I Need A Show Of Hands, Please (Giveaway)

Okay, I want you all to think for a minute and raise your (virtual) hand if you’ve ever experienced any of the following thoughts:

  • Staying healthy is hard…
  • I don’t think I’ll ever be able to get healthy…
  • This couch is way more comfortable than the treadmill…
  • It’s ok, I’ll just start tomorrow…
  • Working out sucks…


**Raises hand** – Ummm, yeah. You betcha.

I’ll admit it. I absolutely, 100% have had each and every one of those thoughts pass through my mind at one point or another. Luckily, thanks to a few healthy lifestyle changes on my part, most of those thoughts are now only seen on a rare occasion. But it’s reality, and sometimes, we just don’t have our “get healthy and fit” mojo working the way we’d like it to.

A couple of weeks ago, I was sent a book to review through my association with FitFluential (which, by the way, they are ALWAYS looking for new members, so feel free to check it out and sign up! You don’t have to be a blogger to do it either!). The title of the book immediately caught my attention…


Catchy, right?

Chuck Runyon, CEO and cofounder of Anytime Fitness, is the author of Working Out Sucks, which is simply, a no-excuses, get-real guide to getting healthy. Runyon tackles all of the reasons for why working out sucks, along with the excuses most often made for not taking care of our own health. He and his two other co-authors, Brian Zehetner (MS, RD, CSCS), and Rebecca Derossett (MSW) provide a full-circle approach to getting healthy in a simple, realistic way.

I’ll admit – I’m quite lucky in the sense that, probably 85% of the time, I absolutely love working out. I love the energy it gives me, I love how strong I feel afterward, and hey, seeing the results from all of my hard work isn’t half bad either. Winking smile

But not everyone feels this way about working out, and I think all of us could use a little extra “kick in the pants” every now and then to get motivated. Luckily, this book definitely does just that!

So here’s the low-down…the book is broken down into four parts.

Part One: No More Excuses


Chuck Runyon uses part one of the book to highlight a number of different problems and excuses that we all might come up with for why we can’t start getting healthy right now…things ranging from “bad genes” to “I can’t afford it.” He then follows up every mini excuse with “Working out sucks…but X,Y,and Z sucks more,” proving that many of the alternatives are often much worse. I found part one of the book very easy to relate to and very easy to read through because each mini problem or excuse outlined is only 2-3 pages long. That makes for very easy reading!

Part Two: Mental Roadblocks


Part two of the book is written by Rebecca Derossett (MSW), and focuses in on all of those lovely little mind games that we like to play, the bad habits that we make, and how we can learn to break them. This particular section of the book really hit home for me because I felt like it relates directly to my “need” for nighttime sweets. I have basically hardwired my brain to think that I need sweets after dinner, which is why I crave them…hungry or not.

Rebecca goes into detail on how we can all learn to change a behavior by developing the right skills. It involves a whole lot of mind of matter, and a desire and a willingness to change. She identifies the fact that “changing behavior can suck,” but it’s certainly possible. One big note I took away from this section? The 66-Day Rule.

Research has shown that it takes roughly 66 days for a good habit to become ingrained. The first 21 days are the most important for learning new habits; the brain is still undecided on the new habit and may not be “sold” on the change. Days 22-66 are the engagement phase, where your brain is more committed and is more prepared to accept the new habit. Very interesting stuff.

Rebecca also mentions the 80/20 rule (stay on track 80% of the time) as a way of being successful, which I wholeheartedly agree with. It’s just not possible to be perfect 100% of the time, so any person or program that acknowledges that is super smart, in my opinion. 😉

Part Three: Nutrition


Brian Zehetner (MS, RD, CSCS) takes care of part three of the book, which focuses on the nutrition aspect of things. Many of the most common nutrients are discussed, including carbs, fiber, protein, fats, water, and supplements. The author does a really good job, in my opinion, of presenting the information in a way that is very easy for anyone who may just be beginning to start their journey to health to understand. A lot of the information that was given was actually very similar to what I read while studying for my NASM exam, so it was a nice little refresher.

Part Four: Fitness Plan


Part four is also written by Zehetner, and touches on some of various aspect of fitness: how to keep moving, cardio, strength training (including some very common myths!) and stretching. The book ends with a 21-day nutrition and fitness plan to help anyone get started and kick off their healthier lifestyle. The plan features workouts and a meal plan, both of which appeared to be very well balanced and completely doable.

Overall, I really liked this book! It was a very easy read, it’s straight to the point, and even funny at times, too. For anyone who may be just starting out on their health and fitness journey, this book would be a very useful tool. It provides some good, solid advice on how to eat well and work out, and also clears up a lot of confusion about many of the “shoulds” and “shouldn’ts” currently out there (are carbs REALLY bad? will strength training REALLY make me bulk up?).


So lucky for you guys, I’m not just going to talk your ear off about this book and not give you the opportunity to experience it for yourself…

I’m giving away THREE COPIES of the book to THREE LUCKY READERS!!

