Should I Or Shouldn’t I?

Oh my god. This morning, I experienced one of the most crazy awesome workouts, ever. Okay, we need to talk about this.

But first, let’s backtrack…I headed to the gym this morning for my usual Thursday BodyPump class. I noticed there were about five cars in the parking lot, so I started getting nervous thinking that maybe they weren’t open. Well, they were open, but then I was quickly reminded that there are no group exercise classes this week (they’re remodeling the rooms).

So I figured, ahhh crap, now I’m going to come up with a strength workout on my own. But then, the lady at the desk recommended that I try a new(er) class that my gym has been offering called Focusmaster.

I had seen the signs for Focusmaster throughout the gym before but never really paid much attention to them. There’s usually an extra fee to take the class, but she told me that if you want to try it out, your first class is free. Hey, I’ll try anything once! So…

What Is It?

Focusmaster Strike Training (FST) is a 30 minute, total body workout that incorporates a Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) Striking Machine, functional body weight exercises and intense circuit training. The class was broken down like this:

  • Warm up
  • 5 circuit stations: alternate 30 seconds strike training with 30 seconds body weight exercises, repeat 1x.
  • Body weight exercises included: push-ups, bicycles, jump squats, burpees (UGH!), mountain climbers, jumping jacks, planks, high knees.
  • Finish with a 2 Minute Burnout – punch as hard and as fast as you can for the full 2 minutes.
  • Cool down/stretch

You guys, when I tell you that this class was intense, I am totally not kidding. I was pushed harder today in this class than I have been in months…easily. The instructor was awesome and the class was just incredible; plus, I LOVED the fact that it was only 30 minutes. Any more than that, and I probably would have died. Oh, and that 2 minute burnout? Good god…

If you want to get an idea of what it looks like, here’s a little video clip that I found:

So now I’m trying to decide…do I want to join the classes? Typically, the cost is $150.00 for 10 classes, but right now they’re having a special which, for $74.00, will get me 4 months of unlimited classes. So here’s my pros & cons:

An AMAZING workout. Costs extra money on top of what I pay for my gym membership.
Offered numerous times a week. I don’t have boxing gloves – would either have to buy my own or keep using the smelly ones at the gym.
Pushes me to my max – in a big way. It’s stinky – like really stinky. My hands smelled awful afterward from the gloves.
Good to incorporate new workouts into my routine. Offered at similar times as other classes I would usually take.


So there’s the breakdown. I absolutely loved the class, but I’m still really not sure if it’s worth the extra money. What do you guys think??



Before anything, I HAD to come home and shower because the disgusting factor I had goin’ on was off the charts. No joke – major stinkage. Once I had that taken care of, I grabbed my mug of coffee…


and got to work on breakfast.


Today was another egg, provolone, and jam sandwich on a toasted honey wheat English muffin. The provolone was awesome…so glad it’s back.


I’m pretty sure someone else was trying to figure out a way to get in on this deliciousness…


Does he not look like he’s scheming something big there or what? Winking smile

Gotta jet – Happy Thursday!

Questions for the Morning:

What do you think are some of the worst smells ever?

What’s the most intense workout you’ve ever had?


  1. says

    that workout sounds awesome!!! buuut, i understand the $$ issue. maybe ask if you can pay for ONE more class and if you LOVE it again apply that $$ to the four-month unlimited special? i would just want to try it one more time before fully committing to make sure it is always as great as it was today. sounds like a great kick-in-the-butt workout!

  2. says

    It sounds intriguing. I can hear them from the treadmills in the morning, I was wondering what the heck they were doing in there! I would not pay the extra money for it though, only because I’m cheap and broke. But if money wasn’t an option, I probably would! 😉
    Jen @ Jen is Green recently posted..Random Christmas Ramblings

    • Julie says

      I visited NYC a couple months ago and did a Physique class with my friend who lived there. I LOVED it…but $35/class??? I guess that’s what is to be expected there!

  3. Sarah says

    The worst smell to me? Those damp dirty a million times used dishcloths- i can’t stand it! “major stinkage” LOL. I don’t really work out ( 15 year old working out weirds me out a bit). Every morning instead i do 2 hours of dancing! I love dancing & since i’m homeschooled it counts as P.E.- whoop! As for kick-butt workouts, the only one i get is when my sis actually kicks my butt. Ow.

  4. says

    Totally do it! If you like it that much, you’ll go all the time. And unlimited for 4 months? You’re talking about less than $20 a month! Have your coffee at home and get your workout on! :) Oh, and I used to have boxing gloves and I think I paid something like $20 for them.

    I’m jealous of your breakfast! I was dying for an English muffin this morning, but I’m out. So sad!
    Melissa recently posted..Christmas: The Haul

  5. says

    this sounds like an awesome workout!! i say go for it! especially at the discounted price. and it’s only for four months… if you get burned out on it or realize it’s not worth your money, at least you’re not locked into it for a super long time. i’d love to try a class like this!
    Ashley @ My Food ‘N’ Fitness Diaries recently posted..2011 Highlights

  6. says

    That reminds me of a kickboxing class I took when I was in high school. It was always an intense workout and left me more sore than anything else ever had! I’m horrible at making decisions when it comes to money, so I can’t weigh in on whether you should do it or not :-)

    P.S. Thanks for the new interval treadmill workout! I have another of yours printed out and sitting on our family’s treadmill downstairs, and my brother has been using it while he’s home from school.
    Michelle (Better with Berries) recently posted..Going for it

  7. says

    It’s easy to say “Sure, Courtney! DO IT!” But it’s not my money haha :) I’m the most frugal person on the planet, so I probably wouldn’t pay the money myself – but it seems like an awesome workout!! Any chance you can pay to drop in a class every now and then?

