The Perfect Valentine’s Day Gift Giveaway

You know…there’s another holiday coming up right around the corner.

Sure, it may be considered a “Hallmark” holiday; just an excuse for the greeting card companies, chocolate makers, and florists to make boatloads of money. I get it, I know…and I’ve also been guilty of buying in to all of those things in the past.

When Jay and I first started dating, we did it all – the red roses, the chocolates, the “fancy” dinners out at T.G.I.Friday’s, and the gushy cards. Then again, we were 16…we thought that’s what we were supposed to do!

But as the years have gone on, and Jay and I have become more of an “old married couple” (kidding, sort of) we’ve come to enjoy more subtle, low-key things for Valentine’s Day, like last year when we made dinner in together, complete with champagne and chocolate (yes, we still succumb to the champagne and chocolate).

Some years we might buy each other a little gift, and some years we don’t. But for me, the gift always has to be something personal. I love taking the time to either think of or create a gift that would be special just for him and I. It’s just that much more meaningful, you know?

So why not show your Valentine how much you love him/her by having your names or initials carved into a love themed Signature Tree


You all remember my talented friend, Christina? Well, she is quite the gal, I’ll tell ya, because she’s at it again…

**One lucky winner will receive a customized 8×10 matted love-themed Signature Tree!**



How To Enter the Giveaway:

  1. (Mandatory) Leave a comment on this post telling me your fondest Valentine’s Day memory OR what kind of a tree you would most like.
  2. (Extra) Tweet about the giveaway- “@SweetToothCourt is having the perfect Valentine’s Day gift giveaway! –”

**Notes from Christina:

  • Giveaway is open to US residents only.
  • Christina will be taking orders for Valentine gifts up until February 1st, so if you think you’re interested, head on over to Christina’s site, browse around, and feel free to get in contact with her.

I will randomly choose a winner on this Wednesday, January 25th.

Thank you and GOOD LUCK!! Red heart


  1. Kelly says

    I am so glad you’re doing another giveaway of these trees!! I would love to get one to give to my bf for Valentines Day :)

  2. says

    I actually looked into buying one of these for my husband! It’s our fifth anniversary which is traditionally the “wood” anniversary and I thought one of these paintings would be a beautiful and personal way to commemorate that. The red and the pink would be perfect since we met on Valentine’s Day and got married in February.
    Shana recently posted..That’s Bananas!

  3. says

    Hmm, my favorite one of all time to get/give would have to be the one that includes kids (we have kids, so this is a no brainer). For V-day, I’d say that one you have up there is just awesome! Hmm, maybe I’ll do that for our anniversary this summer.
    Kathryn recently posted..School

  4. kayleigh says

    no valentine this year, but my brother and his wife just celebrated their anniversary and my sister in law would love this!!!

  5. Meaghan Voigt says

    The little groves of trees on her site would be perfect, so we can include our kids! Christina is very talented! :)

  6. Laura says

    I would love the pick one since it’s a valentine’s giveaway. I think it would look awesome in my living room too.

  7. says

    Our Valentine’s tradition is to make supper and dessert at home together, since we always found that it was the worst night to go out and eat – usually very busy and we even found because of that the service wasn’t overly great usually. We don’t buy each other gifts but instead make them :)
    Lindsey recently posted..Half & Half

  8. Bill Fisher says

    I would love a smaller tree to signify the start of my new relationship with my girlfriend Sarah as we continue to grow together. Its been a tough few years for me but now that I found her, thing as so much better and I cant think of a better Valentine gift than this…

  9. Jessie says

    I’m getting married in October and would love to have a fall colored tree with mine and my soon to be husband’s initials to give to him as an engagement present (we got engaged 2 weeks ago). And I’d love to get one of the signature trees to have at the wedding for all of our guests to sign, again with beautiful red and orange leaves.

  10. Brianne says

    I love these trees!!! She is so talented!! I love the valentines day one and even though my husband and I dont do anything out of the norm (we get cards and cook dinner together nothing major!) I think this would be a great thing to hang in our home.

  11. says

    You’ve been dating your husband since you were 16? That’s so adorable! I’ve been dating my boyfriend since I was 14 and I’m turning 18 this week. We’ve been together for over 3 years and most people think we’re crazy but he’s my best friend, ya know? So that really makes me happy seeing high school sweet hearts getting married :) I would LOVE the orangeish tree since that’s my boyfriends favorite color. But maybe a little less halloweenish! But the pink one is beautiful for V-day. Sorry for the long comment, but I wish you and you husband a very Happy Valentines day! :)
    Chloe@LightOnMyFeet recently posted..Trying new things

  12. Ada says

    I’ve love to receive the love themed signature tree for Valentine’s Day to give to my partner in crime! Her traditional trees are beautiful and would make a great gift.

