Fudgy Chocolate Cake Giveaway

I’ve got a tasty little giveaway that I think you guys are going to enjoy today!

***Giveaway is now CLOSED and a winner has been chosen. Thanks to all who entered!***

About a month ago, I posted about a yummy, new chocolate snack from Vitalicious called the VitaCake.

When I first started with my nutrition plan, the VitaCakes were pretty much a lifesaver for me. It took quite a while for my after-dinner sweet tooth to subside, but rather than diving head first into regular cookies or ice cream, I had these little chocolaty gems to help keep my chocolate cravings at bay.

For only 50 calories, you get a fudgy, chocolate cake that is not only tasty, but also provides some decent nutrition; VitaCakes are made from all-natural ingredients and whole grains without any artificial coloring or preservatives of any kind. Saweeet!


The size of the VitaCakes is probably slightly larger than my iPod nano (but thicker, obviously), so they’re not very big; but sometimes, all I needed was that little chocolate fix, right? And for the days where one isn’t enough? Well, I have another.

I mean, they’re only 50 calories. Winking smile

So after I shared these VitaCakes with you all and saw that many of you were interested in trying them out, I got in touch with the company and asked if they’d be willing to, shall we say, “spread the wealth.” Well guess what…they’re in! So you know what that means?

I’m giving away one (1) box of 50-calorie Fudgy Chocolate Mini VitaCakes to a lucky, chocolate-loving reader!


(*Open to US residents only – so sorry, my international friends!)

***Giveaway is now CLOSED and a winner has been chosen. Thanks to all who entered!***

To Enter:

  1. (Mandatory) Leave a comment on this post saying how you would most like to enjoy your VitaCakes.
  2. (Optional) Share about the giveaway on Twitter and/or Facebook, and leave an additional comment letting me know that you did.

I will choose and announce a winner on Friday, February 24th. Good Luck! Smile


  1. Kattreena says

    I totally undersand how you feel about needing chocolate after dinner! I totally crave it, too! My VitaCakes would most likely be enjoyed after dinner and even sometimes after lunch! I might even add them to my breakfast! Who doesn’t love chocolate first thing in the morning with some coffee?! Heelllooo! Delicious! P.s. I’m a new reader to your blog and twitter! Really enjoy your blog :)

  2. says

    I am a big chocoholic. I could eat chocolate all day long- that is how bad my addiction rate is. :( I never ever thought that there could be a healthy chocolate cake that isn’t bad tasting! Usually with healthy chocolate products, they taste awful.

    If I get a chance to try the Fudgy Chocolate VitaCake, I’ll be very happy. Thank you!
    Shannon recently posted..Mac n Cheese Bowl 2012

  3. says

    Oh happy day! Any thing that involves chocolate and giveaway–count me in! I’ve never tried these but have been wanting to (I don’t think I can get them in my small town). I would warm it up for a few seconds and have it with a mug of dark chocolate almond milk (also heated). A mini Chocolate coma!

  4. Laura says

    I am a chocolate fanatic and I’m always looking for healthier ways to get my fix! I’d enjoy the vitacakes all by themselves!

  5. Lynn says

    I would love vitatops to kill that after dinner cravings for something sweet. I would top it with a bit of peanut butter on top. Yum.

  6. Melissa says

    yea…these would come in handy!! sometimes i just crave something sweet – ok, like always!! instead of heading into a container of nutella, these may do the trick:))

  7. Rebecca says

    I’m a new blog reader and was excited when I saw this post! Like you, I LOVE something sweet after dinner. Instead of shoving spoonfuls of Trader Joes chocolate cherry chunk soy ice cream down my throat, I think I would microwave the VitaCake for a few seconds. That would be plenty to satisfy my sweet tooth!

  8. Courtney says

    I would love to try these vitacakes by themselves! They look so good. Maybe heating them up in the microwave for a few seconds! :)

  9. ALEX says

    Hi Courtney!! I am such a huge fan and would love these VitaCakes! I’ve been meaning to try the Vitalicious products but can’t find them in stores anywhere :(

    Keep the amazing posts coming!

  10. ALEX says

    I’d top these with a scoop of greek yogurt mixed with some honey and some berries :) Or maybe a big smear of peanut butter! Ah getting hungry just thinking about it!