How To Enter:

  1. (Mandatory): Leave a comment on this post telling me what excuses you have used in the past to get out of working out.
  2. (Optional): Tweet about the giveaway and leave a separate comment telling me that you did – “No more excuses! I want to win @SweetToothCourt’s giveaway and get fit for 2012! – http://wp.me/p1g6nA-7MI #workingoutsucks”

I will choose the three winners on Thursday, January 5th. Good luck!! Smile

Fitfluential LLC compensated me for this sponsored post. All thoughts and opinions are my own.


  1. says

    Well, I think I have pretty much used every excuse in the book! Lately, I just keep telling myself that I just don’t have time. I know that isn’t true. I could easily give up some facebook or web surfing time. I MUST get myself back on track! This book sounds like a great read!

  2. Kelley says

    hmmm… my most recent excuse is that I am 6 months pregnant. Even being pregnant, I know its important to stay active and exercise. I would LOVE a copy of this book to give me a little boost in motivation!

  3. Lindsay says

    Excuses I have used in the past to get out of working out include but are not limited to (hee hee)… I am too tired, I am too busy, The gym is too far away, I won’t have as good of a workout on my own so there is no point.

  4. Cristin says

    I am a total chicken when it comes to driving in the snow. I will totally use that as my excuse to not go to the gym. It’s stupid since I have a ton of dvds & equipment I can use at home. Haha

  5. Jennifer says

    My favorite excuse is “I will just start over on Monday…” or some variation of that. No more excuses!

  6. Michelle says

    Oh goodness, I’ve used so many excuses! Everything from the weather to clothing to laundry! But this year I am dedicated to sticking with a healthy routine!

  7. Jillian D. says

    I tweeted about the giveaway. I would def by interested in reading this book.

    Happy Anniversary {from yesterday} by the way!!

  8. Kate says

    My biggest- I have no time! Lame! Yes, I work 40 hours, yes, I have a 2 year old, and yes, my husband works long hours, but I need to MAKE the time. What’s more important than health, right?

  9. Alli says

    Since I’m a college student, I like to use the excuse I need to do homework instead. But, in reality my “homework time” is usually spent facebooking and blog reading.

  10. Linda says

    I have used every excuse you mentioned but my most common one is that I’m too tired or don’t have time. I would love to read this book, then share it with my friend who is also having trouble getting into the right mindset!

  11. says

    im pretty sure ive used every excuse in the book (though maybe not THAT book) recently – it was cold, i was cozy, and productive: no reason to run, right?

  12. says

    Before I made the lifestyle change:

    1. That would involve me changing into workout clothes I don’t own!
    2. I don’t have time (as I’m flicking through the channels with nothing to watch!)
    3. That requires energy I don’t have (but I’ll go out and party later!)

    The books looks like a great read! Thanks for sharing it with us :)

  13. Katherine says

    Oh boy, excuses, excuses! I’ve used so many, but some of the most ridiculous are:

    1. I’ll work out twice as much tomorrow
    2. I don’t want to wash my hair twice in one day

    Or the real doozy:

    3. My dog looks too cute sitting on the couch and I don’t want to leave him alone!

    This book sounds like a really great read!!

  14. Caitlin P. says

    This book sounds great! I’ve used every excuse in the book… I’m tired, I had a bad day, I had a good day, it’s too cold, I’ll do it later, etc etc. No more excuses!

  15. Lisa says

    Id have to say I have used every excuse under the sign. Number 1 is I’m too tired! After we put the kids to bed, my husband goes straight to the gym, and I sit on the comfy couch catching up on my shows. I know I should just get up but it’s that loss of motivation. Cheers to a new year and goals

  16. Megan says

    My biggest excuse is that I have no time. I would love this book to help me find some much needed motivation!

  17. Mitra says

    My biggest excuse is that I can start tomorrow. Thankfully I normally don’t go through with my excuses and I do what I need to do today!

  18. ashley says

    my excuse is usually that by the time i get home from work to change to go to the gym, everything else BUT the gym sounds more appealing. that’s why going in the morning or straight from work is so much easier for me.

  19. Briana says

    My biggest excuse is usually “I’m in college and everyone is lazy and unhealthy, so I can be too”. I mostly push past that thought since it’s ridiculous and I’d rather be healthy now since college won’t last forever.

  20. Leslie says

    This book sounds great, a nice little reminder of why this must be a lifestyle change, not just a (temporary) resolution to a new year. I definitely struggle more with the nutrition side. For me, working out is such a release of energy plus as I say to my hubby, I run so I can eat baby! But sometimes, those sweets call to me late at night and I just can’t say no. Maybe I can say no for 66 days and be rid of them forever!! (yah, right 😉 )

  21. Kate says

    #1 excuse: “Everyone needs a rest day.” Except then the one rest day becomes two, three, etc. rest days, and I’m out of my good habits…

  22. says

    I always come up with an excuse like, “if I clean the house today, that can count as my workout” or “I’ll skip my workout today and just make sure to take the stairs at work a few extra times…”
    Jenny recently posted..Something New

  23. Sarah says

    Every excuse mentioned and- i’m too tired, i need the rest, i’ll save the hardwood from all my thumping, i will just eat healthy anyway, one day doesn’t change a thing.
    Fun Fact: i used these excuses this morning :)

  24. Mikayla says

    I always psych myself out of working out! I need to stop playing mind games with myself and get real! I would love to read the book.