  13. Stephanie says

    I love Christina’s tree designs! I would love to give one to my fiancee for Valentine’s Day to hang in our new house! What a unique gift idea!

  14. Nicole N says

    I would LOVE to win one of her tree paintings to give my husban for Valentines day! It will be our first V day as an official married couple, so this would make it even more special!

  15. jessica says

    i love the one you have shown there but i’d probably get the family tree with one tree for family member for my parents.

  16. Diana says

    OMG the love theme tree is the most beautiful yet! I would LOVE to give this to my husband this year! If I were to give the tree I would give it to my best friend who is celebrating her first married valentine’s day this year <3

  17. Amara says

    I would love to give my husband one of the trees that incoporates our kids’ names somehow. He would love that! And I’m getting ready to tweet now! Crossing my fingers!

  18. Jordan K. says

    Oh I just adore Christina’s talent! Her tree’s are beautiful and such a neat personal memento! I’d love to have one for my Fiance and I to hang in our bedroom as a constant reminder of our love….sorry for being so cheesy but it’s true. 😉 I also think it would make a fabulous anniversary gift for my parents!

  19. Kristen says

    I would love to give this to my husband (really a gift for the both of us) on our 1 year anniversary this August. It would be great to hang in our house next to all our wedding pictures =)

  20. says

    I love the tree designs! I really like the tree done in the burgundy, purple, & pink shades. It would go great in our bedroom or living room. I would definitely give it to my hubby for Valentine’s Day!
    He thinks it is a Hallmark holiday, but I love that there is a day to express yourself more than usual :)
    Ashlee recently posted..Fun Weekend!

  21. Michelle says

    The little hearts on the valentines tree are so cute! I would probably pick a tree that looks like fall, with reds, yellows, & oranges.

  22. Tori says

    I think that pink and red one you show there is way cute and I’d love to give it to my fiance! It’d be the perfect gift : )

  23. Allison says

    I would love to have one of the trees for my boyfriend and I…our anniversary is the day after Valentine’s Day, so I especially love the tree with the pink, red, and dark magenta colors! :)

  24. Lindsay says

    This would be perfect for my boyfriend! We won’t be able to spend Valentine’s Day together this year because he is away at Army OCS training school, but i’d love to be able to send him something that would mean alot to him! My fondest Valentine’s Day memory would have to be a couple years ago, when my boyfriend took me on a suprise trip to Charleston. He also got me the most beautiful tulips i’ve ever seen, and pink frosted cupcakes…um…win :-)

  25. Nicole says

    Your friend is so talented, I love her trees! One of these would be perfect to add in our new hallway collage – too cute!

  26. Jessica says

    My fondest valentine’s day memory would have to be when my boyfriend and I had a bunch of people over (single and not) and we cooked dinner, had some drinks and watched movies. It was very low key but nice to be surrounded by friends!

  27. Allie @ The Constant Pursuit says

    Oh, I absolutely LOVE these! It would be perfect for my fiance – this is our last Valentine’s Day together before we’re married! :)

  28. Erin says

    These are just beautiful. I would love to win. I am an avid fall lover so I would have to go with the fall reds, oranges, and yellows. Thanks for the opportunity!

  29. says

    Ok, so my most memorable Valentine’s Day happened three years ago, when my (now hubby) and I had been dating for about four months. We had a wonderful morning in and went to a late brunch at my favorite brunch spot, Yolk. It was a long walk, and then a long wait, so we were very hungry by the time we were seated. We had just received our beverages when a young man running by PUKED in such an explosive manner that it in my hair, on my sweater, and in our beverages and even on the wall next to our booth. My husband and I stared at each other, appalled, and then he took his napkin and started wiping me off (I was too grossed out to move). That’s when I knew I had a keeper – the man wiped the vomit off me before even thinking of cleaning it off himself.
    Meg @ My Chocolate Covered Life recently posted..On Snow and Gym Location

  30. Elle says

    This may sound rather silly or sad-single-girl, but last year, I was single on VDay, and instead of being mopey (been there) or furiously throwing small objects at all obnoxiously happy couples at my cafe job (been tempted), I took myself out to a cafe I’d always wanted to go to, did some work, and went to a museum and spent the day there. It was actually one of my most memorable days from last winter, and it was a lovely, contemplative time for me. Of course, then I went home and bought a huge thing of strawberries and nutella for my roommate and I, because, after all, loneliness loves company, especially on Valentine’s Day.
    In any case. I’d love to get one of these for my sister and her new husband, both of whom would adore it.

