New Surprises & My Bedtime Secret

Howdy, friends! How’s your Sunday going? Today has been pretty great over here…

  • Started with an early morning workout, including my Full Body Blast.
  • Went and began the process of getting our taxes done (good friends are helping us out, thank goodness, because my paperwork for 2011 is just slightly insane).
  • Got our grocery shopping done for the week.
  • Have been enjoying the absolutely GORGEOUS weather.
  • Treated ourselves to a nice little lunch out!

Yep, that last one has really been the highlight of my day so far, thanks to a last-minute decision to stop for lunch before hitting up the grocery store (because we all know that’s NEVER a good thing).

When Jay and I were in high school, there used to be a restaurant nearby called Café Terese, which we absolutely loved; the food was always amazing, the staff was friendly, and no matter what we got, we were always 100% satisfied. Unfortunately, the place closed down a couple years after we found it, but imagine our amazement today, when we walk in to a new place right down the road from us, Terry’s Kitchen, and come to find out that it’s owned and operated by the same owners as our old favorite spot? We were THRILLED!

I really wanted to to dig into their spread of delicious Italian entrée options available, but since it was lunch, we decided to keep things light with some sandwiches.


I ordered the Roast Turkey (they roast the turkey themselves in-house) on marbled rye, which came with lettuce, tomato, and cranberry mayo, and Jay ordered the Tuscan Chicken. This sandwich was loaded with turkey, so I actually opted to save half of it in an attempt to keep from overstuffing myself mid-afternoon.


And because we also wound up getting a side of the macaroni salad after eyeing it in the display case. That was a great decision, my friends…this stuff was incredible.


Of course, because I have a sweet tooth like no other, there was no way we were going to be leaving that place without a little dessert. Jay and I shared both their Cookies & Cream Bar and an oatmeal raisin cookie.


The cookies & cream bar was good, but it was a bit crunchy and I like my baked goods soft, so I traded him the rest of my half for the rest of the cookie. Now THAT thing was a winner!


I can guarantee you that we will be back to that place because it is now my mission to one of everything. Winking smile


So in other news, I’ve got a little secret to tell you guys.

For the past couple of weeks, I’ve had a very special something to look forward to once bedtime rolls around and I’m already looking forward to it again tonight…

Hey now, get your mind outta the gutter. We keep things PG around here.

I have a new “sleeping buddy,” which has been helping me sleep like a baby. It’s my new pal, err, shall I say, pillow.


I’ve talked on here before about the importance of sleep. I’ve also confessed about how I don’t always get as much sleep as I should. But in the grand scheme of things, sleep is something that is equally important in healthy living as both nutrition and exercise are.

So when I was given the opportunity to try out this brand-spankin’ new pillow from a company called Technogel as part of my partnership with FitFluential, there was no question in my mind that I needed to try this out. Anything that helps me sleep better is always welcomed!


The first thing I noticed about the pillow, before even opening the box was that this thing is HEAVY. Like, probably the heaviest pillow I’ve ever touched. The second thing I noticed was how well the pillow is constructed.


(You like my ring tan lines up there? We had just gotten back from Mexico.) Winking smile

Technogel® uses something known as 3D Deformation which reacts to pressure much differently than foam; it molds itself to each individual’s structure and then deforms in three separate directions. This technology ensures that pressure is evenly distributed over the entire surface, generating a reduction in pressure peaks and an overall improvement in blood circulation.

Cool, right? All of that right there totally sold Cody, too.


But really, this pillow is great, and there’s only one minor hiccup in it for me.

I was sent the Deluxe pillow to try, which is great for those who sleep on their backs. I, however, tend to do about 95% of my sleeping on my side, so I’m wondering if I would have been better off with maybe their contour pillow? (especially since I’m used to propping up about two pillows to sleep with).

But even still, I’ve adjusted to sleeping a bit more on my back which, in turn, has actually helped with my usual neck and shoulder soreness. Basically, it’s a win-win!

And I’m still carting my pillow around with me all over the house…


Soooo comfy!

Technogel pillows are a bit more pricey than most standard pillows you’d find in stores, with values in the $150 range, so it’s certainly an investment that should be considered. But I will tell you that the reduced muscle soreness and fantastic sleep I’ve been getting lately is well worth it!

I have some good news. There’s a very big chance that my favorite STSL readers may just get a chance to win their very own Technogel pillow. Be on the lookout for that soon. Winking smile

But for now, I’m pretty sure I smell the grill being fired up…time to go see what’s cookin’!

Hope everyone had a fantastic weekend!!

Disclaimer: FitFluential LLC compensated me for this review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.


  1. says

    haha! I love that. I’m the SAME way with my pillow. But I’m weird with pillows. Mine has to be FLAT…like one that I’ve used for 10 years..and then I find it ‘pillow worthy.’ I actually can’t stand fluffy pillows..and would rather sleep with no pillow that a fluffy pillow. I am SO ODD! 😀

  2. Belinda says

    Do you guys happen to know how often one should get a new pillow? I’m embarrassed to admit, but I’ve never actually owned a new pillow. I always get hand-me-downs.

  3. says

    Such a lovely sunday, I’m seriously jealous of those desserts, they both look mouth-wateringly delicious!

    Also, thanks for sharing about your pillow. I’ve needed to get a new pillow for more time than I would like to admit (yes, need a new pillow…scary stuff). I’ll definitely have to look into this one. I’m always up for something that helps me get better sleep! :)
    Emilia recently posted..The Posh Croissant: Bordeaux Quay Brassiere

  4. Charlie says

    Hello Courtney!

    I’m new to your blog via foodbuzz and have been enjoying browsing.

    I had a serious neck injury years ago that left me with compressed vertebrae, and pinched nerves.

    I suffered for years, until I found two things.

    My chiropractor and my water pillow.

    With the water pillow you can adjust the amount of water that is comfortable with you.
    The water pillow is for all types of sleeping, sides, back, and front. Whichever way you move the water adjust immediately.
    I now have more good nights than bad. I don’t walk floors anymore in pain and sleep like a baby.

    Just as an experiment you may want to try one. They are also much cheaper to buy.

    Have a Joyful Day!


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