Saturday, February 11, 2012

A New Role At Work

by Courtney on February 11, 2012


Can I just say how much I am totally loving these Pumpkin Protein Bars? I brought two of them to work with me this afternoon to have for my snack and are they delicious. The only down side is that immediately after I finished eating them, my lower stomach blew up like a balloon. […]


Peanut Butter & Banana French Toast Oatmeal

by Courtney on February 11, 2012


Well, it’s been a pretty quiet morning around here this morning. Just me and the Codester hanging out, flaying some fetch. He’s been even more inclined to want to play fetch the past two days since we just recently replaced his fetch toy. Good thing we’ve got quite a stockpile of ‘em. I have another […]