  31. says

    I love your 16 year old comment, my boyfriend and I have the sam kind of history and we too are way more low key now. We might go to dinner and catch a movie but gifts aren’t usually involved. Unfortunately not even the personal kind because as much as I’d like him be more sensitive most greeting cards I receive have snoopy on them..I checked out Christina’s site and I love the trees with the pretty blue greenish colors!

  32. Jen says

    My favorite Valentine’s day was last year, the first year our toddler understood what was going on. My husband and I had fun making the day special for her too!

  33. says

    and wouldn’t it make a lovely gift for my parents who are getting ready to celebrate their 30th Wedding Anniversary in a few months?!

    I’d LOVE to pass this on to them!
    Heather recently posted..Simply Saturday

  34. Lauren B. says

    Since I am pregnant with our first child, I would love to get a tree that says C + L = (insert initial of our baby’s name)… Once we pick one, and then add any future children’s initials as time goes on.

  35. Maria says

    Fondest memory is getting surprised by my bf for Valentine’s Day last year! I live in CT & he lives in PA. Would like the Valentine tree! Such a great idea!

  36. Kristen R. says

    My fondest memory Valentine’s Day memory was eating BBQ in a gas station. Oklahoma Joes is famous fo its BBQ, but it is located inside a gas station. My husband knew I would like the food, but I did give him a hard time for taking me to a gas station.

  37. says

    My fondest memory is driving to see my husband (boyfriend at the time) for valentines day. He was so surprised! I will never forget it!. I love the tree you have pictured!

  38. dee says

    My current fondest memory is when I was single, and in a “I don’t want to have a valentine this year” mode. A good friend, now boyfriend ;), was in another country and was pretty keen on becoming my valentine. I politely declined, but when valentines day came around, I received a dozen long stem red roses with a note that said, “I know you didn’t want a valentine this year, but you still deserve to feel special.” Isn’t that cute? There wasn’t a return address or a sender name, and he waited up all night (totaly diff time zones) to ask my friend if I mentioned anything about the roses (which i didn’t! Haha). But eventually I messaged him the thank you he deserved for being so thoughtful :)

  39. Miranda says

    My fondest Valentines day would be when my husband took our four
    kids to the mall to shop for me. One his way out he bought a bunch of
    ballons,but only 3 ballons actually made it home! He said he over estimated
    his skills, w/holding kids hands,bags,and ballons in the parking lot.

  40. Laurie says

    I would love a tree for my boyfriend and I. I think these trees are so adorable and I would love to have one symbolizing the two of us on valentine’s day — especially since my birthday is the next day 😉

  41. mom#to#three says

    My fondest valentine day memory is when I learned to make chocolate covered strawberries – yummy! (and I love the tree giveaway!)

  42. kelsey says

    My husband asked me to be his girlfriend on Valentines day when he showed ip at my door with a dozen iris (my favorite) 8 years to the day we got married in Washington Park in Albany NY on the footbridge. The oldest structure in the park dating back to 1800’s. We said “I do” the exact moment the sun set. The first anniversary is paper and this would look perfect in the middle of our prom and wedding pictures.

  43. Laurel says

    Years ago, when my boyfriend and I were 16, I made him a Valentine’s Day game! It was really cute and personalized. Those were the days!!! HA! That tree is so pretty!

  44. Taylor says

    My favorite Valentine’s Day memory was when my brother and I arranged a crazy extravagant date night for my parents (it’s also their anniversary). It was their 25th wedding anniversary and we knew we had to make it special. We went over the top and above and beyond and we know they loved it!

  45. says

    I love these tree paintings! my fondest V-day memory is the first one I spent with my husband (we were 16 too). We’d only been dating for about a month so we had no plans until the night of and then we got lost trying to find the Indian restaurant we decided to go to b/c it was the only place that had open reservations. It was just a comical, spontaneous night and makes me smile remembering it :)
    Gina @ Running to the Kitchen recently posted..Coconut flour pancakes

  46. Kris says

    She is so incredibly talented! I think my favorite Valentine’s Day (don’t tell my boyfriend this) was in college we had a snow day and all of my best girl friends ordered take out chocolate desserts, had wine and watched chick flicks alll day!!

  47. Alyssa says

    Best Valentines Day memory is when my (now) husband turned our apartment into a cozy, romantic italian restaurant… three courses of deliciousness and love!!

  48. Kellie says

    What a cute thing. I would put my husband and my initials on the tree with our 3 kids initials underneath. So cute!

  49. Jill says

    Those prints are awesome. My husband and I will celebrate our 24th anniversary this fall. I would love to have a tree bursting with all the wonderful colors of fall.

