The Killer Trainer Workout

Okay, so the trainer workout I did today was no joke. But I’ll get to that in a second.

I have good news and bad news…which really only applies to me and what I mentioned this morning, so no worries, friends.

The bad news is that I have yet to get in a nap and at this point, probably won’t even bother. I’m actually not feeling *too* tired, so I’m going with it.

The good news is that I got in one of the most crazy-awesome workouts this morning from one of the other trainers while at work. Yeah, pretty awesome, right? Basically, the person I’ve been working with at the gym thought it’d be a good idea for me to try working out at least once with all of the different trainers, just to get a sense for their different training styles. I was definitely game, so this morning when I said that I wanted a “killer workout,” well…this particular trainer took it quite literally.

I ended up doing moves that I’ve never pushed myself to do, and the burn that was happening was out.of.control. Here’s a peek at what it looked like:

killer trainer workout

After all of that, we then finished up with a 5-move ab circuit, and by the time I was done, I was DONE. I couldn’t believe I made it through the whole workout, and by the end, my body felt like Jell-O. Especially my arms…WOW. But I bet it’s no surprise…I loved every minute of it! Winking smile


By the time my shift at work was over, I headed home to make some breakfast (I snacked on the same first two snacks as last week during my shift), so I was definitely starving.


I put together a big veggie scramble, made with two eggs, 3 big handfuls of spinach, tomatoes, and red onion.


For a little sweetness, I had a rice cake topped with cinnamon swirl peanut butter on the side.


I couldn’t dig into this plate fast enough. It tasted SO good!

Lunch was another salad, which is nothing you guys haven’t seen before. I didn’t bother with any extra photos, but it was actually the same exact salad as this one, and it was quite delish.


I realized that I also forgot to fill you guys in on my shoe shopping adventure from this weekend. Guess what? I actually found some new sneakers!


And guess what…I ended up buying running shoes instead of cross trainers. Go figure? Actually, I was really in need of new running sneakers too, and my parents ended up getting me a gift card to Fleet Feet for my birthday, so I decided to put it to use. I ended up with a pair of Nike Lunarglide+ 3 which, so far, have proven to be very comfortable.


I wore them to work all day today and tested them out with my Pyramid Treadmill Run yesterday, and I am loving them! 


Not to mention the fact that they’re pretty sweet lookin’ too. Winking smile

I can’t even believe it’s already 3:00pm; I still have errands to run. Ahh…gotta jet!

Question for the Afternoon:

When’s the last time you really, truly pushed yourself?


    • Courtney says

      Well, I was looking into getting the Nike In-Season TR’s, which I’ll still probably get. I’ve already tried them on and really liked the way they fit!

  1. says

    ooh, i love the coloring of your new shoes! such fun!
    i started working out with a personal trainer a few months ago. every session w/him gets tougher and tougher! (but i’m getting stronger and stronger!)
    erica recently posted..13 again

  2. says

    Sounds like fun! I am all about doing metabolic resistance training – think circuits with cardio spurts in between and lots of compound body moves. It’s da bomb. I love when my arms feel like jello after a workout…I am masochistic that way;-)

    As for the scramble – right up my alley! Is that Srirachi sauce on top?
    Cameo recently posted..Miracle Skin Transformer Review and Give-Away!

  3. Catherine says


    this may be a dumb question but what exactly is the difference between cross training sneakers vs running sneakers??

    • Courtney says

      The way they fit your foot. Most of the time, cross trainers will offer more stability for the side to side movements that are most often done when cross training (like taking classes, etc.).


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