Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Two Weeks In: An Update to the Plan

by Courtney on January 18, 2012


Halfway though the halfway point of the week already? I’ll take it! And even better, my day has been movin’ along pretty quickly…just how I like it. Lunch This morning, I was already prepping and cutting veggies for a batch of Crockpot Veggie Stew, so it really didn’t take that much more effort to chop […]


It Hurt So Good

by Courtney on January 18, 2012


Remember when I told you all yesterday about my lame-o salad for a dinner? I knew it wasn’t going to be enough, and boy was I right. As soon as I got home, I opted for my quickest form of yummy protein… Peanut Buttahhhh I ended up snacking on about 1-1/2 rice cakes with smears […]