Sparkly Soul Headband Giveaway


A couple of weeks ago, I was given the opportunity to test out a couple of non-slip glitter headbands from a company called Sparkly Soul.


Sparkly Soul, which is based in NYC, was created by a marathoner and triathlete in an attempt to create, a “comfortable solution for all you athletic fashionistas.”

They already had me at “fashionistas”…obviously. Winking smile


I was able to test out two different headbands in the colors of my choice, so I decided to go with their wide headband in black and their thin headband in lavender.


Aren’t these colors super pretty?

Well, of course, they can look as pretty as you want, but if you need a headband to use when working out, you want to make sure that it really holds up in the non-slip department. Especially for someone like me, who has super smooth hair without a lot of grip- I need something that’s going to stay put!

So I put both of these headbands to the test over the past couple of weeks and I am happy to report that not only are they super adorable, but they definitely do hold up their end of the bargain. No slipping for me!


That being said, there’s more fun news to this story…

First…Any orders that are placed on between February 1 – March 1, 2012, can receive a 15% off discount by entering “FitFluential” at checkout.

Second…How’d you guys like the chance to win a pair of your own Sparkly Soul headbands??

Yes? Ok, super! Here we go…

One lucky reader will win (1) thin and (1) wide headband in the color of your choice!


To Enter:

  1. Leave a comment on this post saying which color headbands you would choose.
  2. (Optional/Extra) Tweet about this giveaway: “I want to win a @SPARKLYSOULINC non-slip headband from @SweetToothCourt! Enter to win here:″

I’ll choose and announce a winner tomorrow, February 2nd. GOOD LUCK! Smile

Disclaimer:  Sparkly Soul Inc. provided me with headbands for review. All thoughts and opinions on the products mentioned are my own.


  1. says

    AHhh I was on Sparklt Soul the other day because I want to get one for my first marathon!! I would choose a thick black one and thin green one! My marathon is on St Patricks day so it would be PERFECT!!!!
    Meg recently posted..One More Day

  2. Natalie says

    I would choose a thick black one and a thin pink one! They are so much cuter than the bobby pins I always wear.

  3. Kelsey Y. says

    For the thin one, I would definitely choose the red, and for the thick one, it would come down to the silver. Not only would I wear them for working out, but for my job as well!

  4. Kate says

    oooooh…..I need that non-slippage….it sounds like I have hair very much like yours!

    I’d go with a thick black one and a thin blue one….I love deep jewel-y colors like that :)

  5. Danielle says

    I love the Hot Pink and the traditional Black! The black would even look great with hair down and out on the town for a night!

  6. Jillian says

    Ugh I know exactly what you mean with the whole slippery soft hair! I would probably choose the same black wide headband and lavender in the other

  7. Brandi R says

    I would totally go for the silver and the black! Those are the colors at the high school where I’m a teacher.

  8. Emily D says

    I’d pick a thick ice pink band and a thin black! I love that the sparkles keep you stylish while working up a sweat!

  9. Amanda says

    i’m one of those people that NEEDS a headband at the gym. I would love a black one and a pink one, wicked cute!

  10. Christina says

    Love those headbands! I would totally wear any color however I have my eye on the silver and choc brown band!

  11. Amanda D says

    I always have trouble finding headbands that stay put during a workout..I would loveee the thick black and thin silver!

  12. Kristen says

    These are super cute! I’d love a black sparkly headband because it would go with everything and the purple one would add a pop of color to my workout outfits!

  13. says

    Hiii! Thanks so much for putting together the contest… I have been dying for one of these! I would choose a wide silver or the hot pink thin one.

    Kate recently posted..breakFAST

  14. Vanessa says

    Sooo I love all the colors on their website, but the Lavender Skinny band and the black thick band are actually my favorites!! Would love to sport these! :)


  15. Kelsey says

    Love those! I really need a workout headband. These remind me of bic bands except I like Sparkly Soul’s color choices better! I’d pick the hot pink and silver ones!

  16. Yoli playton says

    ohhh I love SparklySoul, I have one, but definitely I need more to mach my workout clothes lol…. I would like thin lavender and wide green :-)… everybody makes a complement when I use it at the gym … hope I can win another one … yeyyyy

  17. Lauren says

    Hi Courtney! I started following your blog a couple months ago and love it! Just a couple days ago, I started my own blog to keep track of my weight loss progress. It’s blogs like yours that keep me inspired!