  25. says

    Besides the obvious ones that have already been posted, my biggest one is that I don’t want to wash my hair again – I’m a big sweater and washing is not optional, so I tell myself I’ll just work out tomorrow before I shower again.

  26. Sarah S says

    if i dont get my workout done in the morning, i somehow find ways to convince myself im too tired or i’ll just eat well in the evening (i’m a nighttime snacker extraordinaire) instead of completing an afternoon workout. frustrating!

  27. Laura says

    I live in the Midwest where during the winter months it can be verrrrry cold. My number 1 excuse during the winter is that it’s too cold/windy/icy/snowy outside to go to the gym. Booooo!

  28. Lauren Rees says

    I totally use the classic…”I don’t have time”. So not even true. I go to school, teach, and just planned a crazy wedding but yet I still had time to sit around watching crap TV and pinning my brains out.

  29. christy says

    I don’t feel like it (in the morning) and I’ll do it later… but then I get caught up in chores, errands, etc then it is dinner time!

  30. Kristin says

    #1 excuse for me is thinking I don’t have time—but after my workout I always feel better. This book looks great!

  31. Nicole says

    My problem is that I always seem to have so much other “more important” things to do. But I’m learning how to prioritize, with my health being near the top of the list. It is definitely tough to overcome, though!

  32. Kari says

    I have had every single excuse that was mentioned above; however, I feel the same as you do, Courtney! I love working out about 85% of the time – it’s worth the pain :)

  33. Erica says

    My biggest excuse in the winter is that it is too cold outside to run… pretty lame since I live in Florida!

  34. Danielle says

    I love working out and never make excuses, but I definitely have a problem with my sweet tooth, especially before bed! I could use some help in that area for sure.

  35. says

    I heard an ad from this guy on the radio today!! I barely worked out over the holidays with the excuse of “I will start in the new year!” Granted I was a little sniffly and it was nice to have time off!
    Ruthie Hart recently posted..Scenes from 2012

  36. Jordan K. says

    I always tell myself “Oh I’ll just make up the workout later in the week…” to get out of a workout if I’m just not feeling it, but most often than not I don’t end up actually making it up and then I just feel guilty about it!

  37. Sarah says

    If I have any other errands or cleaning to do I’ve let it trump my workout before and that’s when I realize next to nothing is more important than my health. Everything will get done. For me it’s now about having priorities.

  38. Amanda says

    I always use fear as an excuse. I can’t run outside because a masked man will konk me on the head and kill me. I can’t go to the gym early because someone is waiting in the dark parking lot ready to pounce. I can’t go to a workout class because someone is going to follow me to my car after, konk me on the head and kill me. Crazy, huh? :)

  39. Meg says

    The list could go on forever, but usually it’s either that it’s too cold to leave the house again or that I got so distracted looking for music to work out to, it’s now too late to go!

  40. Amanda says

    My excuse is usually “I’m too tired”… And I always promise myself to workout twice as much the next day. Lately I have been trying to workout almost every day, with a rest day… and if I try using excuses, I’ll make myself work out for 5 minutes. If I’m not getting into the workout, then I’ll let myself stop. But, more often than not, I end up working out for at least 20 minutes!

  41. Jessica says

    My excuse is…I will just get back on track tomorrow…one more day won’t hurt me. How crazy is that!?!? I know how I great I feel after working out so I need to stop the excuses!

  42. Sara says

    I’m too tired. I’m too hot. I’m too cold. My head hurts. I don’t want to change into workout clothes. I don’t want my hair to get sweaty. I don’t want to get sweaty. Oh, I can think of plenty of good excuses. But I do like the results when I commit regularly.

  43. Michelle says

    My excuse is normally along the lines of “pressing snooze is so much easier than getting out of bed at 4:30am”. :)

  44. Alana says

    Luckily these thoughts rarely creep up…but I’d like to think these are kind of legitimate excuses? Haha!
    –“It’s too dangerous outside to go to the gym.” (i.e.- snow, downpour, ice, etc.)
    –“I’m too sore and need a day to recover.”
    –“I’m too hungry/weak right now to work out.”

  45. Julie says

    my biggest excuses are being too tired at the end of a crazy work day, or i’m too hungry. i “forget” that i can have half an energy bar which will help with hunger and i usually feel so much more energized after a workout.

  46. Megan Guthrie says

    One of my biggest excuses is time.. That I don’t have enough time with the many things I have to do during the week to work out as well.

  47. says

    I’ve gotta say, I was skeptical about this book, but your review convinced me! I don’t make many excuses about working out, but I do make lots about eating poorly (especially with sweets). I try to do my best, but I definitely have the habit of eating them at night when I totally don’t need them!
    Melissa recently posted..Iron Strength Workout

  48. says

    I think the better question is what excuses haven’t I used? Just this week it’s been:
    1. too windy
    2. too tired
    3. no one to work out with
    4. need a haircut & she’s only available at the same time as my class
    5. ____________ is sore
    Lauren recently posted..2012 Goals

  49. Kelli-Ann says

    I am also one of those people who hate to wash my hair more than once as an excuse not to exercise! I also say I am too tired. I certainly have the time so that is not a legitimate excuse for me. This book sounds great.

