Mexico Recap: Pool, Entertainment & The Spontaneous Night

It’s time for another Mexico Vacation Recap!

In case you missed the first one, you can check it out here, which covered the Accommodations & Food at the Valentin Imperial Maya.

Another quick thing I’ll mention before getting into this fun-filled recap is that the Valentin actually has a Facebook Page, which Jay and I stalked on a continuous basis for weeks leading up to our trip. They have a ton of information on there, and we actually found it quite helpful.

So now…let’s talk Pool, Entertainment, & Our Spontaneous Night all in one!

Pool / Daytime Entertainment

Basically, this is where we spent our days…


Tough life, right?

One of the things that we found out through the resort’s Facebook page is that you’re not allowed to save pool chairs with towels. There were no rules, however, about saving chairs with personal items. So every morning, someone from our group would get up early, head down to the pool area, and reserve five or six chairs in the water for our group of eight with magazines and/or books. Most of the chairs ended up getting taken by about 9:00-10:00am, so it’s important to get down there early.


Especially if you want to do a little sun bathing. Hot smile

The pool we spent all of our time at was the main resort pool, which included two swim up bars.


The swim up bars were fantastic, and included a wide variety of drinks to choose from. All of us took advantage of that swim up bar right from the minute it opened, at 10:00am.


Another great thing about the main pool area was the entertainment. Every day, there were volleyball and water polo games that would take place, which the boys thoroughly enjoyed. In addition to those, they also had an entertainment crew who would get various games and contests going throughout the afternoon.


All of us ended up participating in at least one game throughout the week; our friend Brook won one game, and I came in a close second in another (even though I totally got robbed!).


The entertainment staff was just that – highly entertaining, full of energy, and pretty darn hilarious, too!

They also had a “special dance,” which they would perform a few times a day, to the same song which got pretty catchy. We all began watching them from afar for the first couple of days, but in no time, we had learned the dance and got right out there and performed it with ‘em!


From what I could tell, we were the only other dancers out there, and I’m pretty sure they appreciated our slightly intoxicated enthusiasm. There was even one day where my friend Brian caught the scene on video, which you can watch here:

(You’ll see us dancing in the pool about  halfway through.)

Nighttime Entertainment

Every night before meeting up for dinner, and after dinner, our group would meet in the main outdoor area of the resort called La Plaza.


Every night, La Plaza is filled with various events. They have a band nightly with dancing, disco later in the evening (we’ll get to that in a second), two themed nights (Mexican and Caribbean) during the week with a buffet, and a sports bar where they have karaoke two nights a week.

When there isn’t a themed event, and before the disco starts, La Plaza is a pretty chill place to be able to just hang out, have a drink…or five…


and just relax.



In addition to La Plaza, the Valentin also offers a different show every night of the week in their theater.


Of the nights that we were there, we saw the Grease show, and the Circus show, but I know that there was a Michael Jackson show, and that they also have movie showings as well (Transformers 3 was playing one evening).

The Spontaneous Evening!

Okay, so here it is! On our third evening at the resort, we headed to the hibachi restaurant for dinner.


If you remember, we had quite a bit of food that evening, and most of us were feeling pretty full and lazy afterward. We had headed back out to La Plaza for another drink or  two after watching the Circus show, but it was clear that the night was coming to a close. Despite many of the boys still being ready to go, us girls had a serious case of the yawns.

The disco had already started for the night, which meant that the DJ was playing some pretty good dance music. At one point, a good song came on and Andrea and Sarah headed out to the dance floor. By the next song, Mal decided to join them, and within seconds, I headed up there too. Within minutes, one of my favorite songs came on, and somehow Andrea and I found ourselves up on the stage dancing…

(I just can’t help myself with that song, I’ll tell ya. It’s hard to see, but I promise we’re there. And yes, that’s Jay you hear yelling in the background.)

So by this point, the boys had come to join us on the dance floor, and shortly after that, a few of us felt a couple rain drops but didn’t think much of it…so we kept dancing.


But within about five minutes, those little rain drops turned into a downright downpour. And then this happened…


And this…yes folks, that is my husband. He’s not angry…he was just ridiculously excited to be wearing a white shirt at that moment.


Here we were, eight grown adults, dancing our faces off in the pouring rain in Mexico. It felt like it could have been a scene straight out of a movie, and I don’t think ANY of us ever laughed so hard together.


By the time the rain cleared (which only lasted for probably 20 minutes or so, and was the only rain we experienced all week) we were all absolutely soaked.


But we loved every last minute of it.


And that was, BY FAR, my favorite memory of Mexico. Smile


  1. says

    Ha ha so cute! My husband and I went swimming in the pouring rain in Jamaica and it was one of the most spontaneous and romantic moments of my life! Something about the rain makes you feel alive :-) thank you for all of these re-caps! You are making me want to go to the Valentin more and more with each one!
    Jana @ Newly Wife Healthy Life recently posted..Fashion Forward

  2. says

    two confessions: one, your pool dancing made my day so much happier (no, really… I giggled at my computer in my office. alone).

    two, I STILL think of you when I hear that LMFAO song because you posted it before I had heard of it. and the video disturbed me.

    I’m sure that makes you real happy.
    Alyssa @ Life of bLyss recently posted..Back on The Wagon

  3. Jen M. says

    Your trip sounds and looks like SO MUCH FUN! I love that you all got caught dancing in the rain, that’s awesome! I’m just DYING to go to this place now, it looks like a blast! How long total were you guys there? I went to the website to look for prices. Did you guys do one of their specials? I ask because the specials looked good but were only for like 3 or 4 days, but it looked like you guys were there for longer, so I’m wondering if they occasionally have specials for longer amounts of time or if you guys just booked directly and bypassed the specials… SO fun!

  4. says

    AHHH!!! SO fun! Love the videos! Dancing in the rain sounds like just about the best time in the whole world. I know I said this before, but I would totally go on vacation with you guys–seems like such a fun group!!!
    Melissa recently posted..Call for Snacks

  5. Mer says

    Aaaaaah…that pool looks so amazing! I want to go to there! Thanks for sharing your pictures…looks like you had an absolute BLAST!

  6. says

    I LOVE this post! SO FUN! That plaza where you can relax with a drink or dance in the rain? Amazing! It really does seem like it’s from a movie (the kind where I think “wouldn’t people just go inside if it started raining really hard?”). Next time when I’m with friends and it’s raining outside, we might as well have a dance party 😀

    Also, did you guys put on a lot of sunblock while sunbathing? Did anyone get sunburned?
    michelle kim recently posted..Monday Recap

  7. Jen O. says

    It looks like you guys had SO much fun!! I can’t wait until Luke and I can go somewhere tropical!! And I really, really love that pic of you and Jay after the rain dance party. You both just look so genuinely happy. I’m glad you had such a great time down there. You deserve it! :)


  1. […] night, we wound up having a crazy awesome dance party which lasted well after midnight in la plaza (just like last year, but without the rain) which REALLY worked up a good sweat. Other than that, just a lot of walking. I’d say swimming […]

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