  11. Sarah says

    I’m also guilty of craving something sweet after dinner. The best part about this would be not having to feel guilty for indulging. I think heating them up with a big glass of milk would be perfection!

  12. Tracey says

    Wow, thank you for the generous giveaway! I love VitaTops but haven’t tried the Vitacakes yet. I would love to try them dipped in a big bowl of Greek yogurt!

  13. says

    These VitaCakes looks so good! I would definitely have one of these to settle my sweet tooth after dinner because I have a tendency to give in at nighttime and have some ice cream or chocolate. This would be the perfect substitute because I can enjoy it without feeling guilty! I have always wanted to try the VitaMuffins and now these chocolatey VitaCakes look even more appealing! Thanks for doing this giveaway!!!

  14. Karen says

    I totally get a chocolate craving after dinner so I would include it after dinner with possibly a little almond butter….yummy!!

  15. Lisa says

    They seem like the perfect way to satisfy my sweet tooth after dinner! I’m thinking warmed up with some almond butter, peanut butter, with strawberries. Yum!

  16. Lisa says

    They seem like the perfect way to satisfy my sweet tooth after dinner! I’m thinking warmed up with some almond butter, peanut butter, or strawberries. Yum!

  17. Kaelin says

    I have a serious sweet tooth in the evenings too and this would be perfect to reign it in some and still satisfy my cravings! I am going to have to do some searching for these guys at my grocery stores!

  18. Holly says

    What a great way to satisfy a chocolate craving! I think I would heat one in the microwave and top with a drizzle of caramel … YUM!

  19. Amy says

    I would love to smear a tablespoon of peanut butter (or any nut butter, for that matter) on one of these babies for a quick 150 calorie snack!

  20. Jackie says

    I would enjoy these by themselves or with a little pb smeared on top. this is the perfect after dinner treat to satisfy my sweet tooth, and i’d LOVE to try them! :)

  21. brittany says

    I would love to try these. Like you courtney i was completely addicted to sweets and i am still having a hard time with not eating them. I feel like these would help me get the craving out of my system. I would eat them in the morning when i crave sweets the most.

  22. Rachelle says

    Oh my lanta! It looks good by itself but maybe I’d try it with some almond butter or pb. Can never go wrong with the chocolate and pb combo.

  23. Rachel L says

    Mmmm….I would like to eat them warm with a little bit of peanut butter on top! My birthday is the 24th so I think it would be a fantastic bday present! 😉 haha

  24. Rebecca W. says

    I would eat them warmed up in the microwave with a smidge of peanut butter on top! Ooh, maybe even Dark Chocolate Wonderful on top…now THAT sounds awesome.

  25. HeatherB says

    Great giveaway! I always have vitatops in my freezer, I slice them down the middle and eat them with strawberries if I’m having one for breakfast or reddi whip on it for dessert!!

  26. Allison says

    I have been wanting to try Vitacakes as a way to curb my after dinner sweet tooth. These would be a healthy way to still have my chocolate fix! I would warm mine up and maybe add a dab of peanut butter. Or I might eat one with some fresh cherries or cherry yogurt. Love chocolate cherry combos!

  27. Michelle S. says

    I would like them as an after dinner treat, topped with a bit of powdered sugar or warmed in the microwave with a bit of pb on top. YUM!

  28. says

    I usually crave something sweet in the afternoons (say, around 2 or 3 PM) so this would hit the spot perfectly! With some chai tea it would be an awesome afternoon pick-me-up!
    Erin recently posted..Ahimsa

  29. Robin says

    well hear in Chicago we have Portillos and they have the most amazing chocolate cake! They have chocolate cake shakes where they crumble a whole piece of their famous cake (which by the way the secret to their cake is they use mayonaise) into a milk shake. So I would crumble one of these into a chocolate protein shake!

  30. Carsen says

    I’d totally eat them to help my late night sugar cravings… gotta kick that craving to help get ready for my wedding in May!

  31. Merritt says

    mmm YUMMY! I have been dying to try these, but just have not gotten around to it yet. I would definitely top them with some greek yogurt “frosting”, like I do with my homemade protein cupcakes… delish! =) What an awesome giveaway, and thanks again for writing such a wonderful blog!