    If I had to choose, I would go with the chocolate brown and the hot pink headbands. They would definitely add a pep to my step as I begin this journey!

  18. Julie says

    I would love a wide black and a thin red one, especially since it’s almost Valentine’s Day and it’s Heart Month!

  19. Jenny says

    I would love either black or pink :) Black would go with anything and I LOVE the color pink–what can I say, I’m a girly girl lol.

    Thanks for giving us a chance to win.

  20. Shelly says

    I would defintely ick the dark purple and maybe the gold – love the fanciness of that color!! perfect for box jumps @ my gym!!

  21. Sri Devi says

    I would love to get the blue and black ones. I’m always in need of a good head band to team my hair while working out!

  22. Michelle Gabela says

    I would love love love a black sparkly thick and a gold thin! I am in desperate need of a good gym* head band. thanks Courtney!

  23. says

    hmm i would be happy with any colors! however, if im forced to choose… I would love a thick silver one and tiny blue one. Idk why I choose those colors but I am just excited for the prospect of some bling in my life!
    Alaina recently posted..Tragedy Hits


    I would choose black since it goes with anything and the other would be your choice of Purple (Violet) Or Blue…=) I’ll let you pick if I win…Best to all the beauties out there!!

  25. Amy Perkins says

    Wow – there are so many great choices! I would choose the thin in back and the thick in silver. Classic colors that go with everything!

  26. Amy Perkins says

    Wow – there are so many great choices! I would choose the thin in black and the thick in silver. Classic colors that go with everything!

  27. Michelle says

    I would absolutely love a black sparkly thick and a pink sparkly thin! These would be so awesome at the gym. Love it!

  28. Jerica says

    I would love to try the wide band in black (goes with everything!) and the thin band in green – both of which would match my new running shoes!

  29. Jen O. says

    Ohh..those are awesome. I would pick a wide one in the silver and a thin in purple. Purple is my favorite color!!

  30. Karen says

    These are so cute, and I am always on the hunt for no slip bands! I love the colors you got, black and purple are great for me!

    Your blog is great, keep up the great work.

  31. Kim Lee says

    They are so cute…..I can’t choose just two! Okay if I have to, wide black and skinny pink, but I really want silver too! 😉

  32. Mary DeSantis says

    Love the headbands! :) I would choose the same two colors – black is a good neutral, and purple is my favorite color!

  33. dee says

    I would love the purple (lavender) and silver one! Although, I do like the ice pink..AND that wide black one you have there. All! They’re just all so pretty! I cannot choose. I would seriously be happy with any of them. I’d rock any ol’ color any day :)

  34. Patty says

    I think the lavender one is awesome. Ive been looking for a band that will hold my hair without slipping so I will defiently be checking these out.

  35. Stacey says

    These look amazing! I am always trying to find headbands that don’t slip when I work out. I love the thin silver and the thick black.

  36. Arimey says

    I would probably go with a thick black and a thin pink or gold. I always have such a hard time keeping my bangs off my forehead, so I really think these would be perfect!

  37. Allison says

    I would LOVE a black thick band and a pink thin band. I am always getting annoyed with my hair at the gym, so these would be perfect!

  38. Kristen B says

    I have thin, striaght hair so I understand how hard it is to find headbands with enough grip! I would love the thick in black and thin in pink :)

  39. ellalinea says

    I would like the skinny silver band and the thicker black one..I often wear a black and white sport outfit and those bands would make me the most fashionable runner in the gym wooo 😉

  40. Christina Peterson says

    I would love a black and silver one! can never go wrong with those colors, can go with anything! Have never gotten normals ones to stay, just thought I had a funny shaped head…. So would love to try these out!

  41. Jordan K. says

    Those headbands are so cute! My favorite color is purple, so I’m going to have to say that the color I would choose is purple!

  42. says

    These headbands look so fun! I would choose the pink and the gold ones. I have super fine, straight hair and just have the hardest time finding anything that will stay put through an entire workout.

  43. Amanda says

    I would love a pink and black!!

    Love the fact that they actually stay out. I have gotten back into the swing of things and the my hair in my face is really distracting.

    Can’t wait to try these out!

  44. Julissa says

    I would choose the purple and the black as well :) Black one for me, and then my roommate LOVES purple AND sparkles so I’d give it to her!

  45. Marla says

    I’d love the silver and pink one!! The thicker width (of the two you’ve shown) would be perfect for my hair and my runs!!