  50. Tracy says

    I workout in the am, however, the holidays were here (and now gone) so I lost my motivation. I hope tomorrow I will get my motivation back, as I sit here eating a cookie. I tend to go on a 90day workout kick and then lose motivation for about a month or two. Need to read the book and get back to feeling great!

  51. Brianne says

    I have said its too dark and cold when I leave in the winter months. Its awful. But I have since signed up for free programs at the gym so it forces me to be there regardless of the time or weather! Now I can’t imagine not going to the gym at night!

  52. Stefanie says

    Number one excuse is that I had an extra hard workout the day before – so what! Unless it left me crippled, that’s one lame excuse.

  53. Liz says

    My favorite excuse as of late is: the gym will be super busy and I don’t feel like waiting on machines, benches etc.

  54. says

    Hm. Usually I can just use the excuse of “There are way too many things on my to-do list to get a work out in” or that I’m having a rough day and want to veg. “My bathing suit is wet so I can’t go upstairs and there are too many lap swimmers to swim” is also a good one.
    BakingSuit recently posted..Goals for 2012 – January

  55. Ashley says

    Oh yea I definitely use excuses….right now I’m using oh man the gym is going to be so packed, I’m so tired today, I can just go the next 3 days instead….whomp whomp. Lame excuses, I know.

  56. Jen M. says

    “I don’t have time.” <– biggest reason/excuse. Really, I need a new job so I'm not spending 13-14 hours a day at or commuting to work. By the time I get home, get dinner made/cleaned up, I'm E.X.H.A.U.S.T.E.D. and dragging myself to bed, and that's on a normal night. :/ Night when I have to run errands, or the rare nights I have plans to see family or friends just mean I'm getting to bed even later. Weekends are consumed with cleaning house/running errands/projects/family/friends, and trying to fit in relaxing/books/hobbies. Seriously. I mean, where the heck did 2011 even go?!?

  57. Patty says

    So many excuses…Its cold out, I worked late too tired to get up early, never charged my ipod, and on and on.

    The book sounds like a good read.

  58. Ally says

    I used the “I worked a 12 hour day yesterday, I can work out later or tomorrow” last week.

    Even though I know working out will always make me feel better.

  59. Elle says

    I live in Chicago, so during the winter it’s way too easy to convince myself that it’s “too cold out” to go out when I don’t have to. Of course, there’s now a gym in my new apartment, but then my excuse becomes that I much prefer yoga/pilates classes etc.
    Basically I’m terrible about it.

  60. marci blumenfeld says

    After work the most used excuse for me is ” i am too tired, i will just go home and clean the house/do laurndry” (which usually doesnt happpen when i tell my self that) … and in general is just that i am too tried and would rather relax!

    Today however, my excuse is that the gym is going to be WAY TO CROWDED with all of the people who made new years resolutions – but i am not letting that stop me from my workout :)

  61. Kristen says

    I have used EVERY excuse :) but usually it has something to do with showering – like I already showered today, but I still have a meeting tonight, so I’d have to shower again! Probably has something to do with the fact that I cannot for the life of me wake up before work/class to work out. My body just doesn’t do it.

  62. says

    excuses: my knees/legs/feet/tummy hurt; I’d rather sleep. Sleep will be more important in the long run. No time (see prior excuses), I’m so tired (end of the day).

    I’m the worst and can think of an excuse for ANYTHING.
    heidi recently posted..AM Workouts

  63. Meg L. says

    I’ve used every excuse there is, but my most common is “being sore”. When really, doing some light exercise helps reduce being sore.

  64. Maria says

    I work until 7 or 9 every night, so I have no time! I can’t do it in the morning because I need my sleep… those have become my excuses for the past few months!

  65. Caitlin M says

    Love and read your blog all the time but this is my first official comment!!! My number one excuse is I don’t have the energy and maybe Ill feel better tomorrow and work out twice as hard! (never happens of course 😉 )

  66. Tiffany says

    The worst excuse of all…I’ll do it tomorrow morning.
    When you say that every morning…tomorrow morning never comes.

    But I have good intentions! :)

  67. says

    I recently got married and relocated to a new area, and haven’t gotten into a new routine where I make working out a priority. Prior to moving, I was teaching four fitness classes a week (which made not making excuses so much easier!), but I haven’t been able to find the motivation to get back in to it like I used to.
    Nikki recently posted..Happy New Year!

  68. Staci says

    Practically every excuse imaginable, but after very little exercise for the past 18 months due to night time shift work. Now that I have a normal 7am-4pm job, I have to make 2012 my year to shine and get my body back and my booty in the best physical fitness shape for me.

