Grumpy Pants

Okay, so yesterday was a really weird day for me.

I went to work for about five hours and had no problems at all; I got in some quality shadow time, got even more accustomed to the gym, met some new co-workers, and really had a great time. I had originally planned on doing a little bit of shopping after I got out yesterday, but I was feeling hungry so I decided to head home first to eat some lunch.

After a quick pit stop at Starbucks for my favorite beverage (because I have gift cards burning holes in my pocket) I made it home and put together a snacky sort of lunch (with no pictures, because I was lazy). After that, my mood suddenly took a total nosedive and I was in a complete and utter funk.

I had zero desire to do anything; shopping got nixed from my plans, I didn’t want to take pictures, I didn’t want to be on the computer…basically, I didn’t want to do anything. I tried snapping out of it by doing a quick, 20-minute yoga session, but no such luck. I curled up in my sweats – again – and wound up napping on the couch for about a half hour. Fast forward a few hours and I was in bed – again at 9:30pm – and ended up watching the rest of the Miss America pageant before dozing off.

I seriously don’t know WHAT was up with me? I had no good reason whatsoever to be such a grumpy pants. It’s not like there was anything bad that happened during my day, but it felt like it came out of nowhere, and I really just couldn’t snap out of it. - Well, aren't we just 2 scoops of grumpy in a bowl full of bitchy this morning?

Looking back on it today, I’m really thinking that a big part of it had to do with a lack of sleep. I had a super busy week last week, with some pretty early mornings to boot. My schedule was a little wacky, which ended up messing around with my stomach a bit (as it always does…you know…like when you go on vacation? ‘nuff said) which is never fun.

Luckily, I was able to get about 10 solid hours of sleep last night and am already feeling a bit better today. Thank goodness. I don’t think Jay would have been able to handle another day of me like that again… - I love you even when you are a grumpy pants

I think “grumpy pants” is putting it lightly. Winking smile

Don’t you just hate days like that??


But enough grumpy talk…I’m feelin’ better today, and woke up ready to make some breakfast. Good thing, because as it turns out, I ended up making three different ones…let me explain.

Jay requested some Scrambled Egg Tacos, since he’d been eyeballing them ever since I posted them earlier this week. I decided that today would be a good opportunity to try out another new Real Simple recipe, so I went for it…


French Toast with Raspberry Syrup!

This recipe was super easy to make and I really didn’t have to make any substitutions (except that I used PAM in place of butter in the skillet and used sugar-free syrup). It looked really good and I was super excited about it, but unfortunately, it wasn’t really my cup of tea.


The flavor of the syrup + raspberry preserves was incredible, but the bread was just too mushy for my liking. Jay and I both sort of French Toast snobs when it comes to the bread…if we’re going to eat it, we like it to be the thick stuff. The real deal. You know, like that amazingly delicious batch I had over the summer.


Unfortunately, this just wasn’t it.


Luckily, today is Sunday and I wasn’t in any rush to get anywhere or do anything, so I tossed the soggy toast, poured my mug of coffee, and got to work on breakfast #2.


Ahhh, much better. Smile

I don’t know what my deal is, but I’m still totally crapping out in the omelet-making department. Hey, at least they’re a bit prettier than last weekend. I filled today’s egg white omelet with some red and green peppers, onions, tomatoes, and avocado…all topped with a bit of ketchup, of course.


On the side, I had a toasted whole wheat mini bagel, topped with some cinnamon raisin swirl peanut butter.


Some of you were surprised that my bagels are mini, since they don’t always look like it, but I promise you…they are. They’re the perfect size to fall right into the top of my coffee mug. Winking smile


Speaking of coffee…today’s was a real treat. I made my coffee as usual (skim milk + Truvia) but then I added in two tablespoons of sugar-free hot cocoa mix.


Yes! The hot cocoa coffee made a comeback today. I can’t believe I had gone so long without it. It’s seriously so so good. I’d definitely recommend giving it a try.

Alrighty, folks. Time to go try to take care of some of the usual Sunday things, plus figure out what to make for dinner. Hmmm…anyone got any good ideas?


  1. says

    This post makes you human. We all have our off days and lack of sleep is almost always the culprit! Glad you are feeling better and I would have also tossed the French toast. Part of the reason why I never make it at home is because of the risk of soggy bread- ick!
    Khushboo recently posted..Superfood or Supercrap?

  2. Courtney says

    Oh I hear ya on the grumpy pants days!! I have had more then my fair share of those, just ask my husband haha!

    I started doing the hot chocolate coffee after reading it on here, and then experimented with raspberry hot cocoa and it is amazing! My fav!!

  3. says

    Awe, sorry you had a rough day yesterday–it happens to the best of us! Usually, it’s either lack of sleep or hormones that make me get like that. I also notice that if we have lots of grey days (happens a ton here during the winter), I tend to get into a bit of a funk. Hope you’re feeling 100% better today!
    Melissa recently posted..Giddy

  4. says

    We’re women. We’re going to have grumpy days. I think as long as we aren’t taking our “grumpiness” out on anyone else, it’s not a big deal … at least you’re feeling better today!! :)

    I currently have chicken cooking in the slow-cooker, and I plan on making chicken and dumplings tonight … perfect for a cold winter day! :)

    Happy Sunday!
    Kristen @ notsodomesticated recently posted..Whatcha Reading Weekend: The Hunger Games

