Chocolate Chip Peanut Butter Surprise Cookies

Last week, I did a very very mean thing. I teased you all with this picture and totally left you hanging. I am so sorry…please forgive me.


I’d by lying if I said that it wasn’t killing me not to share more about these cookies with you right then and there, because this recipe is killer.


I had many of you guessing about just what was in these tasty looking treats…

Is it butterscotch chips? Nope.

Is it macadamia nuts? Nope.

Hazelnuts? Nada!

Just look a little closer…


Did you catch on to the post title yet? I did mention something about peanut butter…but there is actually NO peanut butter in these cookies.


So why the heck would I call them Chocolate Chip Peanut Butter Surprise Cookies? Well…



Yes, I went there. Peanut Butter Cheerios in my cookies. You betcha. Winking smile

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One of the ingredients that totally helps give these cookies the texture that they have is the cream of tartar, so I wouldn’t recommend make the recipe without it. I’ve already got plans of making another variation with the Dulce de Leche Cheerios + butterscotch chips. Can you imagine??

These cookies are serious business. Soft and chewy with a slightly crunchy edge and a little extra crunch from the Cheerios. Now, Jay eats quite a few of my baked goods…actually, he ends up trying pretty much all of my baked goods. But his reaction when he tried these?

“I think these are probably your best cookie ever.”


Jay is usually pretty good about telling the truth, so that being said?

Please give these a try, STAT! Smile


  1. Tracey says

    They were delicious! Thanks Jay for bringing them into work to share :)

    I have Dulce de LEche cheerios at my house…def. interested in what you create with them.

  2. Nicole says

    Those sound so strange, but SO good! I just added PB Cheerios to this week’s grocery list – can’t wait to try them! Thanks for sharing! :)

  3. says

    Brilliant! I have Dulce de Leche Cheerios in my cupboard right now. There’s not my favorite breakfast cereal, but they made great Cheerio Treats (kind of like Rice Krispies Treats), so I’m sure they’d be awesome in these cookies. Butterscotch chips would pair with them perfectly!!
    Justeen @ Blissful Baking recently posted..Chocolate Banana Bread

  4. says

    Oh my gosh! I’ve heard of pretzels and potato chips in cookies, but cereal? That might be the best yet! I cannot wait to try these, though I might use a different type of cereal that I can find in the UK to make them straight-away :)
    Emilia recently posted..The Letters


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