A Fun Fact, a Coupon, and a Giveaway

Talk about original for a post title, huh?

I promise, the content has more spunk than it’s segue, but quick and to the point is the name of the game this morning because, well, I have an early morning ahead of me, and it doesn’t involve going in to work. Are you intrigued? Okay, I’ll fill ya in…let’s start with the fun fact, shall we?

Fun Fact

I’m going to be on the radio this morning! As it turns out, one of my clients that I’ve been training at work is actually a super awesome local radio DJ, and I’m going to be on the radio with her this morning around 8:20am. Kinda cool, right?

If you’re local, the radio station is B95.5 FM.

I’ll be sure to fill you guys in on my inevitable stumbling over my words how it goes later on today!

A Coupon

Remember when I shared that limited time coupon code offer from iHerb.com a couple of weeks ago?

Well, I just found out that iHerb.com (<—affiliate link) has decided to extend the offer of $8.00 OFF your first order through the entire month of March. Plus, they still have free shipping on orders of $20.00 or more. Saweeeet, right?

So if you missed out on last month’s offer, make sure you take advantage this month by using the coupon code “SAZ564” at checkout.

Perhaps you can stock up on some of those goodies up there, hmmmm? Winking smile

Speaking of goodies…let’s get to that.

A Giveaway

***This giveaway is now closed. Thank you to all who entered!***

Judging by many of your comments yesterday, I think this little giveaway is going to make many of you very, very happy.

Remember THESE…?

(In case you’re wondering, yes, I’m still addicted to them. They’re like crack.)

Well, the lovely people at Elaine’s Toffee Company are giving a lucky STSL reader a chance to join the addiction with me by giving away the same goody package you see above. That’s right!

*One reader will win a sample pack of Milk Chocolate Almond, Milk Chocolate Peanut, and Dark Chocolate Almond Toffee!*

To enter the giveaway, simply leave a comment on this post saying which kind of toffee (or any other goody from their website) you’d most like to try.

I will announce the winner on Friday, March 9th (tomorrow). Good Luck! Smile


  1. Jessica says

    Good luck on the radio this morning — you’ll do great!!! I have had my eye on a few things from iHerb and think I may get them now!! And…I would love to try any of the toffee flavors…there is somethind about toffee that is ADDICTING!

  2. Cassandra Bishop says

    I’ve never heard of iHerb, it’s so hard for me to find all of those things, everyone keeps talking about Trader Joes but there isn’t one near me; thanks for the coupon!! The Milk Chocolate Almond sounds yummy, actually, everything on their website looks yummy…

  3. laura says

    Have fun on the radio this morning, im sure you’ll be great! The milk chocolate toffee is calling my name. Yum!

  4. Karla says

    Good Luck this morning! That toffee looks amazing! I would love to try the milk chocolate peanut toffee!

  5. Sarah S says

    dark chocolate toffee sounds amazing! but i wouldn’t discriminate against the other 2 flavors either!

  6. Anna says

    ahhh yum!! i would want to try the dark chocolate almond toffee the most, i’d be addicted after the first bite! :)

    Congrats on being on the radio show-how fun!

  7. Emily H says

    The dark chocolate almond toffee sounds amazing! I would love to try to incorporate that in to cupcake baking somehow!

  8. sherri says

    Dark chocolate almond for sure!!! Just think of all the antioxidants in the dark chocolate and healthy fats in the almonds (the sugar in the toffee is cancelled out by this in my opinion…lol)

  9. amrita choudhury says

    hey Courtney! came across your blog a week or two back and have been addicted since thn :) ok would love to try milk choc & almond toffee :)

  10. Jen says

    I’d love to try the milk chocolate peanut!

    And thanks for the coupon! I just got some protein powder that I’ve had my eye on – 8 bucks off makes a difference! :)

  11. Ciara says

    They all sound amazing, but the dark chocolate and almond one is calling to me! I have been going through a serious toffee kick lately and this would be perfect!

  12. says

    Good luck on the radio this morning! I’d LOVE to try the dark chocolate almond toffee! I gave up chocolate for lent, and I’ve been daydreaming about all the chocolate goodies that will be making their way into my tummy on Easter. That toffee would be a perfect addition. :)
    Katy @ A Shot of Life recently posted..Like a Noodle

  13. Jordan @ food, sweat, and beers says

    Oh lawdy, I want that Dark Chocolate Almond Toffee inside of me. I mean that in the MOST appropriate way possible.