  50. says

    Okay so my favorite memory has nothing to do with a boyfriend or anything but rather something funny…I went to a Catholic high school and the day before Valentine’s Day our assistant principal announced at lunch that we could have an out of uniform day for V-day. Since I had just broken up with my boyfriend, I shouted “Ms. Flip, I’m protesting Valentine’s day this year…I’ll be wearing black.” The entire cafeteria errupted in laughter which I didn’t appreciate because I was totally serious!!!! :)
    colleen recently posted..Journal 28 making connections

  51. says

    My fondest Valentine’s Day was when my boyfriend had to be out of town for work and sent me 6 HUGE cupcakes to my door. It was sooo sweet and he remembered my favorite flavors! Totally unexpected.

    Great giveaway, Thanks!
    Jodi recently posted..Sunday Funday

  52. Madison says

    I love these!

    My fondest Valentine’s Day ( or close to ) memory is on Feb 16th 4 years ago i was out to eat with my friends because we were single and sad and I saw a cute boy across the way! And now 4 years later I am marrying him!!! :) So now I always have a soft spot for this time of year!

  53. Cassie says

    I love all her trees! I make fun of Valentine’s day, but I secretely love the excuse to do something a little special with my husband!

  54. Aska says

    What a great Valentine’s Day gift! My boyfriend and I are in a long distance relationship and plan on moving in together after our respective graduate programs are over. This gift would look great in our future bedroom! Until then, it would be a great gift for V-day this year. Thank you for the opportunity!

  55. Amanda D. says

    I would love to win this as a Valentine’s Day/Engagement gift for my fiance and I! The one that you posted is so pretty along with every other one on the website =)

  56. Emily says

    I would LOVE one of these trees to give to my friend for her wedding! Or to my boyfriend for valentines day….or just for myself to have…it is a hard decision!

  57. Amy Glockner says

    My husband asked me to marry him on Valentine’s Day at a tree where my father used to go every day as a child. Such a sweet thought.

  58. says

    My fondest Valentine’s day memory was just last year when my two sons, ages 7 and 4, pretended they opened up a restaurant and served my husband and I dinner (take out) and dessert. They were adorable and really played their parts well!

  59. Jill says

    My favorite Valentine’s Day was with my then boyfriend, but now husband, about 2 months after we started dating. At the time I wasn’t sure how serious we were, but on Valentine’s Day he got me a gorgeous heart ring and told me that he loved me for the first time. I knew that we were in it for the long haul after that :)

  60. Kaelin says

    My husband and I have dated since high school but have only spent 2 or 3 Valentine’s Days together, due to attending different universities. So we don’t have a lot of V-Day memories, except hanging out with the “singles” on our separate campuses.

    Would love to have the blue or green tree to go in our newly decorated master bedroom!

  61. Nicole A says

    I love this! This would be such a great gift for my boyfriend! I think I would love it just a bit more than him though!

  62. says

    I’d love to have one of these with hearts to give to my sweet boyfriend! We’re doing long distance now, since we’re in masters programs in Tulsa and Boston. :( But I still want to make the holiday special, even though I can’t see him!
    Sarah Griffis recently posted..Reblogging is Back!

  63. Brittani says

    What a great idea! I always have a hard time coming up with Valentines Day gifts. My favorite thing to do on Valentines Day is make an unusual dinner with my boyfriend and drink wine!

  64. Lori I says

    My fondest Valentines Day was in 1989! My husband ( now of 22 years) asked me to marry him. It was one of the best days of my life. We now have 2 beautiful children 21 and 18 and a lifetime of memories together. I would order the one tree with our names because this year we are remodeling our bedroom and I would place it lovingly on our wall!! Christina’s talents and designs are amazing!

  65. says

    Love these tree’s! I would love one in black and white, with just some pops of color! We don’t usually do much on Vday, after 12 years of marriage but maybe we should change that 😉

  66. says

    My favorite Valentine’s Memory is last year. It was our first wedding anniversary weekend and my husband was deployed. It stunk! BUT we had a “skype” date and I ate lots of chocolates. It was simple and sweet.

  67. Cassie says

    I love the tree with the two initials carved into it with the heart. The family one would be great for my best friend who is getting married this year. So cute! 😀

  68. Alana says

    I’d love a maroon and gold tree because those are my college’s school colors. I met my boyfriend of two years, Pete, in college (he’s my college sweetheart :D) and a tree like that would remind us of where we, as a couple, came from, and how much we’ve been through, as our jobs have now made us a long-distance couple.

