Reviewing My 2011 Goals

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Well, I don’t really have all that much exciting to talk about on the dinner front tonight. Just some leftover soup from last night and a piece of toast that really didn’t seem worth enough of me grabbing the camera. Sorry, guys and gals. But I think we all know what that looks like. No…

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Part of a New Group

Alright, so I owe all of you some updates. Let’s start with my tease from this morning… So I mentioned that I’m going to be testing out some of the quick and easy breakfast ideas featured in this month’s Real Simple. Some of you guessed that I’m working with Real Simple which would certainly be…

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You know those days where you’re just feeling completely and utterly overwhelmed? Not necessarily for bad reasons, but just because reality is coming to a head and you realize that you have about 1,001 things going on and no idea how you’re going to make it all work? Yes, I figured you’d all know what…

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