    Common Excuses: I’m too tired today. It’s too early. I don’t have time today. I’ve already showered and I don’t want to have to shower again later. I don’t have any protein powder for an after workout shake. I don’t have my new music on my ipod. I’m too tired of my current music playlists. I could keep going on and on and on….

  69. Lindsay says

    Oh man, which excuse should I say…the usual one is, it’s the weekend, so I shouldn’t have to or if it is just too cold!

  70. Aimee M says

    There’s not enough room for the excuses I’ve come up with! It’s cold, I’m tired, I can’t find my sneakers, I’ll go tomorrow, and the best one–I’m comfortable with my body (<– total lie). Really, I used to say ANYTHING to skip the gym.

  71. mom#to#three says

    My bed is too warm! (I’m usually an early morning workout type, so it is hard to get out of my warm bed on chilly mornings). We are going to try evening workouts for a little bit to break up our routine (and break the staying in a warm bed habit!)

  72. Kaelin says

    Excuse #1 – The couch is sooo much comfier than Jillian Michaels screaming at me….. although I usually talk myself into it and feel great after its over!

  73. Jess says

    There are quite a few, but my top 2 would have to be: “I’m too tired,” and “It’s too cold out to travel the .2 seconds that it takes to get to our gym at our apartment complex.” Cold weather definitely gets the best of me sometimes!

  74. Jeanna says

    My top excuse has to be “I’m too tired” or “I woke up too late”… Probably a really lame excuse haha

  75. Angela T says

    When I worked 15 hour days Id say I didnt have time to work out even though I could have gotten up a little earlier and got it done before work, then Id say I was too tired on my days off because of the hours I worked the day before. I try to work out regularly now since I am not working the crazy hours but I still have my “too tired” excuses.

  76. Bri says

    I walk to the gym on my college campus so if it’s raining, snowing, and/or super cold out, I am most likely to most likely to use that as my excuse!

  77. says

    Shoo where to begin I believe that is how I got to where I am right now the could old excuse train. I’m too busy, too tired, it’s cold, the gym is packed, it’s raining, hanging out with friends sounds better etc!
    Kimberly recently posted..Apple Skillet Oatmeal

  78. Jamie says

    This book looks awesome! My most recent excuse is that I have a cold. Which I really do but it’s definitely not bad enough to actually keep me from getting a workout in! Woops!

  79. Nikki says

    Though I try not to make excuses, my number 1 is “I am too tired to get up this early, sleep will be better for me.”

  80. Alexa says

    I always use the excuse that I’m either too tired (I go to bed at like 12-1 am and get up at 6 am for school, then have band practice before I go home) or too lazy so I’ll just eat less that day to make up for it. Which leaves me even more fatigued.

  81. Hillary says

    I’ve used them all. What’s a day, week, month? I can tell that this has been my attitude for TOO long now.

  82. Cheryl Jones says

    Hi Courtney! Some excuses I’ve used in the past to get out of working out are: it’s that time of the month, it’s too cold to leave the house, it’s too hot to leave the house, and I’ll do it tomorrow!

    That book looks really neat! I’ve been needing some motivation to get back into exercise, specifically running. :)


  83. Joanna W says

    My main excuse is that I don’t have too – I have a fast metabolism! But hey, that metabolism is slowing down these days…

  84. says

    My main excuse is usually “I just don’t have time,” which is partially true, as I’m a graduate student. But- there’s time for something that’s so incredibly important! I could really use this book to help a little with my lagging motivation lately.

  85. Brittany says

    My excuses usually have to deal with, I’m too tired or I have too much homework! But I’ve found that working out right after school usually leads me to get my homework done quicker then not working out..hm.

  86. Rebecca says

    I typically don’t make too many excuses because I plan my workouts every Sunday (I keep a log with my planned workouts, what I did, how I felt, BodyRock times etc.) so that usually keeps me accountable. However, today I did skip out on my workouts. I had jury duty (whhyyyy meeee???!!) and I was selected from the jury pool (ahhhh!!!) and I had gotten in from NYC late the night before, had only a few hours of sleep before getting up at 6 to make it for jury duty, sat there all day etc. You see where I’m going with this. I skipped the gym. I might do a BR workout tonight, but that treadmill HIIT plus lower body workout I had planned is not happening tonight. Oops.

  87. says

    The biggest excuse I USED to use was being too tired. Now, I realize that working out makes me feel more energized during the day even if it means giving up some sleep.

  88. EGrizz says

    My excuses are I am too tired, and I don’t want to get thinner! I have the opposite problem as most people and I have the hardest time keeping weight ON! I use this excuse a lot, but I know there are ways that you can exercise that can help you put on some nice muscle!

  89. Kelsey Y. says

    My most common excuse would be that I’m too tired, or that there are other, more “important” tasks to check off from the list. I plan to resolve this, and make my exercise a complete priority for the new year because I know all of the great benefits I receive as well!

  90. Lauryn V says

    i’ll say i have too little energy to exercise and feel dizzy..but once i get done my workout out i’m a ball of energy!

  91. Marjorie says

    My biggest excuse is that I am too tired because of my 12 hour shifts at the hospital! Funny enough when I make myself workout before work I end up feeling more energized throughout the day!

