Return of the Sweet

Can I just say that I am so glad you guys are loving Giveaway Week?!? I’m loving reading all of your comments on how you’re going to incorporate protein powder, commit to fit in 2012, and chow down on chia seeds. So much fun…and there’s still two days left! WOOT!

With all the giveaway talk this week, I haven’t gotten much of a chance to fill ya’ll in on the food end of things, so let me show ya some of the goodies I packed up for today.

Today marked the return of the sweet tuna salad! I’m tellin’ you guys…this stuff is good. REAL good; and it’s the best when scooped up with Wheat Thins. So much better than on a sandwich, IMO. You know, you’ll probably never guess what else I put in today’s batch…

Chia seeds! :)

Okay, maybe you would have guessed. I mean, we have been talking about them quite a bit today and all. Couldn’t taste ’em at all, but I loved knowing I had some extra nutrients up in there.

I also snacked on a super messy, but super juicy and delicious pear,

and – check this out – a new flavor of Larabar… Cappuccino!

The nice peeps over at Larabar sent me a box of these earlier in the week to sample, as it’s going to be one of the new flavors that they’re launching in 2012. Be on the lookout folks, this flavor was pretty darn fantastic!

Oh boy…good news! Looks like I’m gettin’ out of work a little early tonight. Maybe I’ll get a chance to watch the American Horror Story season finale?? That show is just ca-raaaaazy!

Question for the Evening:

Sweet tuna salad – what do you think? Would you try it? 😉


  1. dee says

    yum..that tuna salad looks delicious! I’m glad to hear you cant really taste chia seeds. reminds me of throwing spinach into a smoothie..can’t taste it, but you feel good knowing it’s there! it just me, or does that pear look awfully bumpy? haha..i bet it tasted great though!

  2. says

    You know… I roasted a squash today and stuffed it with tuna salad to mimic one of my favorite restaurant lunches. They usually do some kind of fruit and nut chicken salad and I wondered how a sweeter tuna salad would taste. I’ll have to experiment!
    Kristin @ FoodFash recently posted..Vegan Lettuce Wraps

  3. Laura says

    I would love to try Chia seeds :) I think they seem so easy to incorporate in anything, really – but for starters, I’m thinking morning oats would be a great meal to try them in!

    PS – the capp flavored Larabars sound AMAZING!

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