  69. says

    My best V-Day memory was the first one I spent with my husband. We were dating at the time and he picked me up, blind folded me and drove me around for an hour. We eventually ended at our destination which was his house. He took off my blindfold to a romantic candle lit dinner that he cooked. I remember eating the most wonderful dinner and dancing to David Grey on the kitchen floor. It was amazing!
    Lauren recently posted..Recipe Monday!

  70. Jen says

    My most fond Valentine’s Day memory is from last year. My boyfriend surprised me by cooking a traditional Indian dinner of my favorites – dal, navratan korma, and rice. It was his first time cooking Indian food (I come from an Indian family, he does not) and it was romantic and simple, just what I like. :)

  71. Dana H says

    It is all such beautiful artwork. I like the black and white one with a little color, or the pink one… It’d be hard to decide to keep it for myself or give it as a gift! xo

  72. says

    I have come to really love Valentine’s Day. My husband is a history buff and told me our very first Valentine’s Day season together that he would not be getting me anything because of the history behind Valentine’s Day and how it has become nothing more than a commercial holiday. Anyway, our first Valentine’s Day together he bought me a heart necklace andI have worn it everyday since. And every Valentine’s Day I never expect him to get me anything or do anything and he does.

  73. amy says

    in elementary school my mom would make us heart shaped pancakes and buy us a new red and pink outfit. Dad would then bring all his ‘girls’ ( my mom, two sisters and me) each a box of chocolates home from work….love it!

  74. says

    I would love to win one of those trees – adorable! My fondest Valentine memory has always been with the hubby, but one that sticks out is our date to La Fondue…even better than the Melting Pot. It’s absolutely amazing and I left with an enormous food baby…sexy huh? 😉
    Shayla @ The Good Life recently posted..Getting To Know Me…

  75. says

    I love those trees! My favorite Valentine’s memory would be the cinnamon rolls or “special” breakfast we would get as kids in the morning along with a little gift or candy!

    More recently though would have to be when I visited my boyfriend over Valentine’s day ( he was overseas and it had been 3 months since I’d seen him) he had gotten me a small gift but made us both dinner, took me out for dessert and just got to be together!
    Megan S. recently posted..Skier Sarah Burke Dies, But Lives On Through Others

  76. marci says

    This would look great in our study room, for the last 15 years every valentines day has been great just being able to say that I married my best friend and high school sweetie hes all mine.

  77. Jena says

    I LOVE this!!! I personally love fall so I would want fall colors! This tree is amazing. I love the hearts too! Thanks!

  78. Jen O. says

    I love all of Christina’s creations! They are amazingly cute. As for Valentine’s Day…it’s not a memory but this year will mark my first with my guy as an old married couple!! Haha! :)

  79. says

    My fondest Valentine’s Day memory was the first year I was with my boyfriend and was able to switch up the whole Valentine’s Day plans with celebrating his birthday! He’s a Valentine baby and ever since being together I’ve looked forward to this day simply because it’s his “day” and we get to reserve our Valentine’s for the weekend after.
    Brittanie recently posted..Baby, Baby, Baby Ohh

  80. Abbie says

    My fiance and I are getting married this May and plan on getting a house soon! This would be a great gift to give him and look awesome in our new place!

  81. says

    My husband and I dated long distance for 6 years before we got married, and more often than not couldn’t spend Valentines Day together. However one year he went out of his way to make may day special. I was staying at a hotel (for work), and he called and worked with the hotel owners to have flowers, candy and a framed pictures (one of my favorite ones) of us waiting for me when I got to my room that day. Still makes my smile :)
    Divya @ Saved By The BEHL recently posted..Divya’s Daily Deal 1/20/12 The (Free) Smell of Love

  82. Arimey says

    My husband and I will be celebrating our first Valentines Day as a married couple this year, so I’d love to have a tree like this as a special gift we’d both get to enjoy after the day is over!

  83. Maggie says

    fondest memory was getting a card the little boy I nanny for on valentines day last year. I just brought a smile to my face that lasted all day

  84. Erin says

    My favorite Valentine’s Day was spent with good friends, laughing and having fun and not being hung up on the fact that we didn’t have Valentine’s!!!

  85. says

    Although we are not engaged yet (because rings and weddings are ridiculously expensive) my boyfriend and I are hoping to get married by the end of the year. I would love to have one of these in a matted frame for guests to sign at our wedding. I think they are beautiful, and the signatures would be something to truly cherish!
    Amanda recently posted..Vanilla Thrilla

  86. Maggie says

    My boyfriend and I do something fun for Valentines Day… $25 is the max you can spend on any kind of gift.. always fun to compare what we each bought each other.

