Running On Super Speed

Heyyyy guys and dolls! Everyone having a wonderful Wednesday?

Mine has been busy, busy, BUSY; I’ve been running on super speed all morning in preparations for our vacation, and actually have to head back out to work in about a half hour for a client, so forgive me if I’m sounding sort of spazzy.

(Then again, would that be much different than normal? Probably not…haha.)



As soon as I got home from my shift at work this morning, I threw together my usual amount of oats, water, and chia seeds in a saucepot to soak while I showered. By the time I was done showering, I came back out and prepped a delicious batch of Peanut Butter & Banana French Toast Oatmeal.


Today’s batch was even better than the last one though, thanks to my leaving the chia seeds to soak. Lots more volume…love it!


Mid-Morning Snack

This is totally a recycled photo just because I was too busy to grab the camera, but the snack was still the same: a cara cara orange + a serving of roasted almonds.

The majority of my morning and afternoon have been spent here, at the computer, getting some kick-a$$ posts ready for while I’m away next week.


I haven’t decided yet on whether or not I’m going to post while I’m away next week, so just in case, I’ve been putting together some really awesome stuff to keep you all intrigued while I’m away. You’re definitely going to want to check out some of what’s to come!

Around 1:00pm, my tummy started to grumble, so I put together a quick yogurt bowl made with plain Greek yogurt, cinnamon, strawberries and blueberries. I also ended up adding some Kashi Go Lean on top after photographing. Gotta have that extra ‘crunch’ in my yogurt messes.


I also had a couple pumpkin protein bars with peanut butter too (no photo – camera wasn’t next to me), but I feel like I don’t even know how it all tasted because I was doing about fifty other things while trying to eat. Boo.

Typically, I like to be able to sit down and thoroughly enjoy every last bite that goes into my belly…it’s just so much more satisfying that way, isn’t it? Unfortunately, I’ve just been rushing around like crazy because I have horrible time management skills I have so much to get done.

Oh yeah…did I mention that I also did some baking, too?


All I can say is…be ready for this recipe next week. Holy.freakin.moly. Smile


  1. Brigitte says

    I’ve been reading about these Cara Cara oranges on your site for a while now and noticed them in my local market the other day, so I bought a few! I have to say, they really are as delicious as you say they are!

  2. says

    I love putting Kashi Go-Lean Crunch in my greek yogurt w/ berries! I love how it adds a great crunch and give the greek yogurt even MORE protein…win win! I totally know you feel btw, my hubby and I are leaving Friday to go to Oregon for a long weekend and it’s always hectic getting things wrapped up! xoxo

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