  92. Laurel C says

    I think my biggest fitness excuse is “not feeling like it”, but then I remember how good I feel when I’m done with a workout and that motivates me!

  93. Chrissy says

    Where to begin :) Its easy to find an excuse (hence my new years resolution) to try and just get the minimum recommened of 2.5 hours. But mostly it was because i was to tired or in a funk and just wanted to lounge out at home. I feel so much better after I workout, just need to make myself DO IT!!

  94. Rachel says

    “I worked out really hard yesterday so I can rest today!” I use this excuse a lot, but I like to work out 5-6x so I can’t use it too often. This book looks great though!

  95. Elizabeth says

    My biggest excuse is my tiredness. I convince myself that if I’m tired there’s a reason, so working out will make me more tired, even though I know that working out causes the opposite. Book looks funny!

  96. Misty says

    Funny this was the post today. I was all set to go to the gym after work, which is FREE, but i worked late so I said I’d do a workout at home. Got home and here I sit on the couch. I find that if I don’t go on my lunch hour it is much easier to ditch.

  97. says

    my excuse this morning was it was too cold…and while 48 may not seem cold to people in the north, it’s friggin freezing for south florida! soooo yea, I did not go run this morning, blamed it on the cold and not wanting to strain my back injury! lol
    pathetic I know….and tomorrow morning its supposed to be 35 so there’s no way I’m running tomorrow! already have that excuse lined up!
    Tara Burner recently posted..Toning Ring Exercises (a/k/a magic circle or pilates circle)

  98. Amanda says

    My excuse is always I’m too tired, even though I know that as soon as I get my butt out of bed I’ll be wide awake!

  99. says

    If I have a busy week ahead, my excuse is, “Why workout today when it will be hard to fit it in most days this week? I’ll just start next week”.

    My current one is “I’m pregnant. I’m afraid something will happen to the baby”. This is ridiculous of course, since being healthy is more important than ever.

  100. says

    I’ve used excuses like I’m tired, the weather is too hot/cold, something hurts, and family is visiting. I know that none of them are too good of excuses unless it’s an injury I don’t want to further irritate. That books sounds interesting!
    Rebecca recently posted..Resolutions

  101. Alicia says

    Where do I begin on excuses.. I’m a college student and also a full time worker as a nurse aide so I also say that “I’m too tired”, or “I’ll work out tomorrow.” I have spent tons of money on Jillian Micheals work out videos, the Bender Ball, cleansing pills, dieting pills, the list goes on. I have a gym located just 2 minutes away from me open 24/7 but have never stepped a foot in there. I always start to get into shape for a few weeks, but always fail to reach my goal. I would love to have a beach body by summer for once! I don’t really know how to eat right and have a horrible diet. I would love to read this book and hopefully it will put me on track for once!

  102. Sam says

    I usually don’t want to have to shower after class if I have later plans! Or, if my I pod dies I cant continue on my walk or run!

  103. HeatherB says

    Hmmm. I usually use my 15m old son as an excuse. If he wants me to play or snuggle when I’m getting ready to work out, I usually (always) give in. I’m a sucker for a snuggle I guess.

  104. Leah says

    I’ve had so many excuses. Can’t get motivated. Too far to drive. It’s cold. Currently, it’s that I’m on crutches. And I tweeted! :)

  105. says

    I’ve totally used every excuse known to man. My current one is shin splints. I’ve gotten compression sleeves and they don’t fit so I have to do things like biking and strenght training.
    Denise recently posted..It Was A Day

  106. Elaina says

    I hate to admit it but I also hate having to shower twice a day! i have loooong, thick hair that takes forever to dry and style. It adds an extra hour onto my day!

  107. Haley says

    One excuse I’ve used in the past was that I was too intimidated by all the “fit people” that would be in the gym. Now I’m one of them and I looooove exercising!

  108. Michelle S. says

    Oh a couple that I may have used are not wanting to wash my hair again or I left the device, that is going to make work out spectacular (ear phones, ipod, etc), at home. :)

  109. Julie K. says

    My number 1 excuse: I will work out tomorrow. And then tomorrow comes and goes. Or I need to spend time with my husband but he is always making time for the gym (and always encourages me to make time too).

  110. Sarah says

    biggest excuse: I will do it tomorrow.
    Others: It’s too early. I need more sleep. I have too much homework to do. etc!

  111. Melissa says

    Lately I seem to use any lame excuse: I forgot my protein shake/iPod/hair elastic……etc. I could totally use this book and then I would pass it on to my equally guilty friend!!

  112. Clarice says

    I’ve definitely used the excuse “I’m too tired” many times before, and “I’ll work out tomorrow” is another one that pops into my head too often!

  113. Kristen says

    One of my go-to excuses is that I’ve had a long day at work and don’t want to make the trek to the gym. I just joined a gym closer to my work, so no more excuses!

  114. Heidi says

    My main excuse is to tired/feel like I have no energy. Which is so backwards because after a workout I feel so lively and ready to face anything.