  87. Jenny P says

    Our first Valentine’s day as a couple my (now) husband and I went to Minneapolis together and went to the Mall of America. It was so much fun.

  88. Belinda says

    Well my birthday is also on Valentine’s Day so I’ve had several fond memories. Two years ago my birthday also fell on Chinese New Year and I was in China. I thought it was quite special because I was living a dream abroad and celebrating three holidays in one day!

  89. says

    I would love a tree with fall colors on it because our first date was around fall (September). Looking back, I love the fact that I did not know he would be my (hot) best friend in the future. It has been more than five years together!
    michelle kim recently posted..Lazy Days

  90. Jessica W. says

    My boyfriend surprised me with pancakes on valentines morning, presents and candles overflowing the room. it was super sweet!

    That tree would look beautiful in our orchid/fishtank room :)

  91. Jeana says

    Happy Birthday week!

    I love her tree idea, it brings back so many memories of my family. My favorite memories have been when I wasn’t married nor dating anymore, my Dad would make my Mom and I sit in a bedroom for 2 hours while he would make us a house salad, steak with grilled veggies and some type of dessert by hand and also buy us gifts so that we would feel amazing. I remember getting dressed up and being served by my Father. Until I met my husband, I had never felt so loved. Needless to say, my Father is amazing!

  92. karla says

    my fondest memory was when my now husband and I got all dressed up and went to a fancy romantic dinner…all while he was sooo sick with what we later found out was mono and severe tonsilitis. what a champ!

  93. Christina says

    I’d love to win one to give to my sister and her fiance to use as a guest sign in at their upcoming wedding! I don’t know that I have a favorite valentine’s day, I just love spending it with my hubby.

  94. Shelley says

    I love Valentine’s Day so I would totally pick the Valentine’s tree. Maybe that gift could be a secret considering yesterday my son and I went and bought my husband a new watch
    for Valentine’s. My son is 2 1/2 and once dada came home, he said “dada come and see your new watch.” Oh well.

  95. Whitney says

    I love this gift idea! I just got engaged (yay!), so it’d make a perfect Valentine’s Day/early wedding present for my fiance and our new home.

  96. Brittany V says

    One of my favorite Valentine’s day memories is from when I was little – our school had a snow day on Valentine’s day and I was so sad that we weren’t going to have our party – My dad decided to make me heart shaped pancakes for breakfast :)

  97. Lilly says

    I love this tree! So pretty, love the colors! My current fondest Valentine’s Day memory was when my bf and I were living in different cities and I came home to an obnoxiously huge display of roses and teddy bear at my front door when I got home from a horrible day at work at 11pm! Def a keeper!

  98. Danielle says

    I love these tree pictures! I am hoping this Valentines Day creates the fondest memory because it will be my first as a Mrs! I am sure we will just stay in and spend time together with our new furry baby…but that sounds like a perfect night to me! :)

  99. Caroline says

    My favorite Valentine’s Day was the first one after I moved home, ending the long-distance aspect to our relationship (he was in NY, I was in London). My boyfriend cooked me dinner and then created a huge fort out of blankets in his living room, little-kid style (yes we’re dorks), and ate dinner in our fort :) I would love to have a tree to hang in our new home together!

  100. Julie K. says

    I love the Valentine’s Day tree! It would be the perfect gift for my husband for our first “married” Valentine’s Day!

  101. tracy pennebaker says

    I think my favorite valentines memory is the first year i celebrated with my now husband. Jeremy cooked me baked ziti at home and we drank wine. it was so sweet cause you could tell that he didn’t cook very often. now cooking is one of our favorite things to do together.

  102. Christina says

    I love the tree you have shown in this post – heart leaves, so cute! I’d love to get one for me and my boyfriend :)

  103. Stacy says

    This is a super cute Valentine’s gift! The hubby and I don’t exchange gifts anymore now that we have two little girls that we LOVE to spoil with gifts :) I’m going to check out your friend’s website right now…again super cute idea!

  104. says

    My favorite V-Day memory is when my husband (then boyfriend) and I were long distance while I was finishing school. My birthday is a week before so he flew up, and we stayed in a fancy hotel and had the most amazing weekend together!
    Ari @ Ari’s Menu recently posted..Self Hosted!

  105. Mary Beth says

    How sweet! I would love a Valentine tree to celebrate our first (and only!) Valentine’s Day as an engaged couple :)

  106. Summer Kostelnik says

    LOVE that tree! My boyfriend and I had our first date on Valentines day 3 years ago. Poor guy had it tough – Valentines Day is also my birthday, but he planned a perfect evening! I would love the tree with all of the hearts for leaves to commemorate the beginning of our relationship!

