Mystery Crackers

Howdy, folks! Thanks a bunch for all of your positive feedback from this morning’s post. I am definitely super psyched about following the plan and sharing the process along the way.

I realized, however, that I was a huge tool and totally didn’t even give you guys any of Jim’s information. Oy vey.

SO, if you think it sounds like something you’re interested, feel free to check out his site, Jim White Fitness & Nutrition. And if you want to get in touch with Jim, I think your best bet would be to use the Contact Form located on his site.

I’m already seeing a few different questions coming in from you guys, so I will definitely address all of those ASAP. I figured it’d just be easier for us all if I answer them all in one batch, oky doky?

Ok, cool. Let’s talk about today’s food…since today is my long day of work, here’s everything I walked out the door with this morning.


Mid-Morning Snack

A cup of vanilla Chobani topped with blueberries.



A cup of pasta fagioli soup, some mystery crackers (more on those in a second) and an orange. The soup was actually from a mix that Jay and I had bought at that craft show we checked out back in November. Honestly, I think the sample was better than mine…I didn’t love it.


Mid-Afternoon Snack

(I already ate the orange with lunch) Two Wasa crackers and a string cheese. I haven’t had the crackers or cheese yet, but will most likely be chowing on these within the next hour.



Thank god I prepped this last night because I would have had ZERO time this morning to put anything together. I finally used up the last of my leftover spaghetti squash and paired it with some steamed zucchini, Italian-style diced tomatoes, and a crumbled Dr. Praegers veggie burger.


Obviously, I haven’t had this yet, but I’m keeping my fingers crossed that it’s tasty.

So now, about those mystery crackers from up above…

Do you guys remember a couple of weeks ago when I entered my Love Blondies into the Love Grown Foods contest? Well, I ended up WINNING the contest and yesterday when I got home from work, I had a big ‘ol package full of stuff from Colorado waiting for me at my doorstep!


I’ll tell ya, those folks over at Love Grown Foods really are SO sweet.


Just check out all of these goodies!!


I’m going to have to figure out a way to incorporate that kettle corn into my new plan. You guys know I just adore the stuff. πŸ˜‰


I’m really interested in trying out this Neem Nectar Tea from Teatulia. I’ve never heard of this kind…has anyone else?


I’ve also never tried Earth Balance before, so I’m excited about that, too.


And yes, the mystery crackers! They are so light and airy and were perfect for dunking in soup. I’d be willing to bet they’ll be good with a lot of different things.


My goodie box also included some sweet and spicy sounding sauces/marinades, as well as a few bottles of this oogave natural soda. Unfortunately, one of the bottles didn’t make it and ended up spilling a bit, but since everything was wrapped up, it didn’t do too much damage.


It was so fun going through everything in this package, since I’ve never heard of basically all of it. Thanks again, Love Grown!! :)

Alright, now if you’ll excuse me, I think it’s about time for me to grab that mid-afternoon snack.


  1. says

    Congrats that is exciting! I have those crackers at home, I bought mine at Costco. I like the natural ones the best, but wasn’t a fan of the rosemary ones (if you received that flavor).
    Lindsey recently posted..Complete Protein?

  2. says

    I just bought a jar of Earth Balance peanut butter…first time for me trying the brand so here’s hoping! I gotta say- your eats for the day are making me think twice about contacting Jim!
    Khushboo recently posted..On the rebound

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    Congratulations on winning the cookie contest! Those blondies looked delicious.

    Wow. Look at all of that stuff! I can’t wait to read ‘reviews’ on of all of those products. I’ve never heard of those brands before.
    Shannon recently posted..New Year’s Fill-Ins


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