  8. says

    I would definitely try it! I have done classes similar to that before and I know what you mean about the intensity. It’s great! As far as the gloves go, I’m sure that you could find a cheaper pair on Amazon, than purchasing them through the gym. I would definitely do it though!
    Susan @Happy Hippie recently posted..Sewn Together At The Hip

  9. Nicole says

    I know that exact smell you are talking about, and just thinking about it makes me gag!

    As far as the workout, I’d suggest signing up for it and committing to it 2x/week. That way, you’d really only be paying $2/class! If you decide you really like it after the trial period, you can always save money by purchasing a pair of gloves and a small bag and doing the workout at home!

  10. says

    okay so I really thought about this like it was my own issue haha. My immediate thought was go for it, but now I am thinking hold off. Here is my reasoning. It seems like an awesome kick butt class now, but after a week or two you are going to get burnt out. Your muscles will become use to the workout and it wont be as good as a workout. I would save the money if it was me, and maybe ask if you could pay for a class or two every now and then.

  11. Arimey says

    I’m so glad you posted about this because I’ve been curious as to what its all about since I started seeing the posters! Although I haven’t tried it myself, I do think $74 for 4 months of unlimited classes sounds like a great deal, especially considering how much other “bootcamp” type classes in this area cost. I’d say try it at least once more before making the commitment to make sure you really do love it and if so, go for it!

  12. Jordan K. says

    I think with the special your gym is offering it is totally worth it! The class looks awesome and I bet they change up the routine every time too! As far as the stinky gloves go, I’m not sure how much a new pair would cost but I’d just do that with the money you are saving with the special!

  13. says

    whoa, that looks awesome. I understand the $ issue, but 74 for 4 Months is AWESOME (61 cents a day!)! My gym is offering a kettlebell workout class 2x a week for 8 weeks for 210.. so expensive!

    On the gloves/stinking con – I bought gloves + boxing wraps for my boxing gym, and it solved the stink problem. I promise. I have used them on and off for almost 8 months now, and they still don’t stink. I think they get really, really stinky when big sweaty gross men use them. Invest in some off amazon for cheap, and you will feel so badass having your own gloves, and it feels SO GOOD to punch a bag and see improvements on your punches over time.

    DO IT! :)

  14. says

    $74 for 4 months is an amazing deal! If you love it that much, it’s worth the cost of the class and some cheaper boxing gloves. I pay an extra $120/10 TRX boot camp classes in addition to my everyday gym membership because I love how different it is from BodyPump and the extra challenge. You won’t regret it.
    Lena @Fit on the Rocks recently posted..Running on Auto-Pilot

  15. Karina says

    What a great deal! And you get to finish your workout in 30 minutes.. So awesome! You’d have more time in your day after that:) And I bought everlast boxing gloves (they’re PINK!) for just $30. I’d do it!! Sounds like a great class!

  16. EGrizz says

    I would do it! But only if your going to commit yourself to going a couple of times a week. Sometimes I purchase extra gym classes or such and then don’t end up using it. Reasons why you should: 1-you get a great workout! 2-looks like the techniques will also be great to learn if you ever need to defend yourself! Then is worth it alone because us women always need to know how to throw a few jabs. 3- Since you are going into physical training it would be good to learn different workouts.

  17. says

    Ooh, this sounds FUN!!! Even if you only do it once or twice a week, the workout seems totally worth it. And $74 for 4 months, when it’s usually $150/10 classes, I’d totally do it, just for the value!! How fun!

    Oh, and I feel ya on the stinky gloves. I took a kickboxing class at my old gym a while back and those things were disgusting! That smell doesn’t go away for a while. Ick! I would definitely buy your own gloves.
    Kerry @ Half Healthy, Half Nuts recently posted..Gym-iversary

  18. says

    I think I would do it…just to change up my routine. It’s always nice finding something new for a workout…I need a change in mine too- getting sick of the same ol’ same ol’. But I agree with Julie- maybe try out the class one more time (if they let you)..with a different instructor (if there is another one)- just to make sure you will really like it every time you go, even if the instructor is different.

  19. Patty says

    Seems like a good deal if you really enjoyed it. I would defiently buy your own gloves though. Ive taken some kickboxing and boxing classes and the gym gloves are gross. You may want to also buy hand wraps along with the gloves, they are inexpensive, do a good job of protecting your hands and you can wash them easily.

  20. says

    The workout looks great and really intense. $74 for 4 months is an awesome deal but if it were me, I would evaluate how much I am already spending on gym memberships, yoga classes etc. It often annoys me when gyms offer classes that require an additional fee as you are infact, paying just to get in the door with your regular memebership!! Sometimes I buy a special on groupon for classes I wouldnt normally take regularly but just want to do every now and then to mix things up. That way I don’t feel guilty if I find I don’t want to commit weekly to the class or it becomes boring and repetitive.

    Oh and p.s…while writing this comment I happened to read your disclaimer again – you may not be an RD but now you ARE a certified fitness trainer wooohoo!!!!!
    Lexie @ This Aussie Eats recently posted..A Night in Paris

  21. Amy says

    I say go for it. Thats an awesome price anmd its a great way to change up your routine and start the new year with a new fresh workout. Its a great way to change things up, meet new people, and challange yourself.
    No time like the start of a new year to start something new.
    I wish we had awesome classes like that around here. We have TRX and crossfit thats all.


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