  5. Jessica W. says

    I had the same grumpy pants feeling on Friday! I really thought I was going crazy – and I feel awful for my boyfriend you had to listen to it all. I attributed my mood to a lack of sleep as well. I had an exam Friday morning and had been nose-in-the-books studying all week. On Friday after my exam (I passed! yay!) my boyfriend had all these fun things for us to do to catch up after the busy week, but all I wanted to do was sleep… and I made that ridiculously clear. :/ The next morning, after about 11 hours of sleep, I started my day with some coffee and hot chocolate mix while watching the first snow (in Seattle) this season. Much much better day…. you’re not alone grumpy pants! 😉

  6. says

    i feel the same way! my week last week was more than super busy and my sleep was totally deprived. yesterday was jam packed and today there’s just a couple hours in between Church until we’re off again until 9 tonight. i REALLY just want a nap!!! here’s to all of us getting a good night’s sleep to start our monday off right!!!
    colleen laquay urbaniuk recently you have to be rude?

  7. says

    Off days are the worst! Whenever I fall into a funk, sometimes I embrace it and give into all my guilty pleasures, like watching horrible reality tv in bed and drinking hot cocoa at 3 pm. You need those days :) Think of them as “me” time!
    Casey @ OatsAndNanners recently posted..Beach & Pizza

  8. Sabine says

    You had “every right” to feel like that since you had A LOT on your plate recently and worked really hard!!!
    But I’m glad that you feel better now and hope that won’t change soon :) .

    Btw, Congratulations for your new job!! You’ll be an amazing personal trainer!
    (I know, I’m a little late :) . I read your blog regularly but don’t comment very often. I always have to reread and think about what I wrote -and still make mistakes- and I am not always in the mood for that :) .)

    Have a great Sunday! (Mine is nearly over, sigh, because it is already half past nine -p.m.- over here in Europe.)
    Take care of yourself.

  9. says

    Getting in a weird mood or “funk” when you least expect and don’t know the underlying reason for it truly is the worst! I know exactly what you mean. I bet it was related to messed up sleep and “stomach” schedule. I’m glad you are feeling better today though! That coffee looks so good- adding hot chocolate makes such a difference! I’ve been thinking about buying decaf coffee (caffeine would keep me up all night) with some sweeteners like sugar free hot chocolate or sugar free coffee mates to make at night after dinner when i’m craving something sweet. I’m like you in the fact that you are trying to cut out that need for something sweet every night and honestly I feel like I’ve trained my body to want a snack after dinner no matter whether I’m hungry or not- it’s so hard to break that! Hopefully a hot drink will do… I’d love to hear how the new meal plan has been going still! have a great day :)
    Shelby recently posted..Icicle Hands

  10. says

    It’s totally ok to have a crappy day!! We all have them, but it’s just a lot more evident in people who are super positive and bubbly all the time. Everyone needs a day (or two) to just unwind and be crabby. :) Too bad the breakfast #1 didn’t work out, but I completely get it. I’m a complete french toast snob as well. I can’t stand soggy bread. Yuck!

    Ps- Where do you get those mini bagels from? I would love to try them! :)
    Susan @Happy Hippie recently posted..What I’m Lovin

  11. says

    that happens to me all the time and i hate it when there just doesnt seem to be any logical reason at the time! SLEEP is a huge factor for me as well! even if i am getting decent amounts of sleep at night.. if my life is jam packed im just exhausted!
    Sarah recently posted..Food Tasting!

  12. Teal says

    Kudos to you for full disclosure with regards to the bagel being fun-sized :) Far too often, blogs misrepresent their portion sizes when there really is no reason to do so, if your aim really is to be honest and straightforward with your readers.

    Your coffee/hot cocoa reminds me of what used to be my favourite hot beverage: a homemade “cafe mocha” with half-coffee, half-hot chocolate, topped with a little bit of of Cool Whip.

  13. says

    Totally with you on the calorie tracker! I feel like they’re such a distraction and can make us focus on the calories burned instead of how energized we’re feeling, you know?

    I just got a new pair of running shoes that I am LOVING. They’re the Asics GEL-Frantic 6. Super comfy and light and very reasonably priced. Here’s a link:

  14. says

    I know how you feel (felt…). I feel like I’ve been that way a lot lately and it’s just a matter of adjusting to my new schedule. I certainly could use more sleep, but also if I sit around and nap on the hours that I’m not at work – it just gets worse. I think it’s a matter of finding good balance…I’ll get there and you clearly have, too!!
    Amanda recently posted..What Day Is It?

  15. says

    I never know what causes those “grumpy pants” days, but we all have them. I actually really appreciate you writing about this, though, because it makes you that much more relatable. Even though you’re a smart, inspirational, beautiful woman, you still have “bad” days too. Very down to Earth of you to share this. Just another reason you’re one of my favorite bloggers. :) Hope you had a great weekend! (I haven’t caught up yet! :) )
    Laura@mypurposefullife recently posted..New Year, New You: Part 1

  16. says

    I know this is kinda late, but I was reading up on your nutrition plan and all of it’s details …. but in response to your mushy french toast bread, I have a solution! I recently took a cooking class and they said that whatever bread you use, you should toast it beforehand, either in a toaster or in the oven. They said that helps dehydrate it so that it soaks up the eggy-ness better. When you just leave the bread out to dry for a bit, it will quickly regain it’s moisture when you dunk it in the eggs, toasting it makes it so the only moisture is from the eggy-ness! :) Try it out next time, I think you’ll be pleased.
    Roni Yager recently posted..Chocolate chia seed pudding


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