the month she’ll be getting married) there was a special card, asking each of us to be her bridesmaid. OF COURSE we all said yes!! Open-mouthed smile


I don’t know, between Kathryn’s beautiful calendar and Rachel’s clever cupcakes, these girls are making my blurting out the question to be my bridesmaids in the middle of the mall parking look really, really bad. Winking smile

I am going to be one busy gal this summer (Rachel’s wedding is in July, Kathryn’s in August) but I could not be any happier for my girls. I can’t wait!!



This morning started out exactly the same as last Tuesday morning, in the form of my High Intensity Circuit Workout. Don’t worry…this workout is not getting any easier. Good lord. It also doesn’t help that I ended up doing a kickboxing video yesterday afternoon which left me slightly sore as it was. I can’t wait to see what tomorrow will feel like!


I think I’m officially on a “we’re-still-out-of-eggs-so-I-love-oatmeal” kick.


I made my same batch as usual, topped it with another Love Blondie (you can still vote for me!) and added an extra splash of almond milk on top.


I was actually really diggin’ the extra milk added at the end. I think this might become part of the regular routine. Extra creamy and delicious!


Did you guys check out my new mug? It was part of my Christmas gift from last night with the girls! Rachel ended up ordering this mug a few weeks ago from Personal Creations which, honestly, is one of the coolest personalization sites ever, IMO.


“What happens with the girls, stays with the girls.” So true!

Rachel was too funny when she gave this to me…she said, “Of course you had to go and dye your hair red after I ordered it!” Winking smile


I absolutely LOVE this mug! Thanks again, Rachie!

Time to go get ready for work my friends. But don’t forget…you still have time to enter Day 1 of Giveaway Week! Stay tuned this afternoon for Day 2’s goodies. Open-mouthed smile

Questions for the Morning:

Fill in the blank: My friends are awesome because ______________!


  1. says

    That calendar is really cute! I’m getting married in August and I asked my bridesmaids by making a gift bag filled with friendship quotes on it, and inside I put a little bottle of champagne and a pin that says official member of the bridal party. :) That mug is really cute too! I love personalization sites like that.
    Hope recently posted..My First Giveaway Winner!…

  2. Lou says

    My friends are awesome because even when I pushed them away when I went through a difficult time, they respected the space and stayed waiting for me to come back without any judgements!

    I love personalised Calenders! So thoughtful! My sister made one for me last Christmas for when I moved overseas… and I suspect one of the packages she has sent me this year is feeling a lot like another one! :)

  3. Laurie says

    That calendar is a great idea, I might steal it! Also, what kickboxing workout did you do/do you recommend it? I’m looking for a new one!

  4. Shannon says

    Man, your friends are so creative! You guys fit together perfectly. :) That calendar and mug are just so cute.

    I would vote for you but alas, I don’t have a Facebook page. Sorry!

    My friends are awesome because they just are; they’re funny and just so nice.

  5. Sam says

    That calendar is super cute! I’ve asked each of my bridesmaids in different ways. My friends are awesome because they’re honest and loyal.


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