Reviewing My 2011 Goals

Well, I don’t really have all that much exciting to talk about on the dinner front tonight. Just some leftover soup from last night and a piece of toast that really didn’t seem worth enough of me grabbing the camera. Sorry, guys and gals. But I think we all know what that looks like.

No worries though, because even though dinner wasn’t exciting, that doesn’t mean I didn’t have some other excitement in my evening. For example, check this out…

fitness mag oatmeal

If you head on over to the Fitness Magazine site, you’ll see that my Pumpkin Oats were featured! Pretty cool, right? That was definitely my fun excitement for the night.

The not-so-fun excitement came in the form of a text message from my hubby on my way home from work, prompting an immediate freak out reaction from me…


THANKFULLY, it turned out to be a false alarm and the intense gas odor that we smelled coming from our garage was not coming from the house. Thank god, because the last thing I wanted to have happen tonight was have my house explode. Yikes.

So last but not least, there’s one more exciting part of the evening. I finally took the time to review my 2011 goals!

Reviewing My 2011 Goals

Exactly one year ago today, oddly enough, I decided to put together some goals for myself in 2011. What can I say…I like to hold off a bit and wait until most others are done talking about it.

I finally took a peek at those goals today and figured I’d do a little check-in to see just how well I did. Let’s take a look, shall we?


  • Run my first 10KDONE! On April 30th, I ran the 10K Spring Run Off in just a little over one hour. Considering this was the first time I had ever attempted to run that many miles at the same time, let alone outside, I was thrilled.


  • Run the BoilermakerAhhh, not exactly. This was a tough decision to make, since I would have had to cut my vacation short in order to run (okay, who am I kidding, the vacation was more important). I was, however, able to defer my entry to 2012, so who knows…maybe I’ll give it a go this year?
  • Commit to YogaI’d give myself about a 50% on this one. I was doing pretty good at incorporating it at least once a week, but as the year progressed, I sort of let it fall to the wayside. I’m hoping to pick it back up again soon.


  • Improve my time management skillsUghh. Let’s not talk about this one.
  • Get our finances organized Slowly but surely, we’re getting there. We had a lot of changes in 2011, so it was tough to get ourselves on a schedule. I’m feeling much more confident about 2012 though!
  • Be more spontaneousHmmm, I’d say this one was a so-so. Jay and I did have some fun, spontaneous events with friends and family, but I still think we could do better!
  • Read more booksYes! I finished the Emily Giffin series of books, includingBaby Proof, Love the One You’re With, and Heart of the Matter. I really hope she comes out with another one…I love her books!
  • Visit 2 new statesTry FOUR new states…HOLLA! Massachusetts, North Carolina, Virginia, and New Jersey.



  • Continue to keep you all coming back…and keep spreading the word!This was, by far, my most successful goal. My little ‘ol blog grew a tremendous 253% in 2011, thanks to all of YOU! I can’t thank you all enough for continuing to come back and for showing your overwhelming support. I’ve put my heart and soul into STSL this past year, and it’s such a wonderful feeling to keep seeing all of you hanging around. You.guys.are.awesome.
  • Invest in a DSLR cameraYes!! Thank you, Santa! I have been having a BLAST with my new Rebel T3 and seriously can’t wait to continue to learn more about it.


Well, there you have it, folks. Not too shabby, but there’s definitely still room for improvement. That being said, I’ve decided to take a little more time before I decide what (if any) my goals will be for 2012. I think I’m gonna have to wait until I get my goal-setting mojo; too much to think about. Winking smile


  1. says

    Sounds like a great year! Yoga is something I want to get back into as well! I don’t know why it’s so hard for me to stick with it when I absolutely love doing it! If I could just remember all the mind and body benefits It gives me I would be more likely to incorporate yoga into my workouts on a regular basis.
    Jana @ Newly Wife Healthy Life recently posted..No Meatball Problems Here

  2. says

    Love the pumpkin oats!! I made those in the fall months, and they were a perfect breakfast!

    Also, good work on the goals!! and I’m so jealous of that camera 😉 I need one like that, maybe Santa will bring it to me next Xmas!
    Julie recently posted..Hungry Games

  3. Mary DeSantis says

    I couldn’t help but see you wanted to run the Boilermaker!! I’m from Utica, and friends and family run it every year. I’ve been waiting for the right year to run it myself, and I’m thinking about signing up!

    Good luck training if you decide to try it this year :)


  4. says

    Definitely jump on the yoga band wagon 100% 😉 ! Yoga gives me focus which helps me to accomplish all of my other goals! I am taking on a 40 day yoga challenge starting this Sunday!
    Courtney recently posted..40 Day Yoga

  5. says

    Congratulations on getting your recipe posted on Fitness Magazine’s website!! :) And even more congratulations on the blog growth!!! Your blog is seriously one of my favorites to read and you have inspired me so much with the development of my own! :)
    Susan @Happy Hippie recently posted..Spicy Sprouts!!

  6. says

    Courtney – I just wanted to compliment you on what you’re doing with your “new diet”. You’ve always eaten pretty well, but you’re showing those who want to diet and lose greater amounts of weight how to do it the right way. With the help of a trained professional, slowly, and with frequent, small, nutrient dense meals.

    Great work!
    Carissa recently posted..WIAW – Disney Marathon


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