Fun News From Last Night

Well good morning! How’s everyone doing on this lovely Friday? Hey, I don’t know about you but TGIF! Who’s with me?!?

So last night, Jay and I knew that our good friends, Brian and Mal, were going to be in “the neighborhood” and we told them that they should stop on by to the house. Since we weren’t exactly sure when they’d be arriving, we kept dinner easy by working on some of the leftovers in the fridge.


I heated up another bowl of Vegetable Stew and paired it with a random piece of potato bread toast that I had suddenly gotten a craving for. Everything was great, especially the stew, thanks to the added shredded cheddar cheese. YUM!


Shortly after eating, our newly-engaged pals arrived!


We all had a couple of drinks (beer for the boys, Chardonnay for the gals) and grazed on a few last minute snacks that I was able to scrounge up (I was totally unprepared).


As we were sitting and chatting away, catching up on all of their wedding planning, we found out some very exciting news


We are both so, so excited and honored that they asked us to be a part of their wedding. It’s going to be a BLAST, to say the least!

I really love my friends. Smile



After a short shift at work this morning, it was time to come home for some grub (<—I actually hate that saying, no idea where it came from?). Today’s first meal of the day isn’t going to look a whole lot different from yesterday’s, my friends…


When there’s pumpkin bread in the house, that pretty much always takes precedence over anything else. (Remember my week-long stint a few months back? I’m a creature of habit, I tell ya.)

BUT, that doesn’t mean that it can’t be enjoyed in moderation and paired with something healthy, right?


Right! So along with my sweet, peanut-butter topped pumpkin bread, I enjoyed two scrambled eggs with sautéed spinach and tomatoes. Savory + Sweet = Awesome.


Along with a hot cup of coffee (you should be proud Jay, I came home from work and made my own, thankyouverymuch!)…


…and my vitamins. As of late, my vitamin intake has consisted of one fish oil and one women’s multivitamin from GNC (sometimes I also take a probiotic, but I didn’t today).


I’ve decided that I like this combo much better than the Vitapaks I had tried out a couple of months ago; nice and simple.

**Just as a heads up, you’ve still got a couple more hours to enter my Elaine’s Toffee Giveaway – I’ll be choosing a winner a little later this afternoon!**

Question for the Morning:

What’s the most fun/exciting news you’ve gotten this week? Smile


  1. says

    Congrats on being asked to be in the wedding party. Exciting stuff!
    I haven’t had pumpkin bread since the fall and you’re kinda making me crave it with your breakfasts! The most exciting news I got this week was that I have an extra two day to hand in my midterm paper, aka procrastinate!
    Sylvia @ Frolic Through Life recently posted..Exciting News!

  2. Catherine says

    I was recently asked to be in a friends wedding party and I’m super excited! this week I found out I was accepted to an Accelerated Second Degree Nursing Program that I’ll start after I get my degree in May! I was so nervous!

  3. says

    I might have a new job!!! I have been in banking for 16 years and I am stepping out to do what I really want to do. Ministry work!! :)

    SO excited! I just got a call back for a second interview today! :)


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