The Book or the Movie?

Nothing like an afternoon hanging out with some of your best girlfriends!

Since all of us everyone except for me are teachers, our little group has always used the Martin Luther King Jr. holiday as good opportunity to meet up and spend the day together. Last year, it was an outing a The Cheesecake Factory. This year, the gals came to my place!

Everyone brought a little something to contribute to our day, so we had plenty of healthy snacks to munch on throughout the afternoon. I loaded up on lots of fresh veggies…seriously, what is it about veggies all pre-cut and out on a platter that makes them that much more appealing?


Along with our veggies, we also had some blue corn chips and a fresh batch of my favorite Healthier Guacamole, courtesy of Joelle.


A couple hours later, it was time for the main course and holy cow, was it good.


My friend Eileen made a big batch of vegetarian chili which was seriously delicious. (I’m impatiently anxiously awaiting for the recipe!).

I topped my chili with a little sprinkle of shredded cheese and had a piece of bread with butter on the side, thanks to Kathryn’s pit stop at Panera.


Everyone was so generous in contributing today, and you want to know what I contributed…?

Lemon slices for our water. Hostess fail.

After finishing our chili, we spent the rest of the afternoon just hanging out and watching Water for Elephants.

My friends Eileen and Rachel read the book and they both said that the book was better (when is it not?) but it was a pretty good movie. Probably wouldn’t have been one of my first choices, but that’s why friends are cool. They get you to watch movies you might not normally pick. Smile

Now that the girls have left it’s about time to figure out what’s for dinner…I’m hungrier than I expected after all those snacks today. We’ll have to see what I can come up with!

Question for the Evening:

What do you typically find to be better: the book or the movie?


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    I usually like the book better just because it has so much more detail, but I have always enjoyed seeing the movies as well. I have to say that Water for Elephants was a much better book than the movie. The movie was good but that is one that I definitely a better book.

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    I just made chilli the other day. Your friend’s chilli looks delicious! I usually find the book better. In high school, I remember reading and watching a couple of books/movies by Jane Austin and always found things in the book that I felt the movie messed up. The nice thing about books is that the author and you are creating the picture and using your imagination. In a movie, the work has already been done for you.
    Anna@ActiveFingers recently posted..Hello 2012

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    What a fun afternoon! That chili does look pretty amazing. If she happens to share the recipe, I hope you share it on here. :)
    Lauren recently posted..I

  4. Kaelin says

    That chili looks so good!! Maybe you can share the recipe when you get it?

    I read the book, which was one of my favorites ever. But I haven’t watched the movie, mostly because the book was amazing and I am afraid the movie will let me down.

    And what’s really weird is that I just had this conversation (book vs movie) with my mom about Water for Elephants!! Weird!

  5. says

    Almost always the book! I agree with Water for Elephants, I also liked the book more. I haven’t seen The Help yet but am curious to see my thoughts there since I have heard great things about the movie.
    Lindsey recently posted..Best Dressed?

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    I thought the book Water for Elephants was better than the movei, but the movie was not that bad. I like reading the book first, then the movie. I do find the book better in most cases. Especially with “My Sister’s Keeper” and “The Last Song.”

    “The Help” was great with both the book and the movie. It was the first movie I have seen that keeps with the book with slight changes not big ones.
    Ashlee recently posted..Monday Check-In

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    I read the book and watched the movie as well :)! I really thought that the movie did a great job (at least better than others) at portraying the book. I see how you could get kind of lost though without having read the book.

    always though book > movie :) Because I can “film” my own scenes in my head the way I would like lol.

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    I’ve never read Water for Elephants but I loved the movie! Most of the time, the book ALWAYS trumps the movie- I like being able to imagine how the characters are in my head if that makes sense? Also it’s difficult for a movie to capture all the minor details (which are usually the most engaging)!
    Khushboo recently posted..The irony that is Diet Coke

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    I’m certain I’d think books are always better if I had the patience to read even 1/10th of the movies I want to see. I didn’t have very high expectations for Water for Elephants either, so it was definitely better than I expected!
    Kristin @ FoodFash recently posted..My Black & Bleu

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    I really want to see Water For Elephants! I heard that it was good. Typically, I find that the books are better than the movies. That is definitely the case with Nicholas Sparks. I find that his books are so much better than the movies. The movies are usually good but the book goes into more details obviously. I was so disappointed with the movie version of Nights in Roadanthe. The book was incredible and the movie was terrible.
    Hope recently posted..A Look At Some January Favorites…

  11. Rudy says

    I’ve seen Water for the Elephants yesterday evening and I loved it. Although I didn’t read the book(s). Robert Pattinson played his role magnificent.
    Rudy recently posted..beamer huren


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