  107. Lisa Meyer says

    I have the best Valentine’s Day memory as my son was born on Valentine’s Day in 1992 after a very difficult pregnancy where I developed gestational diabetes and was on bed rest for 2-1/2 months. I consider him my miracle baby even though he will be 20 years old this year!

  108. says

    I will eventually win one of these trees!! I love them so much!

    One of my fondest Valentines memories was I think either the first year my fiance and I were dating in college. He was a cook at a hotel restaurant and when I came home from class that day he had set up a blanket and candles on my bedroom floor and we had ourselves a little indoor picnic. He had also made hand made chocolate dipped strawberries and we had pink champagne! It was so cute and I’m pretty sure that’s when I fell in love with him. Ok. I knew I loved the kid from day 1, but this definitely helped seal the deal. It was nothing fancy, but it was so us.
    Debbie (Accidently Delish) recently posted..By: Debbie

  109. says

    Hmmm, my favorite valentines memory. Background: I moved from Buffalo to Californa and my boyfriend stayed behind. We talked everyday, but it was hard only seeing each other a few times a year, but we stuck to it, and now he’s my Husband, but anyway, for Valentine’s Day one year, I came home from work, and there he was standing at my porch with roses in his hand. It was a surprise! I had no idea he was coming. Back then he was so romantic, I miss those days. Now that were married, he says Valentine’s Day is a commercial holiday, but I love it it! Hearts, chocolate, romance, sigh…
    Jennifer @ Peanut Butter and Peppers recently posted..Carrot Cake Muffin Cookies

  110. Crystal C. says

    My favorite Valentines Day was the first one that my now fiance (then boyfriend) spent together. We lived in seperate states and my Grandparents lived in the city he was from. My fiance was currently deployed to Iraq so we were spending our first Valentines Day apart. My brother and I were flying to see my grandparents and my fiance called me right when I was getting ready to get on the plane. It was so good to hear his voice and have him tell me happy valentines day. We get to my aunts house where we are staying and I walk in the guest room and there 2 dozen long stem red roses waiting for me! I started crying right away. I was so happy and so shocked to see them. He had already sent me a few gifts so I was not expecting this at all! I sent him an email and a picture telling him how much I loved them! He said he just had to make sure I had a surprise on valentines day. It meant so much to me that he went through the trouble of finding a florist and having them deliver flowers to me all from half a world away!

  111. Megan says

    My fondest memory is when my boyfriend (now husband :) ) said that we should lay low for Valentines Day and not get each other gifts. We had planned to eat chinese and watch a movie. However, he paused the movie half way through and surprised me with a HUGE chocolate cake in the shape of a heart with chocolate covered strawberries all made by him! So sweet and thoughtful… not to mention delicious!

  112. Ashleigh says

    My favorite Valentine’s Day memory was actually one when I was single. Since I’m no longer single, it’s funny to look back on the shennanigan’s my friend and I got into one year. I visited my friend in NYC and since we were both single we went and watched the sobaditsgood movie ,”Valentine’s Day” after consuming some vino. We were really giddy and giggly the whole time, and afterwards we decided to make a really cheesy and romantic feast before hitting the down. A little too much champagne was consumed, and the meal was a complete disaster. I’ll always remember just laughing hysterically and enjoying a fun night with my friend.

  113. susan says

    Most of my Valentine’s have been with my husband and kids. Now that we are empyt nesters, I am looking for some great recipes ideas to plan a very romantic night at home. We’ve been married for 26 years and its a whole new experience now without our daughters at home. It’s been great so far. The Valentine tree is beautiful. If I won, I would give it to my daughter and her boyfriend.

  114. Karen says

    I absolutley LOVE these trees. I love the “Love” themed tree just because it is Valentines’ Day of course and it would be wonderful to win this so I could give it to my boyfriend. It’s tough after Christmas and a December birthday to come up with a unique gift idea. This would be perfect! I would love to win!

  115. Katie says

    My favorite valentines day memory isn’t a past one, it’s a future one! This year my boyfriend and I are adopting a rescue puppy together. We aren’t doing gifts and instead spending that money towards all the supplies we need for him :-) So excited! :-) Great giveaway!!

  116. Diana says

    A few years ago, I spent my morning shopping for crafting supplies, all afternoon and early evening helping my three little cousins make home-made valentines for their classmates and other friends, then hopped on a late night plane ride (my first one alone!) To visit my best friend in the east coast (my first time to the chilly snowy regions of the east!) was super fun and exciting. We had a fun single ladies valentines celebration and my birthday was a few days later, so we got to celebrate that, too! :)

  117. says

    I don’t really have a “favorite” Valentine’s Day memory. I just know that I was lucky to be raised by wonderful parents who have been happily married for nearly 39 years. They have been the perfect example of what a caring, loving, and supportive relationship should be. I have never seen them raise their voices at each other, they accept each other for who they are, they appreciate the little things that the other does.