  14. Erin S. says

    I think you and I are along the same lines, since I would be most excited to try the dark chocolate toffee first. It looks dangerous!

  15. says

    Dark chocolate almond, fo sho! And thank you–I can now add PB2 to my list of addictions! Been making myself healthy cookies with it all week long. I’ll have to get that recipe up ASAP!
    Melissa recently posted..Wednesday Things

  16. Marie says

    I’d love to try the Milk Chocolate Almond first, but honestly just love toffee in general. These look soooo good!!!

  17. says

    THANKS! i closed my iherb shopping cart yesterday because i thought to myself… you don’t NEED coconut butter or vanilla creme liquid stevia to survive… go without it. But, I mean, $8 off… that’s a different story.

    p.s. dark chocolate almond toffee
    mandee recently posted..Dark Chocolate Raspberry Kiss Cakes

  18. Daybelis says

    Aw good luck on the radio show. In terms of the toffee they all look delicious but I would have to go with the dark chocolate almond toffee:)

  19. tracy pennebaker says

    it’s really a toss up between the peanut toffee crunch or the dark chocolate almond. they all sound pretty amazing.

  20. says

    wow it all looks so good! I LOVE chocolate. I would have to choose the dark chocolate toffees though because i am a sucker for dark chocolate :) mmm mm mm!
    Danielle recently posted..WIAW

  21. Caitlin says

    Yummy!!! I’d love to try the Dark chocolate almond toffee !.. since I’ve been starting to like dark chocolate a little more~ plus you can’t go wrong with almonds, or toffee!!:)

  22. Devon says

    I literally woke up this morning and went to use my PB2 and it had 2 tablespoons left (the horror!!!) I thought to myself…I need to go to sweet tooth sweet life and search for that coupon code so i can order mine. What a coincidence that you post about the coupon deal being extended…seriously!! Ordering right now!! If I had to choose, I’d definitely say the dark chocolate almond….YUM!

  23. marci says

    O dear these could be dangerous in my house but Id love every bit of them I’m sure, I would love to try the dark chocolate almond one. YUM

  24. Torry says

    ummm i would love to try the dark choco. almond – cause like you said with the combo of dark choco. and almonds its kind of healthy…..right??

  25. Jules says

    Peanut toffee crunch?! Hell yes. I’ll share with my grandma who ALWAYS has peanut butter brittle at her house!

  26. Jackie says

    these all look AMAZING, but i really would love to try the dark chocolate almond toffee!! i’ve ner tried a dark chocolate toffee before!

  27. Alyssa says

    I’m sure you were fabulous on the radio! I hope you had a lot of fun!
    Dark chocolate almond toffee sounds wonderful! :)

  28. Jessica says

    Hey Courtney! I just stumbled upon your blog a few days ago, and I love it! You are such an inspiration (especially when I don’t feel motivated to get my workout in for the day)! I would love to try the Dark chocolate and toffee. Those 2 thongs are my absolute most favorite sweets, so why not combine the two? Thanks for a chance o win. Good luck on the radio show!

  29. Molly says

    mmmm i would LOVE to try them all but i have a feeeling the milk chocolate peanut would be gone in a jiff!

  30. Linda says

    I just ordered a bunch of stuff from Iherb for only $22 (I got the $8 off and free shipping). I ordered Justin’s nut butter and the english toffee stevia, thanks to your recommendations. I can’t wait to try everything!

  31. michelle says

    My dad absolutely loves toffee! I would love to try the milk chocolate almond and share with him! good luck on the radio :)

  32. Kristin says

    Dark chocolate toffee sounds amazing! Thanks for the iherb code as well.. I can’t wait to try the PB2

  33. says

    omgomgomg I would love allll of these but the one that caught my eye yesterday (and today…again) is the milk chocolate peanut. Sweet and salty in the hizzle!
    Laine recently posted..MIA

  34. Susan says

    I got my first order from Iherb this week and last night for dessert I sliced a banana and spread some of the PB2 with chocolate on it – yummy. Probably just as good would be some milk chocolate peanut toffee!

  35. Kristin says

    I hope you had fun on the radio – thats so awesome!

    I would L<3VE to try any of the milk chocolate flavors but they all look delish!

  36. emily jo says

    I’ll def want them alllllll– honestly, when it comes to chocolate, you can’t pick just one! thats nuts!