  32. Abby F says

    I would enjoy them nightly…maybe with a tiny bit of frozen yogurt! As I try a lose some more weight for my wedding in 3 months!!

  33. Kristina says

    What a yummy giveaway I have been wanting to try them for a while but always forget when I’m at the store! I would try them with some almond butter on top and warm it up in the microwave!

  34. Lindsay says

    Microwaved and in my mouth! ha… I also love the deep chocolate vitatops with some chocolate Better’n Peanut Butter and I imagine these would be just as awesome :)

  35. Ashley says

    These would be perfect for an easy way to pack lunches during the week for law school. Its hectic so an easy grab, add a little peanut butter…it would be perfect!

  36. Jen O. says

    I love the Vita brand. So yummy. Haven’t tried the cakes yet though and would definitely love to! Especially when I need that chocolate fix!

  37. Marie Whalen says

    Hmm, I think I would take two and put a little shmear of peanut butter in the center to make a VitaCake sandwich :p

  38. kristin says

    mmmmm i would love to try them; they would be perfect for my family either to bring to school for a snack instead of chips or an after dinner treat.
    I am actually new to reading your blog and ever since i have been trying to get myself and my family to eat healthier. Your blog is truly helpful with all the different healthy food ideas.

  39. Regan says

    yum, yum…I’d enjoy mine nooked in the micro…as an afterdinner sweets craving too… that’s a fab idea Courtney!….have fun in the sun!!!

  40. Julissa says

    I’d love to enjoy the mini VitaCake heated up in the microwave whenever I’m having a stressful day at college. Maybe add a glass of milk with it. :)

  41. Deborah says

    I like to eat them to satiate my sweet tooth after dinner. I also like to heat them up in the microwave for a few seconds just to warm them up and get them extra gooey.

  42. Natalie says

    I think these would be tasty alongside a piece of fruit for a mid-afternoon snack! PS. First time I’ve commented on your blog, but have been reading it for probably a year npw. Love it! Thanks Courtney!

  43. Kelly says

    I would probably warm one up in the microwave and eat it all by itself… I have been looking for a healthier option to dessert now that I’m watching what I eat!!

  44. Rachel says

    I would love to use these VitaCakes the same way you did, to curb my horrible sweet tooth after dinner! These seem like a great option.

  45. Jessica Brennecke says

    I would love to enjoy some yummy vita cakes with a little almond butter on top, and since I always craze something “chocolatey” for breakfast I think that they might be the perfect thing to satisfy my sweet tooth without going to overboard so early in the morning :)

  46. Cassie says

    I have the biggest sweet tooth and always need something chocolate after dinner. These would be a much healthier option than cookies or candy!

  47. Jena says

    One of my favorite treats growing up was chocolate-chocolate chip cake soaked in milk. That is exactly what I would do with these lovelies!

  48. Leighann says

    I have a sweet tooth almost all the time. I would probably use the vitacake as a mid-afternoon snack. They look delish!

  49. Laura B. says

    Yum. I would make break them apart and make a parfait with strawberries, ice cream and whipped cream………exceed the 50 calories. Moderation is the key to life.

  50. Catherine says

    I would love to try these vitacakes topped with plain greek yogurt and peanut butter chips! Heated in the microwave first… of course 😉

  51. hannah says

    I would love to win these vitacakes, they LOOK amazing! i ever tried them always see them in the blogging world, but they do not sell them in my area it would be a great opportunity! :)

  52. Vanessa G says

    I am obsessed with all vitatop products! I enjoy them by crumbling one over my oatmeal, eating them with peanut butter on top, plain, or crumbling in yogurt or ice cream. I would love to win so bad!!! :)

  53. Amanda Z says

    I’d eat the vitacake straight out of the freezer! That way the chocolate chips have an awesomely satisfying crunch!

  54. Catherine says

    i would LOVE to try the vita cakes with any form of nut butter! they look delicious but i haven’t been able to find them ANYWHERE!

  55. Kayla says

    These look amazing by themselves but, I would also try them cold with some peanut butter on top. Or, heated up with a cup of coffee to go along with it. : ) YUM!

  56. Elle says

    I’m addicted to vitatops! My favorite way: crumbled into greek yogurt with cinnamon and fresh, warmed berries. Or just plain :)

  57. Mia says

    I would microwave the fudgy deliciousness, put a scoop (or two 😉 ) of vegan ice cream on top, and finish it off with a drizzle of hot fudge and melted peanut butter. YUM-O!

