Thursday, January 26, 2012

Birthday Week Surprise, Day 4

by Courtney on January 26, 2012


Today marked Day 4 of Birthday Week. And this evening, I was greeted with a lovely surprise bouquet of tulips. But not just any tulips…purple tulips. My most favorite color. Boy, I sure do love Birthday Week… And I sure do love this guy, too.


Lunch Date With Dad & A Little Shopping

by Courtney on January 26, 2012


I’ve only got about another hour left until I officially have my new car starter and I can.not.wait. From the looks of it, it seems like it’s a good thing I got it done today because it’s starting to look more and more wintery out there. Booo. Earlier today, before heading out, I wound up […]


Mixed Berry Oats

by Courtney on January 26, 2012


Happy Thursday, friends! How’s life treatin’ ya this morning? I woke up a little on the groggy side this morning, thanks to two glasses of wine last night at trivia. Yes, apparently I’ve become that girl. A two beer wine queer. Ehh, that doesn’t really go well, now does it? Ahh well. You get the […]