  115. Lindsay says

    I tweeted about the giveaway! I hope I win as I LOVE the idea of this book! I can always find an excuse NOT to workout! 😀

  116. Vishwa says

    My excuses include being too lazy, am I capable of losing weight and stay healthy in the long term, already a vegetarian so don’t want to give up eating too much food, and the one I always use is that I’m already skinny I don’t want to look aneroxic.

  117. Claire Smith says

    “It’s too dark outside”
    “Well… I worked put yesterday…”
    “Hey, I ate pretty well today! No need to work out, right?”

  118. Laura says

    that book looks really interesting!

    my number one is “i’ll work out later!” and honestly, sometimes I do end up lifting at 11pm… but usually I do not 😉

  119. Kerry says

    My number one excuse is “Well I have to go out in public later so I don’t want to be all gross and sweaty. I’m better off staying inside working on school work.”

  120. Kelli says

    I either use “I am too tired” or “I am too busy”…when I actually do have the time if I just force myself to get up and go! :)

  121. Sophia says

    I like to use the excuse of, “I’ll take a nap, then I’ll workout!”, but then I’m usually too tired…still. What are the odds!

  122. Yuli says

    There’s always plenty of excuses for one to give to not workout..one of the many..too tired, it’s too early I could use
    More sleep..I ate pretty clean today and so on and on and on :-)

  123. says

    i have used the “i’m too busy and i was in class all day and since i’ve just eaten dinner now my stomach is too full and by the time my food has settled it will be too late to workout anyways” excuse several times in the recent past :)
    Jordan recently posted..Kick Off 2012 with Project 365

  124. darlene says

    i think i have probably used every excuse possible! i love it when i do it, it’s just doing it that’s the hard part. sounds like this book is just what i need! keeping my fingers crossed. thanks!!

  125. Anna says

    My top excuse … “my body needs sleep more” … when I’ve gotten plenty of sleep the night before -.- and also “I’ll go to the gym after I’ve digested”.

  126. says

    Oh my gosh, the number of excuses I’ve used!
    1. It’s too cold, and my bed is so warm
    2. I just ate – don’t want to get sick while running!
    3. Not hydrated enough – oops! don’t want to go until I’ve peed!
    4. I’m going to add to the “don’t want to shower twice” fan club!
    Awesome giveaway! :)
    Kate @Pastafreerunner recently posted..I Discovered Something…..

  127. Lily says

    My biggest workout is excuse is, “I’ll just do it tomorrow!” Becuase I do that, I love to plan my workouts a week in advance and try as hard as possible to stick to my schedule! I would love to read this book! 😀

  128. Sam says

    I’ve used the excuse I can’t fit comfortably in my workout gear. But I just bought a new pair of workout pants so I can’t use that anymore. Now I’m going for, “I’m too busy”. Eek!

  129. Karla says

    My excuse is usually, “I am too _____ to work out today.” and the blank is often filled with words like tired, dehydrated, sick, run down, busy….on and on. This book sounds like a great read.

  130. Shelby Heffernan says

    My biggest excuse is that I just don’t want to go sometimes! I enjoy relaxing and my “me” time but I know that after every workout I always feel amazing so that is what motivates me!

  131. Abbey says

    My excuse is that I have long work days and am always “too tired” to head to the gym or do a workout at home afterwards. And a 4:30am wake-up call seems a bit too early :)

  132. Stacy says

    My biggest excuse is always my two little girls…how many times did they wake me up during the night when that 4 am workout alarm goes off in the morning?

  133. Grace says

    “I worked out yesterday/the day before/the day before that. I can afford to take a day off.” I think of this one as the workout excuse to not work out!

  134. says

    My biggest excuse is that working out will make me too tired to take good care of the kids the rest of the day. It’s stupid, but I’ve used it for six years. I started the year with a Polar Bear Plunge and did Kettlebells the next day. I am definitely sore. Oddly, I am STILL able to take good care of my kids. No more excuses. Getting fit this year.
    Barbara recently posted..Joy and Pain

  135. says

    I’m embarrassed to say that my excuses are usually pretty lame – like “I just don’t feel like going.” But I will often use excuses like other chores around the house and definitely not showering/washing my hair again. This book sounds very interesting!
    Jill recently posted..Green & Stripe-y

  136. Lisa Meyer says

    Unfortunately I think that I have used just about any and all excuses there may be not to work out, the biggest one being, “I’m too tired.” Would love to read this book to give myself a big kick in the butt! :)

  137. says

    My biggest excuse is that I feel stressed out and need to relax. And while I know working out will reduce my stress, I still think it would be better to sit on my butt on the couch and enjoy a movie and cuddling with my bf.

  138. Brianne Austin says

    My excuses included: I’m too tired, I don’t have time, I have to take care of my son, my back and knees hurt too much, etc. The worst part is that I watched the Biggest Loser last night while easting ice cream, oy vey.

  139. says

    My biggest excuses are:
    “We only have one car and I don’t have the time to walk to the gym and back”
    “I can’t really work out at home because we’ve got downstairs neighbors”
    “The time the best works for me interferes with the kids club at the gym, so I have no one to watch the kids while I work out” and finally,
    “I’m a stay at home mom with 2 young kids, getting up at 5 am to work out is way too exhausting.”
    Kathryn recently posted..2012, Here We Come!