  58. Carol Travers says

    I love Vita muffins, Vita brownies and have not yet tried the Vita cakes. I would just eat them plain, may be some fat free cool-whip on them…..thank you!!! :0)

  59. Nicole says

    Yum!! I’ve had the vitatops before, if they are anything like those – count me in!! I think I’d enjoy them best warmed up just a bit in the microwave… Yum!!

  60. Nicole S says

    Oooh I would love to heat one up and put it under some “icecream” (frozen banana through the food processor). Thanks!

  61. Jill says

    They look delish & I’ve been meaning to look for them in the market! I think I’d like to try mine, maybe popped in the microwave for a couple seconds with some fresh strawberries.

  62. Sue says

    I would love to try these. I would probably eat them as my dessert after dinner. I would probably warm it up and put some peanut butter on top. Yummy!!


  63. Tiffany says

    Ideally with some ice cream :) but I guess the whole point of these treats is to help with having a healthier dessert so I guess with some yogurt or peanut butter?

  64. sherri says

    Dying to try these! I have such a sweet tooth and need something to fill the craving without derailing my diet. Great giveaway!!!

  65. stacey says

    i have been lusting over these for quite some time. I have a killer sweet tooth and i think these would be just what i need to satisfy that. i would like to think that eating it plain would be the way to go.

  66. karleen says

    These vitatops look DELICIOUS!! I have a ginormous sweet tooth and have been trying to look for something to keep my cravings at bay. I have tried other low calorie bars but have found that they are filled with too much artificial ingredients and give me a tummy ache. I’m glad that they are working out for you as well:)

  67. Christina W says

    I love the vitatops! I would enjoy these as a late night snack with a little bit of peanut butter spread over the top!

  68. Lisa says

    I would keep a stash at work with me! I work in the catering business and sometimes work 12hour days. These would be lifesaver when I need a mid afternoon sweet snack!

  69. Jordan P says

    I’d enjoy these cakes in the morning, cakes in the evening, cakes after suppertime!

    When fudgy cakes are semi-healthy, you can eat fudgy cakes ANYTIME!!

  70. says

    I’d nuke those little choco babies up & then crumble them on top of a messy, yet glorious bowl of greek yogurt/peanut butter/deliciousness…but really, the things I would do are limitless. I’d probably top my vitatops with vitatops.

  71. Brittany V says

    I having major chocolate cravings this week! So this would be enjoyed anytime… and prolly with some peanut better on the side! 50 calories? seriously!?

  72. Patty says

    I would eat this after dinner when my sweet tooth is the worse. It would probably be really good heated up w/ strawberries or raspberries over the top.

  73. Crystal C. @cuppycakefreak says

    I have been eating the chocolate vitamuffin tops for a while now and I love to put a little smear of peanut butter or almond butter on them. I would do that or even dress it up a bit and put a tiny bit of marshmallow fluff and some peanut butter for a extra sweet treat! So many possibilites!! I have been looking for these in my grocery store and haven’t been able to find them yet. Would love to win some! :)

  74. Judy says

    Can’t wait to try them I’m a chocoholic and that would be enough to satisfy my urge, and not bad for calories….I posted to face book and hope I get a chance to try them..Thank you

  75. Jen M. says

    Ohhhh, I love that you posted a shot of the ingredients! I have recently discovered that I have an intolerance for soy protein, so I’m leery of a lot of “healthy” snacks/treats, but these look great! I’d have mine with either a cup of tea (Stash orange spice) or coffee (with a little honey, cinnamon, and a touch of cream). Yum! Loving all those vitamins in there!

  76. Keeley says

    I have an hour commute home and if I don’t eat a little something I am STARVED by the time I get there and start to cook dinner — this would be great to grab and eat in the car to hold off my hunger a little. Plus maybe eating chocolate before dinner would help me to not crave it after!

  77. ALEX says

    hi again!!! i would absolutely love to win this giveaway!!!!
    i’ve been looking at the Vitalicious website and have to stop myself from drooling each time! they look so yummy and perfect for a nighttime craving! i’d love to have one right now :)

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