    Every morning for as long as I can remember, they go on a walk together – this is “their time”. They get caught up on each other or share what they have going on in the day ahead. I asked my Mom once, “Don’t you guys ever run out of things to talk about?” She said, “Yes, sometimes we’re just quiet. But it’s just nice to have that time.”

    Quiet happiness can speak volumes about love.
    Nicole recently posted..Regularity….

  118. April V says

    To be honest, the BEST Valentines I remember having were in elementary school when we would make little mailboxes and swap cards with the class!! I absolutely LOVED going thru my mailbox at the end of the day!!

  119. Beth says

    Favorite Valentine’s memory: my dad has passed away, but growing up he always gave me and my sister a little heart shaped box of chocolates for Valentine’s Day (and a big box for my mom). :)

  120. Lo says

    My fondest Valentines Day memory would have to be the first Valentines my now husband and I spent together. We went to this Italian restaurant that was notorious for massive servings. I ate ALL of mine. I was so stuffed by the end of the meal, I could barely walk. We immediately went back to his apartment where I proceeded to pass out from a “food coma.” He tells me to this day, that is when he knew he had to marry me. I don’t know if that is good or bad…? I may never know.

  121. Hillary says

    I would love to have one of her trees! My boyfriend is so wonderful at remembering all our special times, and making them creative. I would love to give him something creative.

  122. Alina says

    My favorite valentine’s day memory goes back to 5th grade when my crush was passing out valentine’s and I got one reading “do you like me check yes check no” and at first I thought it was a joke/everyone got one… but it was just me! First crush and first valentine of mine!

  123. Abbey says

    Favorite Valentine’s Day was with my fiance (then boyfriend) where he surprised me with all the cheesy Valentine’s Day things. Being sappy with someone you love is totally worth it :)

  124. christy says

    My husband and I had only been dating for 2 months and he drove from Maine where he was living at the time thru a huge snowstorm just to see me! He was only here for 2 nights but we had so much fun just hanging out and being snowed in!

  125. Dyanna says

    Her trees are so beautiful! I would LOVE this to go in our new home. We sign the papers Thursday and hope to be moved in all the way by the 14th. Our valentines to each other, which I think will be our best valentine ever!!!

  126. Samantha says

    I think the best valentine’s day I have ever had was in 2009, when my husband proposed to me in front of my entire family and even made everyone dinner, plus he bought me this little rose plant and when we moved in together I planted it near our front porch. So everyday in spring and summer I get to walk out to the beautiful pink roses and think of the day he asked and I said yes! : )

  127. sara says

    So this last vday I received a very nice gift. I’ve never received such an expensive item as a gift. I know it isn’t all about presents but seriously I love my watch and wear it almost every day!! I’d love for this year to be filled with the sentimental stuff !

  128. April says

    I love the one you posted! It would be amazing to be able to give this gift to my grandparents. Their anniversary is on Valentine’s Day as is my grandma’s birthday. :)

  129. Kate says

    I have been eyeing these trees since you posted about them a while ago, I love them! I think they would make a great wedding gift for my dear friend but I’d also really like one at my house!

  130. says

    Valentines day for us is very laid back. I try to just make it about treating both my guys special and cooking a nice dinner. Love the coziness of it!

  131. Kimberley says

    My best Valentines day memory was a couple years ago when I had the flu and did not want to move from my bed. My (ex) boyfriend suprised me and cooked my favourite food and we had a candle light dinner in bed … just what I needed :)

  132. Kelly says

    My fave V-day memory is actually from 5th grade! A boy I liked, who I didn’t think liked me back, surprised me with a HALF EATEN super-sized Snickers bar! I still laugh to this day. :)

  133. Erin says

    My fondest memory is my first Valentine’s Day with my current long-term boyfriend. It was my first ever with a boyfriend and I tried not to make it a big deal and he knew that I had not had one before. The day of I was delivered a huge vase of red roses and chocolates and he pampered me the whole day and even cooked dinner. He said that he wanted it to be the best first and certainly not last Valentine’s Day with him :)

  134. Bernadette Chan says

    My favorite Valentine’s Day memories are when I was a little kid! I loved my class Valentine’s Day party with red cupcakes, and the teacher assembled a cardboard mailbox to drop Valentine’s! They were distributed by a rotating mail carrier during the party!

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