  37. Janiek says

    Milk chocolate peanut toffee for sure! PS: I’m a semi-new (a month i think) reader, so, hi, I love your blog! haha <3

  38. Gabrielle says

    The dark chocolate almond would be my First choice though I would have to share with my mother….

  39. Lizzie says

    Shut the front door! How can a girl pick just one? I think I’d have to go with Milk Chocolate Almond Toffee (to enjoy after lent of course :))

  40. Erin says

    I have no doubt that all of them would be great but I think I’ll go with the Milk Chocolate Almond, mmmmmmm!!!!

  41. Courtney's friend Joey says

    A toffee giveaway and you didn’t tell me??? i would love some milk chocolate peanut butter crunch!!!

  42. nicole a says

    I would love to try each and every one of their flavors! But dark chocolate almond sounds especially delicious.

  43. Sam says

    Dark chocolate almond toffee sounds like a dream come true. Good toffee is something I love, but I never think to buy- I’m not sure where I would go to buy some! I’m sure their peppermint bark is amaaazing too :)

  44. Karen says

    I am all about dark chocolate! and what’s better than toffee and dark chocolate, YUM!
    How fun to be on the radio!

  45. says

    I wish that I could have listened to you on the radio this morning! Thanks school that starts at 8 am… :( I bet you did fantastic.

    I’d most like to try the Dark Chocolate Almond Toffee. Since I gave up chocolate for Lent, I’d give it to my mom.

  46. Lindsay A says

    Holy moly I know i’d tear those toffee pieces up! I’d most like to try the peanut butter crunch!

  47. Becky says

    i’m in love with dark chocolate, so the dark chocolate almond for sure….not that i’d turn away the others 😉

  48. Crystal C. says

    I would LOVE to try the milk chocolate almond toffee! But if we’re being real here I would love to try any and all of them ha!! :)

  49. Arimey says

    Definitely the dark chocolate almond toffee. I’ve been craving it since the first time you posted about it!

  50. Lindsay says

    What great publicity for your personal training business. Hope the radio appearance was a great experience!

    The dark chocolate toffee sounds amazing but I bet they’re all delicious!

  51. Kristen says

    Crunchy sweet and salty treats are the best! I’m about anything almond…so Milk Chocolate Almond would be my pick!

  52. Jordan says

    Dark chocolate almond toffee sounds like a gift from the gods! I would love to try some (eat the whole bag…..)!! :o)

  53. Elizabeth S says

    OMG I would love love loveeee the dark chocolate almond toffee….litterally my 3 favorite things put together!!! :)

  54. Jen O. says

    Mmm. Hubby and I are obsessed with toffee. I’d say we’d like to try either the milk chocolate almond or the dark chocolate almond. Yum yum!

  55. *Andrea* says

    i would love to try Milk chocolate peanut! reminds me of my favorite candy at the movies- goobers! hah

  56. Karleen says

    Omg! Any kind of chocolate wIth nuts, especially almonds, make me go crazy! I would LOVE some free boxes to try! And I will share them of course:)

  57. Courtney says

    Well, seeing as I’m a fiend with anything sweet I’d like to try them ALL! But, if I had to choose I’l try the milk chocolate peanut toffee :)

  58. Courtney says

    Well, seeing as I’m a fiend with anything sweet I’d like to try them ALL! But, if I had to choose I’d try the milk chocolate peanut toffee :)

  59. Jill says

    I think the milk chocolate almond sounds great- however I know the Dark Chocolate would be a bit healtier 😉

  60. Jody says

    Oh My…I think any of these would definitely be fabulous, but the almond toffee seems like an amazing little combo!

  61. says

    I have been craving chocolate like a mad woman this week (and no, mother nature isn’t calling). I would die to get my hands on that milk chocolate almond. If I win I’ll probably be kicking myself after I eat the whole bag. Oh well!
    Sam recently posted..I Die, I Die

  62. Catherine says

    OMG! So excited for this giveaway. Right after you talked about these toffees I went straight to the website and started checking them out. The one I’d most like to try would be milk chocolate peanut toffee. Chocolate and peanuts just goes together :)

  63. Nicole says

    I’ll go with dark chocolate & almond toffee…..just cuz it sounds healthy. :) (All of them sound great though!)

  64. Katy says

    I have to choose one?! Umm probably the dark chocolate and almond toffee but I am such a toffee lover I’d take any! Enjoy your toffee!!

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