  140. Beth H. says

    My number 1 excuse to avoid working out is “I don’t have time”.

    My second excuse is “I don’t feel like it”.

    Have you noticed that even though there may times “you don’t feel like it”, when you ignore that feeling and go anyway, you never, ever regret going?

  141. Susan says

    I should be doing laundry, cleaning the bathroom, vacuuming, etc etc etc

    or I start something indoors and my cat attaches himself to my leg or the phone rings or my husband or kids need something NOW

    or it’s just too freaking hot/cold to do anything outdoors

    It’s amazing that I actually get any exercise at all!

  142. tracy pennebaker says

    My current excuse in the mornings is that it is too cold outside. Another one of my favorites that I have been using a lot for almost 2 years now Is I should get home to spend time with my husband. We just got married two years ago, however i’m guessing he’d rather I spend an hour at the gym then what can happen if I don’t :)

  143. Meghan says

    My excuse is that I never had to workout before so why should I now?! Then age and metabolism caught up with me :/ Cheerleading was so much more fun than the gym!

  144. Tiffany says

    Hello! I have no problems getting motivated to workout, my issues lie more with eating correctly. I have never been thoroughly educated on how to eat properly. I grew up with bad food influences and eating disorders. I would love to start 2012 out with a bang and get on the right track. I think that this book would really help me…at this point, I am willing to try anything. :)

  145. says

    My top excuses are “I’m too tired” or “I waited until I was digested but now I’m starving and I *have* to eat, so I’ll just skip it today”. How ridiculous is that? Like you, I feel lucky that most of the time I genuinely love working out, but, nonetheless, we all have those days…
    Laura@mypurposefullife recently posted..Starting a New Year

  146. says

    My favorite, or not so favorite depending on how you look at it, excuse is “I’ll work out after work”. Yep that pretty much never happens though.

  147. chandra says

    I always justify by saying to myself “oh well you did take the stairs a lot today and had to walk far to your car”…LAME saboteur voice 😉

  148. Gina says

    Being somewhat type A, my best excuse is, “I’ll start on a Sunday, or the first of the month, etc.”. I do have to say that once I get going with a routine like the quick summary from the book, it definitely feels great! Eating well, in addition to working out, is like icing on the cake (or peanut butter on the celery for us healthy ones!)

  149. Helen says

    Lately my excuse has been that its too cold to workout and cuddling up in a nice blanket is better than moving around!

  150. says

    The one I seem to default to (until January 1, that is!) tends to be “I’m a teacher…I’m up so early, work so hard at school, come home and make dinner, then grade or have some relaxing time. I just don’t have the time or energy!”

  151. Nicki says

    My excuse lately has been: i just moved to a new state, started a new job, have a wedding to plan: too many other things to do. Stress==more the reason I should work out!

  152. Whitney says

    My number one excuse is “being too tired” (while sometimes this may be a legitimate excuse, most days I really just need to get out of bed and get going). I always workout early, so I make sure to get into bed a little bit early those days I have a lot going on!

  153. Sarah says

    Typical Scenarioo:
    Morning thoughts: “Even though I have time to exercise now, I will wait and exercise tonight after work”.
    After Work:
    I am too tired to work out. It is late and dark and my body is tired.
    Ugggg. haha :)

  154. Sarah says

    Typical Scenario:
    Morning thoughts: “Even though I have time to exercise now, I will wait and exercise tonight after work”.
    After Work:
    I am too tired to work out. It is late and dark and my body is tired.
    Ugggg. haha :)

  155. Eileen says

    My usually excuse is being too tired. However, working in my office my new excuse is “I’ve had too many goodies today. I’ll start eating healthy tomorow”. There always seems to be a special occassion around here :)

  156. Kim says

    The most frequent and major excuse that I use is: “But I have too many things to get done on my ‘to-do’ list first!”

  157. says

    i want to be lazy…that’s my excuse. i’m tired of watching everyone else be lazy and me miss out on the fun. so i’m drinking soda and eating sweets late at night and refusing to get off the couch and on to the treadmill. working out sucks but being lazy…well that’s just my cup of tea!!!
    colleen laquay urbaniuk recently posted..i’ve been gone

  158. Ashley A. says

    My alarm goes off in the morning and I press “snooze” so many times it stops going off. When I finally wake up I put it off until the evening but just before I’m going to start getting dressed I get invited to the movies or for some Fro Yo.

    “Frozen Yogurt > Evening Gym Workouts”


  1. […] Sweet Tooth Sweet Life:  “Overall, I really liked this book! It was a very easy read, it’s straight to the point, and even funny at times, too. For anyone who may be just starting out on their health and fitness journey, this book would be a very useful tool. It provides some good, solid advice on how to eat well and work out, and also clears up a lot of confusion about many of the “shoulds” and “shouldn’ts” currently out there (are carbs REALLY bad? will strength training REALLY make me bulk up?).” […]

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