  46. EGrizz says

    All the colors look great, and I would be happy with any! But I really love the thin black headband and the thick chocolate brown! Awesome giveaway!

  47. Catherine says

    Those headbands look great! I have lots of hair… but it’s fine and slick and I usually end up having to secure my headbands with clips. I would love to get two in pink and black :)

  48. Melanie says

    Hmm tough choice here! I would go with the same colors as you…black you can wear with anything, purple for holy cross where I went to college!

  49. says

    I would rock the pink or purple ones at the gym and during my upcoming Half Marathon in March!! Love the sparkle! You gotta look good when you run!

  50. Bryn says

    I would choose the thin black and the thick lavender!! They are so adorable I may just have to order some if I don’t win :)

  51. Courtney says

    Aaaah these are so pretty! I can never find a good workout headband! I would definitely want hot pink and silver! 😀

  52. Jeannette says

    I actually really like the colors your chose! I’d probably pick those too. I have super fine and smooth hair, and it doesn’t stay put in anything. It will even slide out of bobby pins! I really need to find something to keep my bangs back. It sounds like we have similar hair texture, so I’m glad to hear these worked for you!

  53. Destiny Ervin says

    Love love the colors you chose! I think I might pick a thick one in silver or black so it would match my workout clothes that are bright in color and the lavender one for my sis, to motivate her to come workout with me!

  54. Jackie says

    i would chose the EXACT same ones you did! purple is my fave color, so i would love to have a small purple (either shade) and then a think black or silver one to match more of my workout clothes!

  55. Mary says

    I would love one of these headbands in any color especially Pink and Black! <3 And I am going to tweet! Courtney you have the best contests!

  56. Jessica W. says

    i LOVE the two colors and styles you picked! but i also love the green and teal! well, maybe anything with sparkles is my fav!

  57. Keri says

    I would choose a silver thin headband and a black wide headband. I’m in the process of growing my hair back out and these would definitely come in handy!

  58. sarah says

    I would love love a pink one to wear for my first upcoming half marathon!! I love pink! the green ones are pretty too!

  59. sarah K. says

    can we say CUTE? i’d love to try these out- I have a few other brands. I’ve got my eye on the University of Kencucky blue colored one 😉 and the purple too!

  60. yolande says

    I would choose the lavender :) Since it is so cold and blah in Canada a bit of color would make the winter blues go from blah to oh lala :)

  61. Holly says

    Thanks for the opportunity to win! I love both the hot pink and the ice pink and the purples too! I think I could go crazy and want all the colors!

    Did you like the thin or wide band better? Maybe it depends on how intense your workout is?


  62. Kristen says

    I would choose the same colors they sent you, black and lavender!! I am in desperate need of a headband like this bc my flyaways drive me bonkers during working out! :)

  63. Amanda says

    I think I’d have to go blue and purple (lavendar), since I have a hot pink lulu one already. I might have to make a purchase!

  64. Emma says

    I would def go with purple because I am a HUGE Baltimore Ravens fan (and still very sad about last week). :) But they would be cute to wear next season at my Sunday morning Zumba class before the games!

  65. Crystal C. @cuppycakefreak says

    I would love to win a dark pink thin headband and a black wide headband! Thanks so much for the awesome giveaway! :)

  66. LC says

    Hi Courtney! Would love the thick black and thin pink bands – to match my bike! Nothing like a bit of sparkle to help make training more fun! Hope you feel better soon!

  67. says

    I have the same exact problem you do with head bands slipps. It’s so frustrating. I especially hate it when you’re on the elliptical and can feel it start to slide…you can’t do much about it because your going full steam and don’t want to stop, ugh! I would pick the black wide band or a teal one. Cute and functional!

  68. says

    I have the same exact problem you do with head bands slips. It’s so frustrating. I especially hate it when you’re on the elliptical and can feel it start to slide…you can’t do much about it because your going full steam and don’t want to stop, ugh! I would pick the black wide band or a teal one. Cute and functional!

  69. Molly says

    i really like the green one and i love the black and lavender ones! my hairs real dark so i feel like the green and lavender would be a great pop of pretty color and i think i would even wear the black one to work on ponytail days :)

  70. Laurel C says

    I like the sparkly black and silver headbands because most of my workout gear and wardrobe is black or white so they would go with everything!

  71. Mitra says

    I would choose the black one since I have dark hair and I wouldn’t have to worry about the band matching the rest of my clothes. 😛


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