Already Counting Down

All I can say is…TGIF!

This week has definitely been a long and busy one for me and I am honestly already counting down the hours until I can be back at home, relaxing in my cozies, and most likely passing out on the couch at the bedtime equivalent to that of a five year old. Wow, I sound fun, don’t I?

Haha, well unfortunately, I’ve still got about 10 solid hours ahead of me before that can happen, and I’ve already been up ‘n at ’em nice and early this morning. Whew!

My day started with a quick workout, in the form of my Full Body Circuit Workout. After that, I headed out for a quick shadowing session at the gym for the new job. I’m really so glad that I’m able to take advantage of these shadowing hours and am already finding them super helpful.

I also snacked on an Iced Oatmeal Cookie Clif Z Bar (aka, the most amazing things ever) this morning.


Actually, I have one of these before almost every morning workout that I do, I just don’t usually share it. So now ya know!

After shadowing, I rushed back home, showered up, and prepped some much-needed breakfast. Today is actually day 4 of my Real Simple breakfast challenge and even though there are still a couple other recipes on my radar, I had to go with something quick because I was super pressed for time. Hey, you can never go wrong with a tried-and-true bowl of oatmeal, right?


Technically, the original Real Simple oatmeal recipe included dried apricots and raisins, but since I didn’t have any apricots on hand, I had to improvise and make some substitutions of my own.


Actually, who am I kidding. I really just made my usual bowl of oatmeal with some fresh blueberries and it was pretty darn delicious. I don’t think I’ll technically count today’s breakfast toward the challenge, but I’ll just add on extra Real Simple recipe to try. No biggie.


While scarfing down this breakfast in about .2 seconds, I had somebody else giving me the total stare-down. I had zero time to play with him, so he was not a happy camper. I kid you not, guys. There is never not one of these pull tabs near him.


Sorry buddy. We’ll play later. Promise. Winking smile


Now I’m headed off to the salon for my usual Friday hours…then I’m headed BACK to the gym after that for a few more floor hours. Yup, no shadowing this evening folks. I’ll be out on the floor doing some prospecting. Oh boyyy!

It’s definitely days like today where I wished that an extra coffee (or three) would have some sort of an effect on my energy level. But, I guess it looks like it’s all up to me….ooof.

Okay. Ready aaaaaand GO! :)


  1. says

    Cody: “I know I am just a CAT. But I heard you are a personal trainer now. How about being my personal trainer? it is not called ‘play time’, this is serious exercise ! You know, twice a day is much more effective than one time. I got all that energy in the morning!! Come on now, just a few milk pull burpees..”
    Silvia @ skinny jeans food recently posted..What’s in your lunchbox?

  2. says

    Wooo..busy busy! Good luck getting through the day, and just bank on the fact that you can rest up tonight. Cody is seriously the cutest cat…I’ve never seen one that plays fetch or maybe I don’t hang out around enough cats since I break into hives…oof.
    Lena @Fit on the Rocks recently posted..Must. Get. Sleep.

  3. Corinne says

    Happy Friday and congrats on the new job opportunity! I forgot to tell you I did one of your upper body workouts the other day and it was awesomeeee! Thanks!
    Corinne recently posted..sick dinners

  4. says

    yesterday allll i could think about ALL day was being at home, in my sweats, on my couch, under covers with tea in hand, watching a movie! Friday nights are long awaited!

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